Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Shivay took the plate in his hand and in that process his hands touched with hers. Both of them at once looked at each other and Anika soon removed her hand. She got up to go “Anika” Shivay called from behind in a rude tone. She looked back. “Sit here” he called her and she sat on the bed while he resumed “I know… you are… no… I mean… Anika I cannot accept you as my wife ever” he took a pause and looked at her face to see her reaction change but to his surprise she was just sitting silently listening to his sayings. “Say something” Shivay said when he noticed she isn’t replying anything. She kept mum. He continued “I just married you for the sake of my baby… because…” he stopped and got lost in his thoughts. “Shivay…” Anika called him bringing him back to the reality. He looked at her and continued “nothing… but just remember one thing always… you will just be the mother of my child and not my wife… you will stay here as the mother of my child and not my wife” he completed showing his usual rude behavior and got up. “Shivay… this child now belongs to me too… I was the surrogate mother but now I am the mother… don’t worry I will take care of our child” she replied with a smile. Shivay walked out of the room.

“Anika” Prinku called from the door step, Anika looked up, Prinku continued “can I come in?” she asked. “Yeah sure… why are you asking for permission?” Anika asked getting up from bed. “Anika…” she took a pause “bhabhi..” she said while Anika at once looked at her. A smile appeared on her lips while Prinku too reciprocated her smile. She came and sat beside Anika making her sit down first. “Bhaiyaa was never like this… his changing behavior is something to look upon… I know what place he had in his heart for Tia Bhabhi… she was his world after she came in to his life. Don’t know bhabhi… when will we get our bhaiyaa back. He is very alone and lonely in his world now. He has build a wall around himself which no one can break or pass through but I believe you will bring back my old bhaiyaa. Please bhabhi promise me” Prinku completed and tightened her grip over Anika’s hand. “Don’t worry Prinku… I know I can never take Tia’s place in his life but I will try my best to be a nice and understanding wife to him.” Prinku hugged Anika as soon she completed.

While on the other side Om, Rudra and Daadi had listened to Shivay and Anika’s conversation. They took Shivay to Om’s room as soon he came out from Anika’s room. Daadi made him to sit on the bed and started brushing her hand through his hair and said “what had happened Puttar? I know you are equally sad to see her sad and low but then also you are doing this… why are you hurting her Billu?” she asked in a very soft tone while Shivay hugged her tight. OmRu eyed at each other and went close to him. They kept their hand on each side of his shoulder while he looked back at his both supports. “Kya baat hai Shivay?” (What is the matter Shivay?) Om asked sitting beside him. “Nothing” he just nodded a no while Daadi got up. “Om…Ru now it is your duty to make him understand” Daadi walked out of the room while all of them looked on.

“Bhaiyaa please share with us… we can’t see this Sad Singh Oberoi side of yours please” Rudra pleaded sitting on the other side. “Do you believe me?” Shivay asked looking both of them one by one. “More than ourselves Shivay” OmRu answered in unison. “Believe me Om.. Rudra.. whatever I am doing is not wrong… yeah I agree maybe the way is wrong but not the intention behind it” He said gripping their hands tight. “We believe you Shivay… we know you can never do anything without a reason but please do share the reason when you feel like to. Shivay nodded a yes and hugged both of them. “How will I share Om what is the reason… as the matter got worsen now” Shivay thought.

The night arrived and everyone dispersed to their own respective rooms. Anika always had a fear of sleeping alone but she felt awkward to share this with anyone so she silently went to her room. She left the door open and allowed the air to get in through the window rather than turning on the A.C. She sat upon the bed and looked here and there. “Last night also I didn’t sleep because of this fear… but Anika… you can’t do this every night… you have to get a good sleep at least for the sake of your baby” she thought smiled and repeated “my baby… yeah my baby” but then again her fear took over her smile “but from childhood I am afraid to sleep alone… how will I get sleep now” she thought and hugged her pillow tightly.

Shivay sat on the same place near the tree at the pool side. “How can I bind her to me… she can’t afford to loose her dreams for me. You wanted your child to grow with his or her mother but Tia she has her life too… I am no one to bind her. I know you would have understood if you would have been there with me now. I am sorry.” He thought as he closed his eyes. “Is she fine… did she sleep” came the random thoughtin his mind as he opened his eyes. “I think I should go and check once” he murmured.

PRECAP- A NIGHT SPENT TOGETHER….. stay tuned friends to know what will Shivay do when he falls in love with her… will he allow her to go away? Well you have to read the next parts to know that answer of this question.

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