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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Omkara took Ishana aside and spoke up “Ishana, that night everything destroyed so I am confessing again” Om looked into Ishana’s eyes and repeated the magical words again “I love you Ishana, I promise to keep you happy always, I promise to be by your side every time, please will you hold my hand and complete our life’s journey with me?” Ishana looked down as her cheeks became red and warm. “Please say something Ishana” Omkara said seeing her not replying anything. Rudra and Soumya who were watching them now went close and Soumya poked on Ishana’s belly and as a result she hugged her tight to hide her blush from everyone else. “Is she crying?” Om asked frowning his eyebrows looking at Ishana holding Soumya tightly and hiding her face. “Ufff duffer O… this means she loves you too, listen join my love classes and I will let you know everything about girl’s behaviour.” Rudra said showing attitude and smirking.

“Ishu di I love you bolo na” Soumya whispered in Ishana’s ears and pulled her out of the hug and made her stand in front of Om. “I love you too Omkara” Ishana at last confessed and Om jumped out of joy and ended up hugging Ishana in front of everyone. Rudra and Soumya started to whistle and congratulate both of them. While union of two souls is going on one side the other two souls were falling apart. Shivay submitted the divorce papers and went back to Oberoi Mansion wiping off his tears that were blurring his view while he was driving harshly back to his home. Time passed.

OmRu were discussing something sitting at the pool side when Shivay reached there and neared them to listen to their conversation without disturbing them. “See Rudra none of our family would accept this” Om said looking down with a sad face.”But O… I love her so much, I can’t stay without her, moreover she isn’t in talking terms with me after what bhaiyaa did” Rudra said. Listening to his reference in their discussion, Shivay hid behind the tree and stood there to listen to the entire conversation. “Rudra I also love Ishana like crazy, I even confessed my feelings but because of Shivay she refused to reply anything that day. Rudra we have to sacrifice our love also for Shivay now, be strong Rudra and try to forget Soumya” Om brushed Rudra’s back to comfort him. “Om…OmRu loves Ishana and Soumya…” Shivay said in a low tone as a tear drop oozed out of his eye.

OmRu continued “but O… why will we suffer because of  The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi?” Rudra asked irritated, Shivay’s little brother isn’t calling him bhaiyaa now. “Am I that bad Rudra?” Shivay stood forward and asked with a crack in his voice. OmRu’s eyes gazed up. “No bhaiyaa, you are not bad actually we mistook by giving our hearts to the girls who are middle class and are not of our standard” Rudra retorted back standing up highlighting the word MIDDLE CLASS. Om held Rudra’s shoulder to stop him but he just jerked off his shoulders and continued “thank you so much bhaiyaa for ruining the special relation we had with our bhabhi’s family” “I… I am…” Shivay tried to say something while Omkara cut him off in middle “listen Shivay, till today we have never went against any of your decision but today I am forced to say that for you… yes only for you and your cheap mentality about class and standards we are loosing our love, we even don’t have face to stand in front of them and confess” Om looked away, his face showed disgust. Shivay’s heart pained listening to each and every blame and his feet stumbled. His eyes blurred and he sat down with a thud. OmRu walked off the spot.

“Am I so bad that now my brothers are also getting disgusted of me. I… I never wanted my brothers to sacrifice anything in their life, at least… not for me. My Om… Ru, OmRu thinks my mentality is cheap, no… no” he cried aloud while thinking all the words OmRu said about him. “I am not bad…I am not bad… I am…” he shouted aloud and started crying silently. “I… I promise you OmRu, atleast for your Shivay bhaiyaa  you won’t have to sacrifice anything. I cannot gain back the respect and love but I will try hard to make you achieve your love. I am not worth to get loved only. Now no one allows me to go close to Tianshi, my daughter, my own daughter; no one comes to me running to share their happiness and secrets, now Daadi calls me Shivay, mom doesn’t sit with me to have food. Am I that bad for all these?” he broke down again and again thinking all the incidents that cornered him  in his own house.

In Anika’s house Ishana and Soumya sat on Anika’s bed and were blushing continuously. Anika was initially lost in her thoughts but when her eyes fell on her little sister’s face she came back to the normal world and asked “what has happened to you both? Why are you two blushing?” “Nothing di, leave it” Soumya said sounding sad and her blush vanished immediately. “Something is up, what’s the matter… Ishu you say” Anika eyed Ishana who was lost in her own thoughts. Anika jerked Ishana and Ishana immediately replied composing herself “yes yes… haan di.” “Where are you lost dude and what’s the matter with you both?” Ishana shied and looked down. “Arre will someone speak up” Anika sounded irritated now. “We are in love di” Ishana and Soumya together blurted out and blush followed while they bowed their head down to hide their blush. “Ohhooo… who are those special person haan… say say” Anika cheered her voice up and asked poking her two sisters. “Omkara” “Rudra” Ishana and Soumya answered simultaneously and Anika’s face fell flat listening to the names.

