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Days took their sweet time to sway away. Happiness, fun, love everything just increasing day by day. Tianshi is the major centre of attraction. The pamper acts for her is at different level. Rudra is happy that at least someone came to the family who is younger to him. Rudra is the only one who always pampers her the most and has the greatest capability to stop her cries by dancing around or singing songs for her.

“Oyyee little girl… want to have chocolate?” he asked showing her a packet of chocolate. But alas his mother never leaves a chance to scold him “Rudra…” Jhanvi came and held Rudra’s ear and pulled him up. “Wo… I was to just showing, I know she is a little girl who is only allowed to have mother’s milk… Mom wanna have chocolate?” he justified initially but the last words got replaced by expensive buttery tone and puppy eyes. “Tu hi kha…” Jhanvi said and left his ear with a jerk. “Badi maa… you cannot scold him now, he is a big boy now… after all chachu of my baby… haina baby… haina Tia…” he stopped before completing the sentence. The name reminds him of his wife, his first love. He has moved on and coped up and maybe a strange feeling related to Anika is making it’s mark over his heart day by day.

Anika came and took Tianshi in her hold. Entire Oberoi family was residing at her place since the day she came to her house with Tianshi. “My baby wanna have milk… let’s go” she walked off to her room. “Bhaiya…” Rudra came and pressed his hand over Shivay’s shoulder. He looked at him and smiled. “I know you are missing Tia bhabhi a lot, but bhaiya…” Rudra was saying when Shivay interrupted “Rudra… listen, check all the arrangements. Everything should be perfect, afterall it’s my and Anika’s daughter’s name giving ceremony” he stressed the word Anika. He walked out of the house.

Rudra went up to the terrace and was lost in his own thoughts when Soumya came and playfully closed his eyes by her hand. “I have a surprise for you” she exclaimed. “What surprise?” he asked removing her hands from his eyes and turned towards her. “Tadaa…” she pointed towards a crib. “You brought it… thank you so much, you are the best” he said excitedly and hugged her immediately. As soon he wrapped her, a weird sensation tickled her and goosebumps erupted. “Your… your welcome” she said and he then realised the awkwardness of the situation and left her. He looked here and there and then commented “the crib… is nice.” She smiled back.

Some days ago Rudra was sad as everyone is planning to gift something or the other to Tianshi on her name giving ceremony but here he was confused about what to give. Soumya took the charge and she advised him that he should gift something which is useful for at least some time. They were searching for items for baby in an online store where they came across the princess crib. He smiled widely and at once locked the crib as the gift from his side to his little princess. After that Soumya advised him that he should earn his own money and gift this, this will increase the value of this gift to thousand times. This really made Rudra very excited and he searched for the way to earn money. He failed the first day, he went to Soumya for help and she advised him to open a short-term gym training workshop in her locality for two to three days. He agreed and went out for that. They both together gathered some people and the three days workshop went well. Rudra was happy as he earned his own money, but their happiness died when they saw that the amount is not enough. Some more rupees are required. That was the time when Rudra left hope and gave all the money to Soumya.

“How did you get to gather rest of the amount?” he asked. “Actually…” she stopped and looked down. “What… say na” he insisted. “I sang in a community party and they paid me” she opened up. “You are a singer?” he asked being astonished. “Yup I am, and I do sing at some family parties” she explained. He was more than happy listening to that. “I would love to listen to your voice someday” he said, her yes twinkled as she nodded in agreement.

The holy time  (subh muhurat) for the name giving ceremony came. The ceremony started as the mother and father sat together to worship god and ask blessings from the god for their child. “What name have you decided dear?” the priest asked smilingly. “Tianshi…” Anika and Shivay answered in unison and then looked at each other. Anika blushed and looked down and then lightly pecked Tianshi’s head. “Nazar na lage in dono ko” Pinky said and took bhalayen of both of them. The priest was overwhelmed by seeing the amount of respect he is being given and blessed the child from the deepest core of his heart. “You will see daughter, one day this child will shine bright” the priest said caressing Anshu’s head. “May you live happily forever with your husband and daughter dear” now the priest blessed Anika as she bent down to take his blessings.

The priest went away and Anika and Shivay took blessings of the elder ones together. “Now our Tianshi will get gifts” Soumya said and took Tianshi in her embrace. Tej and Jhanvi came forward and blessed the child by giving a gold chain and pecked over the child’s forehead. Pinky and Shakthi came forward and gifted a pair of small gold bangles to the little girl. Anika’s father and mother too came forward and gifted a gold pendant to Tianshi. Now Omkara came forward and gifted her with an enormous toy set and said “may you be always happy” and walked off after kissing Anshu’s cheek. Ishana then came forward and gifted a dress to that baby girl. The dress was elegant and was comfortable for Anshu. Anika soon changed her to the new dress and Tianshi cuddled more to Anika’s heart.

Now at last came Rudra and Soumya’s turn. “This is for you little princess” Rudra said pointing towards the crib. Soumya was standing holding the crib in her hand and smiled widely. “Wow… it’s so amazing” Anika said just at the glance of the crib. “And di do you know what is most special about this crib?” Soumya paused and raised her eyebrows. Anika nodded no and Shivay asked “what?” “Rudra has bought this with his own money, he has earned money and he bought it” Soumya said and Rudra brushed his back hairs and looked down smilingly. “Ohhooo…” ShivOm said together.

“But this gift is from both of us as we both did the same hardwork to buy this” Rudra said. “Okay we are accepting this from both of your side” Shivay said and went towards the crib. “Now my daughter will lie on the crib for sometime” Anika said this and Soumya and Rudra together arranged the soft bed inside the crib. Anika softly landed Anshu inside the crib. “Now I want Shivay to gift his daughter and his wife something” Daadi said. “But I have nothing right at this moment daadi” he pouted and felt bad as he was so busy with the arrangements that he forgot to buy something for both of them. “Okay then you will do what I will say” daadi said to which Shivay nodded immediately. “Are you sure?” daadi again asked. “Yes” he said and nodded again.

“You will become the horse chariot for Anshu now” Shivay cannot say no now as he has nodded his head like an obidient child before. He sat on his four arms and Anika put the pram over his back and settled Anshu over it. Shivay started to move forward slowly as Anika was holding the pram giving support to it. “Chal mere ghore tik tik tik… chal mere ghore tik tik tik…” the youngsters continued to say this and Shivay continued to do the duty of his daughter’s horse chariot.


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