Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Anika was standing like a stone. Shivay was eyeing her with full rage and anger. “Shivay” Anika went ahead and tried to speak something. “I don’t want to listen anything” Shivay answered looking away. His tone was enough calm he could manage to keep. “Shivay… the baby…” she tried to say again. “I said I just don’t want to listen Miss Anika” he shouted at the top of his voice. She stepped back but again gathered courage to speak “Shivay…” he soon grabbed her hand and walked off towards his room. “Shivayy…” OmRu spoke together and went ahead to stop him. He showed his palm indicating not to come in between. “Puttar… leave her hand” Daadi requested but Shivay walked as if the request did not get registered in his ears. “Shivay its hurting” Anika said trying to free her hand from his grip but his grip went tighter. He went inside his room asked everyone to stay out as he wants to discuss something with Anika alone. This shocked Oberoi Family members more. “Shivay listen to me once…” Anika pleaded. Shivay banged the door showing his anger. He locked the door and walked towards Anika with big steps. She was standing near the bed. She tried to go back, as a result she fell on the bed.

He holds her high through her neck, his eyes red in anger. “Shivay…” Anika tried to protest. “Just shut up you gold digger” Shivay shouted leaving Anika stunned. He continued “I know you came here just for money… just…for…money… and yeah how can I forget you always wanted to take Tia’s place in my life”his anger melted taking Tia’s name, water formed in his eyes. He left her and she fall down on bed again. “Ahhh…” she arched in pain. Shivay looked towards her and then looked away. She got up and was about to leave. “I did not allow you to go” came the voice of Shivay, she turned back. “Miss Anika… what do you call yourself… self independent yeah… self independent… I knew from the very first day that you are behind Oberoi’s property…” “Just shut up Mr. Oberoi… I did this… I took the risk of my life for my father not because I eyed on your so called property” Anika retorted. “Ohhh yeah of course your father… that… that woman…” Shivay’s voice was shaky as he pointed towards Tia’s picture, tears went down his eyes and he continued “that woman pleaded to me to help you… I did… did that but… but I lost my Tia… my Tia left me… she asked me to make you the surrogate mother…with…without thinking of your class… age… and your family background… and I …I agreed because my Tia pleaded…” tears went down his cheeks. His voice shook… his hands shivered.

Anika went close and put her hand on Shivay’s shoulder. He jerked off her hand and continued “you… you always wanted Oberoi’s property right?? Okay fine… you will be a part of Oberoi’s property… but… but you will never enjoy that… now just wait and watch what I do to you and your life.” “What will you do Mr. Oberoi?” Anika asked fearing he will ask her to abort the child; she wrapped her belly through both her hands. “No… no do not think I will ask you to abort the child… this child was Tia’s world… she always had a dream of being mother but… I could not fulfill it and now you will see what Shivay Singh Oberoi can do.” Shivay’s voice sounded soft initially that changed to rough tone with every passing word. “What you will do Shivay?” Anika asked. “Just wait and watch… Miss Anika… I won’t say I will just do… let the time come you will also come to know” Shivay said and walked off from the room. Anika looked at him going down. She followed him downstairs.

“Puttar…kya hua?” Daadi asked looking Shivay coming down. Anika too came down behind him. “Maa let’s go” Anika said. Her mother got up. She did not ask her what happened and they walked out of Oberoi Mansion. Shivay after confirming they are gone spoke “I will marry Anika…” everyone was stunned to listen to this. “Ye kya bol raha hai tu Shivay… wo do kauri ki ladki” Pinky retorted. “Mom… this is my decision and I am not asking anybody’s opinion here… I will marry Anika…” Shivay completed and walked off without listening and answering to anyone’s questions.


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  1. Wow……..nice episode…….dont know what shivaay is upto……when he said tia…..tears rolled down his eyes???????…..cant imagine the pain????…….waiting for next update…..plz update asap……???????????????

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much dear. After all he loved her. Next parts are posted.

  2. Niriha

    Superb update

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niriha

  3. Nice update but plz try to update daily.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Raji, will surely try to upload regularly.

  4. ItsmePrabha

    at these episodes i so wish to slap Bhagad billu for his tadi filled behaviour and say tadibaaz bhagad billa kahinka..par alas kuch nahi kar paati thi..awesome epi..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..Love you na na Pyaar tum..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Hehehehe…. kyun separation waale me slap karne ka dil nai kiya??? 😛
      Thank You baby.
      Next ones are posted.
      Pyaar tum, ikraar tum too

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niki dear

  5. So finally,
    This tadibaaz bhagad billa has gone mad just want to slap him once.
    How can he even think that di is a gold digger.
    Dumb fellow.
    Precap- I know everything after this.
    Ok want to tell u that as u were not posting I read the story on wattpad till 42.
    And seriously felt like killing this bhagad billa.
    And ya we stay tun…BUT….u were the one who disappeared.
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Awwwwww okay don’t slap, he is just showing out his pain like that
      Haan wo to hai, biggest dumb fellow… hehehe…
      Arre waahhhh you also went to wattpad to read, that’s why TU reads are getting less day by day, hehehehe…
      No no I am there only, posting the further ones and here as well posting the further one. Sorry for dissapearing suddenly.
      Love to you too

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