Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


The rasams were performed as instructed by Daadi. Everyone dispersed to their rooms not before wishing the couple a good luck. Media persons were treated well too and they too went away. The lights and decoration of the hall still looked fresh and just like a bride. The sweet smell of the flowers still scented the hall mesmerizingly. Shivay who was still thinking about the shock looked up to look Anika standing and staring him with a victorious smile on her face. “No need to be much happy… you will now experience the other side of Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi” he said but in a very calm tone. “Shivay… I don’t know why you think me as the gold digger who is behind your property but I will say one thing today… if you can go to any extent for your family I too can do that… I know I am just a surrogate mother of your child but now at this point I am saying if you just believe me I will try to become the best mother of your child” Anika completed. Shivay looked on when she called a servant to show her room. “You go I will show her” Shivay said. His calm and polite behavior shocked her to the core. She thought after everyone disperses he will shout on her but his calmer side shocked and amused her more with every passing second.

They reached in front of Anika’s room and Anika went in. She turned to go when Anika called him back “Shivay… if you want you can sit over here for sometime… if you go back to your room you might feel lonely and alone.” Shivay was amazed to know how right Anika knows about him. “No you must rest… I should go” he said and stepped out. He directly went to the pool side and sat down near the tree looking at the moon. “Tia… I know you are listening to me… yes I feel she is behind our property still but the time I realized your words about Anika something changed in me… maybe because of her condition or maybe it is because she is to give birth to our child” he took a pause and glanced his room which is seeming empty and continued “you belonged there… always… I have given myself to you… the relation which we shared were something the best I had in my life. I am missing you… I can never give the place to her where you always ruled.” He closed his eyes as a tear drop oozed out from his eyes.

Somewhere in his heart he knew Anika is not at fault and she can never be at fault but his anger took over him when she became his wife. He can never accept anyone else as his wife rather than Tia. The next morning peeped through the curtains as he woke up and rubbed his eyes. “Shivay… let’s go to office” he said and went to washroom. He got ready and remembered how Tia used to keep his stuffs and how they used to share moments before he used to go to office. A smile covered his lips. “Good morning…” Anika greeted and extended his food from behind. Soon the smile on his lips got vanished as he spoke aloud “how dare you get into my room… without my permission.” She was shocked and the plate fell down from her hand. “Listen… you are not my wife… just get it and yeah don’t you dare eye the property… you are just no one to this family.” “Last…last night… you… you were…” she stammered and before she could completed he cut her “that’s only because you seemed tired and for the sake of my child I decided not to shout on you more… and just don’t think I have agreed you never eyed my property.” He completed and stormed out of the room.

Anika silently went to her room and closed the door. She remembered how Shivay has fed her pav bhaji the previous time when she has closed the door getting hurt from his behavior. Tears oozed out as she reminisced the incidents that took place in past few months that has changed her life completely. She silently wept and fell asleep. Daadi came and knocked the door but no response came from inside so she called OmRu. They came and pushed the door and to their surprise it wasn’t locked. They noticed Anika sleeping peacefully. Daadi took her balay and went out as Rudra murmured a bye in her ears. She smiled through her sleep and replied back a bye. It was lunch time and still then Anika did not come out from the room. Daadi remembered she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. She went to Anika’s room with food plate. Anika promised to eat and thus Daadi came out keeping down the plate. Shivay too joined them at the lunch table. Daadi explained Anika hasn’t eaten anything since morning as Shivay was to eat a morsel. Soon Shivay kept it down and got up. “Daadi give me her food I will make her eat” Shivay said. “Puttar I went and gave it to her… she asked me to join you all at the dining table so I came but she has promised me she will eat” Daadi completed.

Shivay turned taking up his plate. “Where are you goings Shivay?” Pinky asked. “I will have the food with Anika… you all continue” Shivay answered and went to Anika’s room. Daadi and OmRu smiled within themselves. Shivay went into Anika’s room and saw the plate kept and she hasn’t eaten anything. He went close to her and sat beside her. “Have something” he said extending the plate. She just nodded a no and looked away showing her attitude. “I said have something” he said making his voice thick and rude. “I said I won’t have… and please you go away from here” Anika answered back in the same tone. “At least for the baby have something” Shivay said back but in a very low tone. This again amazed her. She silently took the plate from his hand and finished the food.

PRECAP- SHIVAY TO SHARE SOMETHING WITH ANIKA….. Just a sentence… stay tuned friends.

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