Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Anika reached her house like a lifeless body. She has suffered the pain of broken dreams but this time she was broken like never before. Her tears dried up and her face turned pale. “Anika come inside beta” Anika’s mother held her and tried to get her in but she stood like a statue at the door step. “Anika come” her mother repeated jerking her when she turned back and all the moments of her walking inside her house along with Tianshi walking on the flowers flushed in front of her. “Maa… Anshu” she said and fell down at the doorstep crying.

Here in Oberoi Mansion Shivay went forward to take Anshu in his hold when Pinky turned around with Anshu in her hand. “Dare you touch Anshu” she said looking at Anshu’s face. “Maa… let me…” Shivay started to say something when Anshu said that magical word again looking at her Daadi’s face “Mmmaaa” Tears brimmed down Pinky’s eyes. “Mr. Oberoi, please try and stay away from those types of girls” a man came forward to instruct Shivay when Shakthi opened his mouth to shut him up “when you don’t know the exact matter then stop commenting” Tej interrupted in between “dare you say anything about Anika… and you all” Tej looked at the guests and continued “you all came here to have fun right? Then you all have fun” he turned towards Shivaay and continued “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi go and have fun with your name, blood lineage and status but Anshu will stay with us from now, from this very moment” Tej completed. “Let’s go inside Daadi” Om held daadi’s shoulder firmly and the entire Oberoi family except Shivay went inside Pinky’s room. Anshu was searching for her mother everywhere and is uttering the word she learnt looking at the faces.

Anika is sitting in her room reminiscing all her moments with her daughter, her husband, her family; Oberoi Family. Her phone beeped, she turned towards the phone and checked the message, a normal message from sim-card company has come. Something stroke her mind and she scrolled down, and down and down. Her eyes got stuck at the message Shivay has sent her the day she agreed for their marriage. “Why did you do this Shivay?” she mumbled silently reading the message. “Is falling in your love my mistake?” she caressed the screen of the phone and hugged the phone tight and tears went down her eyes again.

The entire Oberoi Family was busy handling Anshu as she was continuously crying and not even having anything and searching her mother everywhere. Pinky started to rub Ansu’s back and  say soothing words in her ears but nothing worked, no one could stop Anshu’s cries when Rudra went in and noticed Anshu’s terrible condition. He took Anshu in his hold and started to sway her, dance in front of her and acted like a kid to make his small baby smile. She smiled for a while looking at Rudra’s antiques but again started to cry.

Rudra thought to contact Soumya to know Anika’s state and ask Anika to come back as Anshu is getting out of control. He dialled Soumya’s number and called her. She disconnected the call. He again tried and again she disconnected . He again tried and this time she put up but she sounded extremely irritated. “What the hell you want now? Aren’t your family satisfied after what they did to my di? Now why are you calling me?” she directly asked with her tone extremely rude. Ishana went beside Soumya to calm her down but Soumya have had enough that day and she was in no mood to leave the Oberoi’s and specially Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi who has pushed her didi in that terrible condition. “Soumya once listen to me, okay just say what is bhabhi’s condition right now?” he asked calmly. “Listen you or your family now doesn’t deserve to know about my didi’s how-abouts, don’t ever dare to call me again” she cut down the call in anger.

He felt insulted at this behaviour of her and was about to throw the phone in anger but stopped himself and threw a vase that was kept over the table near him. “Fine, I won’t call you… the way you felt bad I also felt bad at bhaiyaa’s behaviour but why would you listen to me, I belong from my bhaiyaa’s side after all and you belong from bhabhi’s side. I thought at least you will support me now when I needed someone other than my family the most but no, you just insulted me, fine then I won’t contact you ever until the time you call me” Rudra said aloud and banged his hand over the table.

Everyone was persuading each other but no one noticed the silent figure dying from inside slowly after what he has done. After the party ended he went to his room where the memories of Anika haunted him. He looked at the cupboard where Anika’s dresses were arranged perfectly beside his. He walked up to the cupboard and took one of her dresses in his hand as a tear drop oozed out his eye and he said “I am sorry… I never wanted to hurt you like this, but… please forgive me” he said and hugged her dress. He sat on the bed resting his head over his leg and closed his eyes. An invisible dagger was stabbing his heart continuously and he felt to run to his Anika and hug her tight and say a sorry but he could do nothing and kept on mumbling sorries after sorries caressing her different dresses and the picture he had in his phone.

