Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


They went back to there room, Anshu was sleeping over Anika’s shoulder. “My baby looks so cute” Anika said smilingly and pecked Anshu’s head. She walked towards the bed and kept Anshu very carefully between her’s place and Shivay’s place. She lied on the left side and Shivay on the right side. She started to brush her hand over Anshu’s head while Shivay was caressing Anshu’s stomach. They looked at each other and then went forward to kiss Anshu. Shivay kissed Anshu’s forehead while Anika kissed on the left cheeks. They looked at each other’s eyes again and smiled.


The little being has brought all the happiness, and the awkwardness between the new parents was also decreasing with each passing day.

The morning rays peeped through the curtains, Shivay and Anika were sleeping peacefully with their daughter between them. Shivay’s hand was resting on Anika’s waist crossing their baby. A perfect happy family away from the busy world. He got up early as usual and caressed his daughter’s head. “Good morning mumma and her princess” he wished and went down the bed to get freshened up. He went downstairs to the kitchen to boil drinking water for Anika.

“So Mr. father… enjoying the fatherhood?” Om asked and stood beside Shivay patting his back. “You know it’s amazing… when your daughter sleeps over your lap and you sing lullaby for her, the feeling is just… just incredible…” Shivay stopped and Om was looking Shivay with awe, he continued “yesterday night I sang lullaby for the first time and I realised that when you sing from your heart the words and the rhythm matches perfectly” Shivay tried to explain his feelings looking at Om’s eyes. “Shivay, I am the most happiest person to see you this much happy” Om said holding Shivay’s shoulder and continued “I think we both need a hug man.” The brothers hugged.

“What’s going on between you and Ishana huhh?” Shivay asked releasing Omkara from the hug. “Nothing bro…” Om replied and yeah blushed too trying to hide the shy smile. “Hmm… but Ishana is really a good girl” Shivay praised Ishana, he met her for five to six times and in that small meetings their brother-sister bond grew amazingly. “Yup she is” Om said dreamily. “Hmmm… you will better know” Shivay winked. He smiled and looked at Shivay and said “kuch bhi.”

Suddenly a song started to ring in their ears in a cry voice “kehna hi kya jab bhai paraye ban gaye…kehna hi kya jab bhai paraye ban gaye” they looked at the door of the kitchen. “Here comes out drama queen… Ohhh no no drama prince” Shivay teased Rudra and he walked in with his cry baby face on. “You two are spending O’bro moment without me?? Haan without me??” he emphasised on the last two words rolling his lips. “You will never grow up” Om said and the three brothers hugged and continued to tease each other.

Shivay went back to his room with the boiled water, Anshu was still sleeping and Anika was no where to be seen. “Are you inside the washroom?” Shivay asked walking towards Tianshi “yup” Anika replied. “My baby… get up, don’t become like your mother… get up beta, awww don’t cry, get up get up…” he said and took Anshu in his hold, she started to cry as her father woke her up. “Don’t cry… don’t cry” he started saying sweet words to his daughter’s ear and rocking her. By then Anika came out from the washroom. “Shivay why did you wake her up, she was peacefully sleeping na” she said and took Anshu in her embrace and started to rock her. “I don’t want her to become another lady kumbhkaran” Shivay said. “What do you mean?” Anika asked narrowing her eyes. “I meant that… at times waking up one lady kumbhkaran of my life becomes tough so… I don’t want my daughter also to be…” she did not allow Shivay to complete and retorted back “you mean I am lady kumbhkaran?” “When did I say that?” was his simple reply. “Fine… she is my daughter so she will be like me only, huuh” Anika sat on the bed and looked away. Shivay smiled. “It would have been so nice, if I and you were made for each other… but… but I know we are like the railway tracks who can go together to some distance but can never meet” he thought and left a deep sigh. Anshu stopped her cries by then and Anika was br*astfeeding her covering herself with the bed sheet.

Shivay got the clothes of Anshu and the diaper and waited for Anika. After sometime Anika was done and she looked back to Shivay. “Now my daughter will wear her clothes, she will become like the princess of the world” Anika said and deep kissed Anshu’s cheeks. She went towards Shivay, Shivay started to make Anshu wear her clothes while Anika was laughing when Anshu is throwing tantrums while wearing the clothes. “Where is the socks Shivay?” Anika asked. “Ohhoo… I forgot to take them out, you go and bring them while I will spend sometime with my daughter” he said and started twirling slowly holding Anshu tightly. Anshu was smiling and giggling and was enjoying the game with her father. Shivay then made Anshu to sit over his shoulder and started to make her dance by moving his shoulder up and down in rhythm.

Anika came back with the socks in her hand and tried to make Anshu wear those but Shivay being naughty he was not allowing Anika to slip the socks over Anshu’s feet and cherry on top was Anshu’s tantrums. “Bring her down… Shivay, stop teasing me” she said trying to get hold of Anshu but as she was on top of Shivay’s shoulder he was slipping away soon and laughing looking at Anika’s frowned expression. “Okay okay now don’t turn me to ashes and here is your daughter” he brought back his daughter near his chest. Anika was facing her side towards Shivay and started make Anshu wear her socks when Shivay bent down to kiss Anshu’s cheek. Unfortunately or fortunately Anshu too bent down to touch her feet clothes and the kiss landed on Anika’s cheek. Immediately Anika’s eyes shot up and got locked with Shivay’s eyes. He too felt awkward and looked at Anshu and started to scold her “I was kissing you na… naughty girl… very naughty girl” he said and looked at Anika, Anika was still staring at him with no expression on her face. “Anshu is very naughty” he said trying to end the awkward moment. “Hmm…” she just hummed and went out of the room blushing and smiling.

“Ufff…” he said and he too smiled. “Naughty…” he again repeated looking at his daughter and kissed her on her cheek. The day was passing and both of them were stealing glaces of each other. It’s the lunch time. Everyone sat down to have their lunch and as the rule the couples sit side by side to have heir meals, Shivay sat but Anika was standing not willing to sit beside Shivay. “Sit Anika beta…” daadi said. “Wo… daadi… wo I am… wo I am not feeling hungry now, you all eat… I will have food later” she stammered and then said in a go gulping her saliva down. She looked at Shivay. “You two had fight kya?” Pinky asked eyeing both of them. “No… no no” Shivay-Anika said in unison and both of them looked down, smiled and blushed. Rudra started to cough looking at his brother and sister-in-law blushing together.

“Relax… relax… drink water… relax” Jhanvi started to pat and rub Rudra’s back. “Mom… Shivay bhaiyaa and blushing” Rudra said with big big eyes. “Shut up… shut up Rudy, nothing like that” Shivay said trying to shut him up but someone started to hum a song “kya karu haaye… kuch kuch hota hai” it was Prinku. “Ufffff… now not you” Shivay made and irritated sound while Anika ran upwards making an excuse “wo… Tianshi is crying, I am going upwards” and she went away, rather say ran away. Everyone else except Shivay started laughing while Shivay’s head was bent down and he was still blushing.

He took Anika’s lunch to their room and sat beside her on the bed. “Have your lunch” he said extending the plate. she nodded in yes and held the plate while her finger brushed over his. He looked up at her eyes. She bowed down and moved to the coffee table blushing and smiling and started to have her lunch while Shivay got lost in his thoughts “why am I getting attached to you when I know we will fall apart very soon. Just some months are left and then you have to go away from my life… I cannot give you false hope, please forgive me for whatever I am planning to do… I am sorry Anika… I am really sorry” he was looking at Anika when Tianshi really started to sob. His attention went towards Tianshi and he took up Tianshi in his embrace and started to rock her.


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