Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


“Aaltu janaltu aai bala ko taal tu… aaltu janaltu aai bala ko taal tu… aaltu janaltu…” came a continuous murmur from Anika’s room when Shivay came in front of the door. “Should I go inside?” he thought turning back. “She must be sleeping… but if she is sleeping then who is speaking? I must check once I think” random thoughts came to his mind when he went in hesitatingly. “Aaltu janaltu aai bala ko taal tu… aaltu janaltu aai bala ko taal tu…” again echoed through the room. Now he clearly looked it was Anika who is hugging her pillow tightly and continuously murmuring this. He went close. “Chor chor chor chor….” Anika moved quickly from her place shouting when she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. “Anika… Anika relax I am Shivay… relax” Anika now opened her eyes as she heard her familiar voice. Soon the lights went away when she screamed aloud and hugged Shivay “Shivay… please please don’t go leaving me alone… please don’t go” she pleaded making her grip much tighter.

“Relax… relax Anika… I am here only relax” Shivay said as he brushed her back to calm her down. “Please don’t go…” Anika’s grip went tighter. Shivay looked on as Anika started to sweat out of panic and fear. “Anika let me go and check what the matter is” Shivay said brushing his hand through her hair. “No… please don’t go leaving me alone.” Anika replied. “Okay stop panicking… it’s not good for your health… please relax” he said but nothing got registered in her head as she started sweating profusely. “Please relax” he said. After sometime she calmed down a bit.

The lights came. “Anika… see the lights came… hey” he said while no response came from her side. He held her face up and noticed her fast asleep. He postured her and put extra pillows surrounding her so that they give her extra comfort. He sat on a chair beside her bed and kept ruffling her hair. He looked at her face that resembled to a calm ocean. Shivay went into thoughts after seeing Anika so
” i know i have done wrong with you, but i know the reason why i did…your eyes questions me for my behavior, but my mouth seals to reply….not only you, everyone has questions and doubts , but answering those questions is not easy….but i can assure you, however i may behave with you now or going forward…i will and can never think bad of you..hope this stage of yours passes by quickly and you get freed from everything…everything includes me… yes me… I want you to go away from me” he looked down and then rested his head on his hands. Shivay slipped into sleep amidst these thoughts….after sometime in the night Anika woke up as she was feeling hungry….she turned and was taken to surprise seeing Shivay sleeping…she remembered what she did …a smile crept on her face….

” What he is and what he looks are poles apart…sometimes i feel whatever his behavior with me , he is doing all deliberately…the way he behaves with his family , makes me believe that he is a gem of person…but why is he being so ? I don’t know him completely but the extent i know and understand…he has some reason behind his deeds…I don’t know if i can find that out anytime , but i just wish he gives me the same affection that he gives to all others…will this wish of mine ever come true?”Anika thought. Shivay took a turn while sleeping and this made Anika come out of thoughts and she remembered she is hungry…she got up without making noise and took baby steps to go to kitchen , to avoid disturbing anyone.

She opened the refrigerator to find only juices and bread kept. “Yuck… I am not going have this sukha sa bread… who eats it?” she spoke and moved it aside and peeped more into the refrigerator but to her surprise nothing much was inside. “Ohhh god… Baby your mumma is so hungry… who will prepare food for you and your mumma now?” Anika asked looking at her bump. “Me” came the voice from the door. She immediately looked up to find Shivay standing and staring at her. The refrigerator door closed as he went in. “You will make it?” Anika asked widening her eyes. “Yeah… why? What do you think I can’t cook?” Shivay asked. “No not that but you and food… I mean…” she stopped in middle as he started to speak “listen just order me what do you want to have?” he asked preparing his cooking utensils. “Hmmm… nice question… I think… hmm…what about chilli paneer? No,,, no no chilli paneer pizza yeah chilli paneer pizza…. That’s great” Shivay looked at her as the pan dropped on the slab from his hand. “Anika… it’s almost three o’ clock” he answered. “Yeah I know… I know how to check time” she said. “You want me to prepare Pizza for you at this time?” Shivay asked making faces. “Yes do you have any problem?” Anika asked straight. “No.. I mean…” he tried to speak something but got cut in middle “ohh I understood now…that’s okay ..i will eat something else” “Wait…wait a second…what did you understand?” He asked ” I understood you don’t know how to make pizza and that too chilli panneer pizza” she replied.

“Listen …i am super chef…so don’t even think like that ” he said “And you think i will believe it? ” she retorted “Are you challenging my cooking skills? ” shivaay got instigated with her words ” till now not..but seeing you and your confidence..i wanna challenge you …So Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi , I am challenging you to prepare Chilli panneer pizza…well now it’s your decision to accept or not” Anika taunted smilingly. “Listen and remember, Shivay Singh Oberoi never looses” he said showing his usual tadi. “Okay let’s see then who wins and who looses” Anika mocked back. “Challenge accepted” Shivay said.

PRECAP- CHALLENGE RESULTS AND ANIKA SHIVAY BONDING….. did you like today’s episode? Well we want to confess something… we loved writing it. And another frank confession we were really discussing the recipe of CHILLI PANEER PIZZA… ha ha ha… anyone joining us in having it?

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    Awesome update…lovely

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      Thank You so much Niriha

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    It is nice one dear

  4. My fav one is here.
    U made me remember about chilli paneer pizza twice.
    Now u going to give me treat too.
    Btw chappy was amazing.
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