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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Anika was sitting on the terrace with Tianshi over her lap. Tianshi was happily sleeping while Anika was looking at the stars and her life was playing in front of her eyes. Tia’s memories came back to her, she looked back at Tianshi and kissed on Tianshi’s forehead. “I promise you Tia… I will make our daughter just like the way you wanted, she will worship you before she does mine… she will be knowing both her mothers. You have dreamt of a happy family always and I promise that your daughter will get the most happiest family, me, your Shivay and our daughter.” she looked back at Tianshi. “Your Mumma will always protect you princess” Anika said as a tear landed on Tianshi’s cheek.

She closed her eyes and reminisced Tia’s smiling face when Anika agreed to give birth to their baby. She reminisced how she promised Tia that she will take care of their baby if she has to face the cruel world alone also, she reminisced the smile Tia had on her face while she breathed last. Anika smiled feeling proud to be Tianshi’s mother. She thanked god for gifting her the best family as her in-laws anyone can get, she thanked god for gifting a husband like Shivay to her who always keeps on caring about her, every single thing about her.

As more months passed, she now feels less awkward and shy to br*astfeed Tianshi in front of Shivay. He and she shares all the works of Tianshi very happily. They were getting close gradually but Shivay always resisted himself hard to go more close to her while she really enjoyed his silent cares. She has started to fall for him gradually from the day when he saved her from falling down the stairs and scolded her hard for not being careful. Unknowingly or knowingly one sentence slipped out of his mouth saying “don’t ever dare to be less careful about your own self as I and Tianshi need you” she always blush when she remembers that. After that incident many teasing sessions followed from OmRu’s side. But the way Shivay had lifted her up from the staircase and made her to lie down comfortably over their bed was so special to her.

Half a month or two ago cold and cough attacked her. She was down with high fever as well for an entire day. She still remembers how Shivay took her care, how he was sitting beside her massaging her head and checking her temperature every alternate fifteen minutes. He is a bit medicine freak but then also he cared for her feelings and never forced her to have extra medicines. She also followed everything he ordered like a good girl. She was missing Tianshi’s touch for long two days and thus she had to become fine super soon and magically his small knowledge over medicines really helped her getting cured soon.

But from past fifteen days his behaviour gradually and drastically changed. He opted to stay as much silent as he could when she was around him. He opted to stay far from her. He returns back to home at late hours when she is already asleep. She tried to talk to him but every time something or the other made him busy. Tianshi’s first birthday is about to come soon and it was getting difficult to hide her feelings for him from the deepest core of her heart, so she decided to confess her feelings to him on Tianshi’s birthday.

The next day arrived, she did not even realise when she slept thinking all these. She woke up and saw Shivay sleeping in the sitting position over the couch. She walked upto him and ruffled his hair and smiled. His mouth was open in his sleep and he was looking so damn cute at that posture. She dreamily caressed his hair but being an alert sleeper, he got up and literally shifted hurriedly to the other side of the couch seeing Anika so close to him and staring him like that. “What happened Shivay?” she asked. “Why… why are you so close?” he asked getting up. “I just came to say that please sleep comfortably over the bed, why are you sleeping over here uncomfortably?” she explained. “I think it’s my room, so I can do whatever I want to… I can sleep where ever I want to and you are no one to advice me” he said and started to open his coat. He didn’t even change last night.

“Why are you behaving like this Shivay? Anything happened related to any deal? Why are you so disturbed Shivay?” she asked and went close to him to help him in opening his coat. “I never discuss my official matters with anybody, so who are you to ask me?” he shouted aloud. Her heart started to break. “I know Shivay you are disturbed, I know Shivay something major has happened or else you never shout at me like this… please tell me what’s the matter” she requested again keeping her hand over his shoulder but he just jerked off her hand and went two steps forward. “Why are you acting like a typical wife? Don’t you know that you are here just for Tianshi, don’t try to be my wife… You better understand this” he said facing his back towards her and walked out of the room.

She kept on looking at the door and her trance got broken by the wails of her little baby. She went to Tianshi and started to rub her back to calm her and sooth her down. She noticed Tianshi’s diaper wet, she soon changed the diaper and sat on the bed with Tianshi over her lap. “Your Papa is becoming sadu gradually… you know typical husbands” she tried to sooth herself down by saying these words but deep down she was hurt by this sudden change in behaviour of Shivay. He was going away from her gradually but here she was stitching the dream of her happy family, yarn after yarn, memories after memories and day after days.

After that morning Shivay always maintained a good distance from her. She can also feel that he was guilty of his behaviour but he is not coming forward to apologise. She knew that his ego would never allow him to bend and say a sorry,but he could at least come and talk to her nicely , instead what he does is says either yes or no as answers to her questions. He now tries to separate Tianshi too from her. She was clueless about what is happening but she knew that whatever happens Tianshi will be her daughter and he her husband always.

She was lost in some thoughts while boiling milk for Tianshi keeping her hand near the gas burner and the vessel, she was so lost that she didn’t even realise when the milk started to come up. “Anikaa…” the man with his attitude came forward and removed her hand soon from the place breaking her trance. She looked at Shivay and then at the burner horrified. The milk was dripping down from the vessel over the burner. “Can’t you be more careful? How will you take care of yourself when I won’t be there?” he asked or he scolded was not even registered in her head, what got registered was that he is again caring for her like before. An unknown smile covered her lips curving it up. “What are you smiling at?” he asked jerking her hands off. “At the different shades of my bagadbilla” she replied and realised what she said. She blushed and ran to her room.

Shivay stood there still, the burning smell of the milk attracted his attention to it and he without even thinking held the hot vessel with his bare hands “aahh…” he winced in pain and tears came to his eyes. Listening to his voice Pinky came first and started caressing his hand. His tears were also dropping down and so was his mother’s. She can never see her son in pain but little did she know the tears in his eyes were for something else and not for the mere burn.


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