Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Days took their sweet time to sway away. Anika is getting discharged now, her glowing face and her daughter’s face was making everything happy and was spreading happiness. Both the family’s were in the mood of celebration and now the celebration that awaits Anika and her daughter is really special of which she still is unaware.

Shivay is there completing all the discharge procedure while Tej, Shakthi and Anika’s father sat down surrounding Anika and was playing with the little princess. “Hey little gall…heeyyy chotu sa gaall” Tej said in a baby voice. “Bhai sahab, she is afraid of you, give her to me” Shakthi took away Tianshi from Tej’s hold making this excuse and held the little bundle of happiness very carefully “awwwlllee… Tianshi baby is aflaid of bara daddu?? See…i am your daddu… daddu…” Shakthi said as he poked his nose rubbing it over the tummy of the little girl.  “See… she recognised me…recognised me” Shakthi said feeling so proud and his chest widened as his eyes showed the twinkles of happiness. “Now my turn…” Anika’s father said and took the baby in his hand “Tianshi beta… Do you know how much happiness you gave to everyone of us?” He paused and the little girl moved a little. Anika smiled and her father continued “I bless you child that you get infinite times of all the happiness that we all got from you… Nanu loves you a lot” he kissed on her cheek and Tej took back Tianshi and placed on Anika’s lap and said “two Lakshmis of our house. Anika held Tianshi closed to her heart and smiled at Tej’s comment while trying to touch his feet to take blessings while Tej just nodded no and side hugged her stroking her hairs.

Everyone went out with Anika taking careful steps while Shivay was holding her by her shoulder and his stare was fixed on his daughter who is looking like an angel coocooned in soft covering surrounding her developing skin. Anika got seated on the back seat very carefully in the middle in between her king and her prince. Tej was driving the car and was giving short description of the roads in the best possible childish way aa if the little girl would understand and will remember everything. Shivay took the girl over his lap while rocking her and holding her close to his heart. She drifted to slumber while getting pampered by her father.

They reached and Anika’s eyes widened looking at all the decoration entering her locality after taking the last turn from the main road. The entire locality was decorated with the cute colourful balloons, ribbons with all the warm faces of her neighbours. She went down the car and held her daughter. Anshu opened her eyes and looked at her mother. “What beta?” Anika asked. Anshu kept looking her mother. “Yes it’s for you… see see” Anika swung her and showed her the balloons hung above.

She walked into the main gate of her house and was again shocked as her footstep fell above the soft flowers. Tulip, Roses, Orchids and Lily adorned her steps and tears ran down her eyes. A tear fell on Anshu’s face and the little girl again moved a bit while Shivay came close and wiped away Anika’s tear and kissed on his daughter’s cheek and smiled widely. He again held his Queen and directed her slowly inside the house.

“Our princess’s ride is ready” OmRu said together sitting down in horse position balancing the pram over their back. “Sit on your chariot princess” Om said and Anika softly landed her daughter on the pram. She held her from one side and Shivay from other side and OmRu softly entered the big hall which was decorated like a bride. Anika’s maternal house was glowing like a palace, shining like a glass house and was adorned like a little baby. The pram was kept down and Anika took up Tianshi in her hold and her mother performed aarti of her along with Shivay and her daughter. They were seated on the big couch.

‘Lakdi ki kaathi, kati pe ghoda
Ghode ki dum pe jo maara hathauda
Dauda dauda dauda ghoda dum utha ke dauda’

The song played in the back ground as Soumya and Rudra danced around and at last taking Tianshi in the hold and started dancing while everyone’s face was so happy with everything going on and with the presence of the special member Soumya-Rudra tried to hug her at the same time while they collided and hugged, realising the position Soumya went back to her Di blushing hard while Rudra hit his head lightly and went beside his bhaiyaa.

Aao tumhe chaand pe le jaaye
Pyaar bhare sapne sajaye
Chota sa bangla banaye
Ek nayi duniya basaye
Aao tumhe…’

The speaker again sang a beautiful song and a girl swayed her perfect body with every lyrics while coming close to the new born and showering her with love. Om who was mesmerized to see the girl perfectly catching the rhythm went in between while the girl made him do some steps with her and smiled as the song ended. After the last tune stopped Om’s mouth uttered “beautiful” he then realized that he has danced along with her may it be some steps. He went back where he was standing and the celebration followed as the elders blessed the child and the mother.

The girl was passing by when Om went close to her and muttered “hi…” his deep voice turned her gaze towards him and she replied “hi…” but very smilingly and continued “I am Ishana… Anika Di’s mausi’s daughter” she introduced herself. “I… I am Omkara… Shivay’s brother…” he smiled and said “nice… nice name” he said a bit slowly understanding her expressions and she uttered “thank you waise i know me and my name both are beautiful…haina?” she asked and “yes” slipped from Om’s mouth while he facepalmed himself in his head realising what he just confessed. All the celebration continued and at last everyone discharged to the room alloted to them.

It’s midnight, baby girl was sleeping between her mother and her father. Shivay heard a baby’s cry at the midnight and got up. His princess was crying “awww awww kya hua meli beti ko… aww awww what happened?” he asked rocking her when his hand touched her diper and found it wet “awww my daughter peed…awww” he said and checked Anika who was fast asleep. She should be as she was taking care of their daughter from the day she was born and had slept really less. He allowed her to sleep and went towards the baby’s bag to find the dipers lying above all. He slowly zipped the bag again after taking out one diper and went to Tianshi to make her wear the diper. “Now… Papa will change the diper… Tianshi baby is good girl… no naughty naughty” he said as he knew how she cries while her mother tries to make her wear the diper but alas she started to sob. But he atlast succeeded after stopping the girl’s cry by making voices. Anika was awakened by the cries of her baby and noticed the father-daughter love and smiled through her tears. She held Shivay’s hand and then he turned towards her and found her awake. “Thank You” she muttered softly while caressing Tianshi’s hairs and taking Tianshi in her hold.


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