Omkara along with Rudra entered to his room and went to him. Om kept his hand over Shivay’s shoulder and as soon he realised he acted to get up and throw off the clothes. “Shivay… Shivay” Om held him and jerked him. Shivay looked away, he knew his brothers will get to know that he just acted of throwing the clothes but then also he tried to behave as rude as he could. “Om, I don’t want to listen anything about Anika” he said showing his finger looking away. “Shivay just tell me why are you doing this?” Om asked calmly. “She never deserved to stay with us Om” Shivay said. “You never deserved to be with her bhaiyaa” Rudra said but Om stopped him from saying anything further. Om tried to make him understand but every effort went in vain. At last Om tried to make Shivay understand in his own words saying “pyaar kiya to zaahir kar, pyaar kiya to zaahir kar, kahin itna bhi der naa ho ki who, chali jaaye mukar kar” and they walked away.

The night ended and no one had put a single morsel through their mouth that night. Neither Anshu had anything. Next day Shivay woke up and noticed that he has slept in the same condition. He went out of his room and noticed everyone is standing at the hall and Anika’s father is also there. He went forward and got the clear view of everything Anika’s father has brought. Soumya was also there along with him. All the jewelries Oberoi family has gifted Anika’s family were lying on the table along with all the jewelries of Anika’s mother. The property papers of their house were also there. “Uncle…” Shivay said looking at everything and then at Anika’s father and Soumya “what are all these?” he asked further.

“Thank you so much Shivay saheb for showing us our class, we can be poor but we are not gold diggers. These are the things that your family has gifted us, keep my house’s papers as well , as you have really spent a lot behind that house to make it look like a palace. And during initial days you have paid the bills for my treatment, so now keep our jewelries as we can’t really return all the money together right away. We will try hard to return each and every penny you wasted on us… thank you” he folded his hands and started to walk away. “But uncle…” Shivay called from behind when Anika’s father turned back and said “haan …. one more thing, our Anika is an orphan but believe me even Soumya is not that close to us being our own blood the way Anika is close. It’s not her fault beta that you let her go but it’s actually your fault that you allowed her to go away. We will send the divorce papers soon, you just don’t worry. And I promise you that , one day our Anika will definitely return back everything to you with interest and become a successful woman like you , and i will make sure this will happen, even though you cursed Anika to suffer, i will still bless you to stay happy always” he said and went away without listening to anyone.

“Are you happy now Billu?” daadi asked facing Shivay towards her forcefully. “Daadi I…” Billu tried to explain when Her hand raised to slap him, yet she stopped herself still keeping a belief and hope that whatever he did or happened isn’t true. Shivaay “Daadi listen , I” Daadi cut his words in middle and continued “Chup… no more words now, dare you call me daadi after what you did yesterday” tears rolled out unstoppable from Dadi’s eyes, and in saddest possible tone she continued ” these are not the values i gave you, this  is not my billu whom i knew. The one who is standing infront of me, can never do such a thing to a pure soul like Anika. Till date whatever you did, i thought and understood there might be a reason, but what you did yesterday ..” she couldn’t continue, took a pause and continued “I don’t feel like talking about it. Today my trust is shattering, my pride to tell the world that no one can match my billu is fading. Everything is breaking . Before my trust , given values and my pride looses its shine, make everything fine Shivaay” she completed and walked  towards her room.

Listening “Shivaay” instead of “Billu” from Dadi tore his heart further. He couldn’t explain anyone why he did that and he couldn’t explain himself how to handle everything.


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  1. So emotional… Please don’t separate shivika..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Dear separation is needed at this point

  2. ?????????????????????????????????????????????couldnt handle the episode…such an emotional …….what is reson behind shivaay????want their reunion?????????????

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Awwww dear, sending you tissues… more emotional parts are awaiting. Awww… well keep reading to know what will happen next 🙂

  3. Amazing story telling. Awesome progression. Fab as always …

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much dear

  4. Niriha

    Emotional update ??????why shivay is doing like this eagerly waiting to know the reason for his behaviour update next part soon

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      To know about Shivay’s side of the story, keep reading 🙂
      Thank You and the next part is posted

  5. Nikita_jai29

    Sad update

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Yeah… but good days coming 🙂

  6. Such a wonderful n pretty one. Buy shivaay can’t be without his anika for long. Interesting to read what happened to villus that he send his billi out of his life. You authors fabulous n fantastic n perfect.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so so much Raji, as you know the story so you would be knowing the upcomings 🙂 😉

  7. It’s awesome n painful too. But shivaay can’t be without his anika for long. Interesting to know what happened to bills that he send out his billi out of his life. You both authors perfect n winner our hearts

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You again 🙂

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