Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)




Shivaay was continously calling Tia’s name and was looking here and there asking someone to call Ambulance. Tia touched Shivaay’s cheeks with her blood filled hands and tried to stay alive for few more minutes to say few words , her last few words…. Tia ” Shivaay baby” she gasped for breathe. “Nothing will happen to you Tia…we will soon reach hospital ” Shivaay replied. “Shivaay baby listen…i may or may not survive…but if i leave you forever..remember you promised me to not bring up our child all alone” Tia spoke picking up her breathe. ” Tia shut up…for God sake don’t say all these now…i will not let anything happen to you” Shivaay’s voice choked. Tia smiled and said “Shivaay baby …promise me you will marry Anika and you both will bring up our kid together…” Shivaay looked at her in shock…and said ” A…N…I…K…A”. “Yes Anika…you only said A kid needs his / her own mother the most…and Anika is the actual mother …everyone in our family loves her and binds with her as they do with me…she is perfect Shivaay for our family and for you too…so promise me.” “Tia this is not the time to talk all this” Shivaay tried to skip. “Wouldn’t you fulfill my last wish Shivaay” Tia spoke writhing in pain. “Don’t say so Tia…i can’t listen all these ” Shivaay cried holding her hands. “Please Shivaay promise me” Tia requested and forwarded her blood stained hands. Shivaay put his hand on Tia’s as a mark of promise … “I love you Shivaay …but may be universe felt something lacking so it is called me to dissolve within herself…” Tia uttered her last words closing her eyes with a smile on her face

Anika came and held Tia’s other hand …Tia joined Anika’s and Shivaay’s hand touching the baby bump and left her final breathe. Tia’s hand fell from Anika’s belly. Anika soon grabbed Tia’s hand and put on her belly and said “I promise you Tia whatever happens I will save your child from every storm, your child will be the first priority in my life ever. From today I accept your child as my child.” Anika broke down crying. He held Tia’s head close to his heart. “Tiiaaaaa…..” he cried out looking at the sky. Anika is shocked at what happened few moments ago. She started looking here and there. She noticed her phone lying at some distance. She extended her hand, took the phone…”hello Om…” she could not say more and again broke down crying over the phone. “Hello… hello Anika… Anika what happened?” Om sounded panicked from the other side. “Om… Tia left us” Anika could manage to say this when media, press and police soon covered the place. “Anika… Anika where are you?” Om asked but no reply came from other side. He soon grabbed his car keys. Rudra too went into the car.

“Hatooo… hatoo” Anika pushed some cameras trying to stop the press and media from taking pictures. In this process she stumbled and fell down near Shivay. “Tia… get up Tia… I know you are just joking right?? Get up Tia… have you forgotten… you have promised me you won’t leave me… I have promised you to fulfill your dream of being a mother… please get up Tia, our baby will call you mom right?? Don’t snatch away mother of my child Tia… get up” Shivay was continuously repeating this. Anika put her hand over his shoulder “Shivaayyyy…” she slowly called, her voice choked… she stammered. She went close to him “relax Shivay… you have to stay calm now… relax” Anika said brushing her hand over Shivay’s hair. “Shut up… just shut up… what do you think of your self huhh?? This happened because of you… only you… go away.. just go away from her” Shivay jerked off Anika’s hand. She fell but kept her hands on roads resisting her belly from touching the ground. “Ahhh!!” she arched in pain as her hand got scratched by this sudden push of Shivay. She got up. Blood oozed out from her cut. Media and press came close to her and started questioning her. The lights, flashes, questions made her vulnerable and everything blackened infront of her eyes.

PRECAP- WILL ANIKA GET TO KNOW ABOUT SHIVAY’S PROMISE TO TIA??….. What will happen next friends?? Please stay tuned. Much exciting parts are on its way.

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