Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Anika ”What should i do to stop the disaster in my life? i need to act quick..come on come on Anika think think” she spoke to herself Shivaay saw Anika being in thoughts and came to her ”I guess your game has ended before even starting…don’t worry…you have challenged Shivaay Singh Oberoi without knowing the fact that…SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI never loses challenge…be it business or be it personal life” saying this he smilrked Anika looked at him in anger and tried to say something, when she saw Sumo and Rudra and remembered something …she smiled and looked at Shivaay… Shivaay ”i think you have gone mad, so you are smiling…don’t worry it happens…and one more thing get used to it” Anika ”Sure… more thing…wish you the same” she spoke calm… Shivaay left from there…..Anika called Sumo and whispered something with her…Sumo nodded happily and left from there…. Dadi called Anika and Shivaay for post marriage rasams….Anika’s grihapravesh rasam followed by the ring finding ritual was done….Everyone had their dinner too and sat for a while… Anika went to Shivaay and spoke something, later she with the permission of Dadi, walked towards to Shivaay’s room, looking at Sumo and smiling and left from there to change her clothes as the lehenga was seeming too heavy for her…everything was completed as per Shivaay… he came forward holding Anika’s hand and turned towards Anika’s parents…. Shivaay ”Uncle ji , Aunty…Anika’s wish is to stay with you all..and i cannot deny her…please do take good care of her….Khanna will drop you all to home…in case there is any emergency in regards to her health..i am just a call away..” he spoke folding his hands saying Namasthe….. Anika looked at him…and walked towards her parents….Shivaay too stared at her expressionless…Anika turned towards Shivaay and walked towards him and spoke

”Shivaay wouldn’t you drop me till the car..i know you don’t deny any of my please fulfill this too” Shivaay was confused and stared at her … OmRu and Dadi ”Billu/shivaay/bhayya ….now you have to do this…this is Anika puttar’s/Anika bhabhi’s wish…and it cannot be denied” Shivaay shrugged his shoulders and said ”Ok fine”…he held Anika’s hand and walked towards the main door…… As soon as the door got opened …flashes of camera were being flashed continuously and before Shivaay could realise anything …Anika came near him and said ”I said , i will give you taste of your own medicine…so now go ahead and answer the media …if you are not accepting me as your wife , then i am sure your family would definitely accept me as their bahu and confirm the media that i am the wife of Shivaay Singh Oberoi..and i am sure you will be left with no option, as you have left me no option yesterday when you came to our house…all the best Shivaay” Anika whispered with a subtle smile Shivaay looked at her with a feeling of shock, surprise and anger… Media ”Mr.Shivaay…did you really get married with this lady?” Media ”who is she? where does she hail from? how do you know her?” Media ”mr.Shivaay…what was the need to marry her so quickly when your ex-wife left this world just few days back? was Mrs.Tia’s death natural or was it planned?” Shivaay ”ok enough …enough now” he screamed to the top of his voice , which made the media silent Shivaay ”why are you here? who called you?” Media ”Strange Mr.Shivaay…you have uploaded the pics in your social networking site and are asking us who called us…now, please answer our questions Mr.Shivaay” Shivaay ”what the wuck…what do you mean by i uploaded the pics?” Then he understood what was all this…..he looked at Anika in anger,unable to say anything to media nor her …he was in a crux….. Anika read his thoughts and smiled thinking of what happened sometime before

———-SOMETIME BEFORE After Shivaay taunted Anika…she saw Sumo and Rudra who were taking selfies.. Sumo ”i wish there were network signals’ Rudra ”no no…Shivaay bhayya has fixed jammers in house” Anika TAM ”how did i forget that he doesn’t want media to know about this marriage….media will know and i will give them this news…Sorry Shivaay , i have no option left” she came out of thoughts Sumo ”yeah that’s why..i am just taking pictures and doing nothing else” Anika listened to all this and called Sumo to her… Anika ”Sumo…can you do me a favour?” Sumo ”haan didi” Anika ”while me and Shivaay are doing the post wedding rituals , will you take pictures of us without anyone’s notice and send it to Shivaay’s mobile..” Sumo ”i would but why to Jiju’s mobile …i will send it to you naa?” Anika ”no …my mobile is not working…i will just switch on the bluetooth and inform you,by smiling looking at you…then go ahead and send the pics to his mobile” Sumo ” i got why you are doing so…you want to surprise jiju na?” Anika ”yeah …yeah…you got it right…my intelligent Sumo…now do what i said when i say and remember this must be between you and me …dont say anything to anyone about this” Sumo nodded happily and left from there…Dadi called Anika and Shivaay for post marriage rasams….Anika’s grihapravesh rasam followed by the ring finding ritual was done….Everyone had their dinner too and sat for a while… Anika went to Shivaay and spoke ”Shivaay can i borrow your mobile for a while?” ”why? why do you need mine? i mean where is yours?” He questioned back ”Actually i don’t have signals in my mobile…i mean no signals in OM” Anika answered

