Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 10

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Part 10
Shivaay POV
This girl is impossible, I know she loves torturing me like this . Well but I am also Shivaay Singh Oberoi and two can play this game. So miss tadi queen now its the payback time.
Get ready darling its your turn to loose your sanity. I will show you how to make someone desperate.
He smirked and ran his hand through his hairs.
Anika POV
I am so happy not just because in past two days I met a bunch of loveable people or because I got a kidkitod work of planning an oberoi party but because I have such a great control over that bagadbilla. I cant help smiling seeing his despo look. Aww so cute.

Shivaay spotted Anika chatting with rudra. Two of them were heartily laughing over something silly for sure. Shivaay smirked again. Be prepared Anika.
His smirk was noticed by Anika who understood that her tadibaaz kanji ankho wala boyfriend had something fishy going on in his mind but she ignored it.
Let him do want he wants.
Shivaay went over to Om and whispered something in his ear.
Om was stunned, he stared at Shivaay in disbelief.
O- I cant believe this shivaay singh oberoi is doing something like this. I am so proud of your progress mere bhai. Go for it.
Dont worry tera kaam ho jayega. I will keep you informed.
The duo shared a HiFi and om winked. All the best bro
Shivaay glanced briefly at anika and stealthily left from the party.
Anika who was constantly keeping an eye on shivaay wondered where did he go? Five…ten…fifteen minutes passed still no sign of shivaay.
Anika though was trying to pretend oblivious to Shivaay’s absence kept glancing sometime at the watch and sometime at hall. Om who was constantly observing anika hid a smile and texted him. ” someone is getting desperate”
Shivaay smiled. Alright Anika enjoy the party.
Almost an hour passed anika even though was keeping herself busy but her eyes were constanly searching her tadibaaz SSO . Every mintue her desperation to have just a glimpse of him was increasing exponentially.
I know you are taking revenge, shivaay. Ok you too have a control on me fine i agree she thought.
Anika couldn’t take it anymore. She saw om chatting with prinku and her ‘spl frnd’ Ranveer
A(mind) Mayb om knows, SSO shares everything with Om i guess.
A- om have you seen shivaay?
O-(slyly) amm I dont know must be somewhere here only. Missing him
A- no he isn’t here and I was just wondering you know just like that..
O- oh yeah i can understand, I remember he went to the garden i guess mayb to attend some call
A- thanks om
She leaves. Om texts shivaay
O-“plan successful, she is coming get ready”
Shivaay see Anika come to the garden

Shivaay! Shivaay!kaha hai aap
Smiling to himself shivaay kept moving away whenever Anika came near.
A(mind)- kaha gaya yeh tadibaaz bagad billa.
Anika absent mindedly walked across the garden to the other end when all of a sudden a hand pulled her inside a dimly lit room
Anika panicked for a fraction of second but the familer warm touch and cologne eased her fear and she smiled, whispered in a barely audible voice what are you doing here shivaay.
S- (casually)i had to attend some important call btw what are you doing here hmmm “desperately looking for me”
A- why would I look for you , just wanted some fresh air
S-so this is how you get fresh air , screaming my name on top of your voice.
A – so this was your plan, you are so…
S-smart, i know
A-no i was gonna say a jerk. Anyways i think I should head back to the party..
She started to leave but shivaay grabbed her hands and twisted it behind her back. He held her hand tightly, you think you can leave so easily. Holding her hands , he just looked at her or rather scanned her from head to toe and back with a piercing intensity. Anika squirmed under his intense gaze.
You cheapada stop looking at me with that 2 rs look
Shivaay came more close to her , their foreheads touching
whats the problem, I am just checking out my girlfrnd not some random girl.
He then caressed her face with one of his hand and let her hairs fall on the other side of her shoulder and placed a gentle kiss at the soft spot on her neck. By now Anika was blushing furiously
Even in the dimly lit room shivaay could see her tomato red face.
Awww my tadibaaz girlfriend is blushing. So cute.
A- aah I hate you
S(smirking)- feelings are mutual.
A- shivaay plz let me go
S- ab tum itne pyaar say kah rahi ho so how can i refuse. He freed her hand from his grip.
So free to go…
Anika tries to go but then realises that she is not able to move even a bit. Actually Anika was leaning against the door and shivaay very cleverly tied her hands to the small loop in the door.
A- shivaay open my hands
S- hmmm should I. See this is what you get when you play with the biggest player out here.
A- Bagadbilla open my hands
S- Anika baby I am country’s biggest businessman, I return everything with interest. Subah say mujhe torture kar rahi ho aab meri bari hai.
A- you are impossible
S-(grinning)I know that
He closed the distance between them and gently kissed her …at an extremely slow pace her forehead , eyes ,cheeks.. enjoying every single moment..
Then looked at her Oh god you are beautiful.
A-plz shivaay open my hands plz
S-promise me you are not going to torture me like this again ok
A-ok ok i won’t plz shivaay, made a cute pout
S-you know you look so very cute when you look at me like that.
He opened the cloth and kissed her wrist. I hope you realised what happens when you mess up with me.
A-and do you know what happens when you mess up with me.
A- this

Standing on her toes she pressed her lips against his.
Shivaay was taken aback by her sudden boldness and it took him a moment to realise what exactly happened but then he reciprocated with equal vigour.
Their passion laced moment was however cut short when shivaay’s phone rang.
Fhat the wuck why does this always ring at the wrong time.
S- haan om
O-guys sorry to interrupt you romance but I think you should come back else you guys gonna raise suspicions
S- yeah we will just come. Saying this the hung up
S- waise Anika if thats what I get for messing around then i would love messing around more often He winks
A-shameless singh oberoi.
S- you haven’t witnessed that side of mine yet Anika. This was just the trailer.
He winked, Anika blushed.
S- Anika for godsake stop blushing. We need to head back to the party c’mon. Waise mera mood toh nahi hai
A- mera bhi
Shivika grin and hug each other and then walk, hand in hand back to the oberoi mansion.

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