Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai (episode 1)

Heyy guys
My name is Himani and this is the first time I am writing a fanfiction. My first ff is on our fav brothers Shivaay Omkara and Rudra and their ishqbaazi.
Plz do read and comment
All your positive and negative comments are more than welcomShivaay and Anika love each other a lot but no one knows about their relationship not even Omru.

Shivaay decides that he will tell omru really soon abt this and he was sure that both Omru esp omkara would be very happy to know that finally his brother is in love with a girl who is his equal who affects him and most importantly who loves Shivaay not the young business tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
True he and Anika had come a long way from the time they first met about 1 year back.
Shivaay relaxed and reminisced their journey from i cant stand you even for a moment to i cant live without you even for a moment. From stay away from me to dont you dare leave me.

Their journey started with full hate and tashan then gradually as they crossed path again and again it changed to mutal respect then frndship attraction and finally love
She was like sunshine in his life. He could share his vulnerabilities his emotions with her something he had shared with om only. At home he was eldest so he had to be toughest to protect rudra prinku and to certain extent even om from all sorts of problem be it internal affairs the family fueds or outside affairs . But with her he could let loose any emotion he didnt even hesitate to cry in front of her when he was frustrated.

She taught him how to smile how to cry how to find happiness in every moment and most importantly how to love. With her he was his best version for then he was Shivaay only Shivaay.
She taught him to value a person to look beyond the name lineage or bloodline.
She made him a much better man, a better human .

Shivaay was in such deep thoughts that he didnt even realise when omkara came to his room.
Om was intently looking at shivaay wondering what was wrong with his brother. He was surprised to see his brother sitting alone and smiling to himself. Yes actually smiling it wasn’t a smirk or sarcastic smile or not even the victory smile that lit his face after he cracks a deal.
It was a genuine innocent smile . A smile which om had hardly seen on his face ever since they grew up.

The tender look that graced his features now urged om to make his potrait then and there.
There was complete silence in the room.
Shivaay was still in deep thoughts and Om was busy sketching.
This prolonged silence ended when rudra literally banged the door and hopped inside shouting excitedly.
R-Bhaiyaa O where are you guys. Why is there so much you know
This shook Omshiv out of their reverie. Shivaay was surpised to see om sitting across on the couch sketching.

S-Om tu kab aaya?
O- bro you told me to come naa. You said you wanted to talk about something.
R- bhaiyaa aap ne sirf O ko bulaya. Not fair .You didnt want me to share in your secrets
(Making a crybaby face)
Very bad bhaiya.
O- rudra calm down. We were waiting for you
Btw shivaay what did you wanna share.
S- woh actually prinku ka bday anne wala hai lets plan a big party for her.
O- right shivaay.

Par lets ask prinku what does she want. Rudra go and call her as well as dadi.
Rudra leaves and Om comes and sits next to shivaay.
So Mr Shivaay Shingh Oberoi now that rudra is gone tell me what you wanted to. I know prinku ki party plan karne k liye tu ne mujhe nahi bulaya tha. What’s the secret shivaay.
S-(stamerring) woh.. matlab..haan ..nahi ..actually ..tujhe kyu lagta hai ki mai kuch aur share karne wala tha.

O- i know you better than you know yourself. Bhai hu tera shivaay C’mon out with it.
Shivaay was amazed to see the way om could understand him. Even his parents couldn’t understand him the way his bro esp Om understood him.

S- first promise me ki tu yeh kisi say nahi kahega ok not even rudra jab tak mai naa bata do.
O-fine i won’t tell this to rudra also stop building the suspense shivaay plz
S-(taking a deep breath)-woh Om.. you were right abt true love and all. Om I..I am in love…


  1. diyas😊☺

    Gauri….none who will come????please gaurka aur ohm ka romance……I really want……

  2. Savera


    |Registered Member

    Wow himani u nailed it on first episode i m requesting u whole hearted to post the next one soon plzzzz..

  3. priya07

    Hi,am mostly a silent reader and today I want to say tat ur ff is awesome.i liked tis side of shivaay vry much.And for Om,i need Gauri and only gaurika.Please…

  4. Himani_816



    Thnx guys for your overwhelming response. Its really encouraging esp for a first timer like me.
    Gaurikara n rumya would come into picture real soon but for coming two three Epi the focus would be on the oberoi family and shivika.
    Thnx again
    Surely update in 2-3 days

  5. Ishkara

    Pls pair up with ishana I’m badly missing them n more over we can see gaurikara on screen but we can’t see ishkara Na soon pls yaar pair up with ishana

  6. Prajkta

    Superb episode… I really loved it
    Please pair up om with ishu, I am missing her so much and their love Story would be so awesome
    Not to offend anyone but I am huge ishkara fan

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