”Ohh ya…i started the jammers soon after panditji went offline…so you wouldn’t get signals…by the way everything is done…why do you need mobile now?” Shivaay asked ”Shivaay…doctor has changed the medicine dosage and i forgot to get the new dosage slip…it’s time i take medicines …so i thought of directly calling her once and asking about them…since i know you have doctor’s number in your mobile i asked you, your mobile” Anika replied ”Fine…take it” Shivaay handed his mobile to her and continued ”You will get signals only in my room…so got to my room and talk to the doctor…i can’t take risk with my baby ” He spoke Anika took the mobile and said ”thank you”, later she with the permission of Dadi, walked towards Shivaay’s room, looking at Sumo and smiling and left from there to change her clothes as the lehenga was seeming too heavy for her… —————SHIVAAY’S ROOM Understanding Anika’s smile , Sumo switched on her bluetooth and transferred the pics to Shivaay’s mobile…. Anika without wasting her time posted it on the Social networking site FROM SHIVAAY’S ACCOUNT, which was always open in his smart phone….. After she changed clothes, she saw already people and media going crazy over this news….she quickly deleted the post and the pics that Sumo sent….spoke to the doctor, came to the living room and returned mobile to Shivaay……. Anika knew that anything about Shivaay will be a news , so she played her game with this simple point……

———————PRESENT SCENARIO Media ”Mr.Shivaay…we are waiting to listen from you” Shivaay ”no comments and let me tell you…whatever i do in my personal life it’s my wish …i need not publicize anything…now you may all leave” Media turned towards Anika and took her pictures…Anika smiled all the way giving poses to irritate Shivaay…. Media ”Mam….can you tell us what exactly happened and how you got married to Mr.Shivaay” Anika was about to speak when Shivaay held her hand tight and made her walk into OM…. Anika put her footsteps on the same red marks of her foot that she had imprinted sometime before while doing the grihapravesh ritual, this time with a twinkle in her eyes looking at Shivaay Shivaay screamed at Khanna to send the media not before closing the OM main door Anika ”Shivaay…i really want to go home and stay with my parents…but you brought me back” she taunted Om ”Shivaay…how did media know…you said you don’t want anyone except both these families to know ” Dadi ”chaddh Puttar…it is good everyone knows now…one day or other this news has to come out…now what have you decided Billu about Anika” Shivaay ”ANIKA WILL STAY HERE…IN OBEROI MANSION….i can’t let her to her home as media will create ruckus…so she will have to stay back” Anika’s face glew in pride while Shivaay’s expressions were rottened……Shivaay experienced the first jolt and that too a 440V one……….


now the story will take a turn. Stay tuned friends.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    i so love this annika who give it back…..BTW mujhe separation time pe billu ko tappad lagane ka mann nahi kiya..kyunki uss waqt woh bhi suffer kar raha hai..will be excitedly waiting for the next.. till then take care..pyaar tum..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Hehehehe…. awww, tu kitni bari premika hai SSO ki 😛 hehehuhuhahaha… meri Anika didi ne zyada suffer kiya tha.
      Tum bhi dhyaan rakhna, pyaar tum

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niki dear

  3. Niriha


    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niriha

  4. My personal fav. epi is here…..
    SSO losses….
    Anika di’s quick and khidkithod plan.
    Shivay bhaiya ki ti ti fiss…lol.
    The first jhatka was 440 volt ka.
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Hahahaha… you would be having more favs by now as you have read the next parts as well, I will be waiting to know the next favs as well 😉
      Love you too
      880, 1760 and more than that Volts ke jhatke lagne baaki hai 😛

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