“We are sorry di, but we promise that we will try to forget them” Ishana said looking at the sudden change of expression in Anika’s face. Anika did not reply anything and brushed the hairs of her sisters and engulfed them in hug. “I promise you Ishu and Soumya, be it whatever I will never let your love go away from you ever. For that if I have to become a person who cares for none, I will be” Anika thought and closed her eyes.

The night passed while the two separated souls- Shivay and Anika cried their heart out, their pain out. ‘TING TONG’ bell of Anika’s house rang in the early morning. Anika’s mother opened the door and was shocked to see Shivay standing at the door step bowing his head down. “What do you want now? Listen don’t disturb our daughter now, she has suffered enough” Anika’s mother rudely said looking away. “Aunty ji… I know what I have done was…” he stopped and closed his eyes and then continued “I came here today not to disturb your daughter, I am here to ask something from you all” he said. “Ohhh so you are not yet satisfied after what all you have taken from us? You want more !! wow..and what can an extremely lower middle class people like us give you. we are left with absolutely nothing. we have our daughters and sahil who are our pride and today the happiness of my pride, My Anika has vanished as you took that away” Anika’s mother spoke. “Aunty please listen to me once today, I request aunty, please once” he requested and went inside.

“You again came? Why don’t you leave us alone?” Anika’s father came and asked looking at Shivay. “No, he wants something from us, his thirst is even not fulfilled after taking away everything from my daughter’s life” Anika’s mother said eyeing Shivay. “Uncle please listen to me once, please” Shivay folded his hands. Anika’s father looked away and waited for Shivay to say. “Uncle, Aunty… I want hands of Ishana and Soumya for my brothers, my brothers fell in love with them and now they think that…” he was to say when Anika’s father howled “stop it, just stop it… do you think that we and our daughters are puppets? What the hell do you all want from us? Listen Mr. Oberoi leave us and our daughters alone. Please I beg you leave us. You have already destroyed the life of my one daughter now why are you eyeing on the other two? Why can’t you let us leave in peace? What have we and our daughters done to you that one by one you all are taking revenge like this? Now you and we , all have had enough, so please leave…i have still some respect left regarding you, because of my granddaughter. Please don’t make me compelled to cross the line of my patience because of which i might do something and we later regret ” Anika’s father spoke this time in a rather calm yet high tone. Anika, Ishana, Soumya and Sahil came out in the hall listening to their father/uncle .

“What happened baba?” Anika asked. “He… this man is not yet satisfied after destroying your life, he wants to destroys Ishu’s and Sumi’s life” Anika’s father said looking at Anika. “What does he want?” Anika asked calmly looking at Shivay despite knowing why he was there. “He wants Ishana and Soumya to get married to his brothers, and just look how shameless is he… he directly came at this morning to say this without even thinking what reactions he will get from our side” her father said. “Uncle I promise that my brothers will keep them happy always, please uncle… my brothers, I love them like mad, please uncle think about my brothers once” Shivay requested folding his hands.

”we all love Anika like mad Shivaay, the same way you love your brothers and your family..did you give a chance to us to listen to us that day? you insulted insulted her infront of made a joke of her. you called her Nanny of your child. Did you ever think what must she, we all have would have undergone. ” Anika’s father retorted back.

Shivaay was about to reply when he heard Anika saying “Baba, I have no problem with this alliance” . Shivay’s eyes immediately turned towards her. “What are you saying beta?” her father asked looking at her. “Baba OmRu are not like this man, they are gem of a person, I can myself guarantee you that Ishana and Soumya will always stay happy with them, please I request baba, please for the sake of me accept the proposal” Anika said.

“Please uncle…” Shivay requested again. “Okay Anika, but before everything I want to verify by myself whether they are worth of my daughter’s or not” her father replied. “Thank You so much uncle…” when Shivay uttered these words the major shock came from Anika’s side “but I have a condition before everything else.” Anika said and stopped. “What? What condition?” Shivay asked with a broken voice. “I want…” Anika started to say.


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