Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


The days passed by and the week ended…it was time for Anika to get back to her home….everyone was sad …as they had their best of time with Anika….somewhere around Shivay too wanted Anika to stay back though he was true to Tia and his relationship with Tia…..the way Anika mingled with his family and bought smiles in their life couldn’t be forgotten by him….

Everyone gathered in hall with sunk faces and Soumya stepped in at the same time…”Diii”” she screamed and ran towards Anika. “Careful” Pinky said. Anika hugged Sumo and kissed her dear sister….she spoke to everyone. Rudy found her to be the shadow of Anika thus fought within himself to take off his eyes from Her… the more he was trying to take his eyes off… he was getting attracted to her smile more. After some chat Soumya got up “Dii…maa baba are waiting for you…shall we leave now?” Saumya said to which Anika nodded. “Bhabhi..i will come with you to drop you” Rudy spoke smiling looking at Soumya. Soumya too smiled back. “OMM …bhabhi nahi …Anika bolo…” (OMM… not bhabhi say Anika) pinky retorted. “Ohh sorry Anika di…let me drop you both till your home” Rudy corrected himself and picked her luggage….

Rudy and Sumo walked ahead while Anika followed turning back in regular intervals , she reached the stair case and turned back to look at all of them and was about to trip when Shivay held her ….
“Careful…we need you and our baby too” he spoke and made her stand properly
Anika couldn’t come out of his words but decided to not question him….She sat in car and looked at Shivay till he disappeared from her sight.

OmRu, Daadi and everyone else were missing Anika. Rudra decided to call her and he did so. Soumya took up the phone. “Hello” Soumya spoke. “Sumo Anika didi ko phone do”(Sumo passed the call to Anika didi) Rudra spoke. Soumya was stunned as Rudra remembered her voice so well. She smiled within herself and passed the phone to Anika. Anika talked to them and had an ear to ear smile. This was daily routine of Oberoi Family members to talk to Anika at least once a day when everyone is together. Anika used to speak about OF members…OmRu, she used to ask everything and even scold Rudra for his mischief. Daadi used to speak to Anika about her health, her family and her brother. OmRu asked Shivay many times to join them but he always showed he is not interested so they to left after few attempts. But somewhere he too wanted to hear her voice so he silently listened to their talks and smile within himself remembering Anika’s antics. Everyday Anika used to put down the phone and think over the words Shivay spoke to her. She wanted to ask the meanings of those words to him but decided to keep silent.

Days were passing by and OF made a special bond with Anika….there were calls, talks and meetings in Anika’s home often….on the other hand Tia and Shivay were also happy in their space ….Tia trusted Shivay much but being a woman she used to watch changes in Shivay when Anika’s topic came …however she never doubted ….one day while Shivay and Tia were spending time together Tia spoke “Shivay baby…everyone in Our family is missing Anika”. “Yeah..i too observed” Shivay answered. “Yeah that’s what even i observed” Tia said looking at him. “By the way why are we talking about her…tell me Tia is everything going fine with you?” Shivay spoke. Tia put her hand over his and chuckled “Of course Shivay…what will happen to me..i am absolutely fine…not in your dreams i will leave short i will not die so soon.” Shivay’s voice became rough “shut up Tia…what nonsense is you speaking…death and all…you know I don’t like to listen all this.” Tia smiled at this and continued “baby …calm down…since this topic has come ..i want to say something.” Shivay denied “but I don’t want to speak on this topic Tia.” “Please baby…for once…i wanted to speak on this since a long time” Tia made puppy face. Shivay gave up turning his face…Tia turned his face towards him , held his hands and spoke “Shivay baby…we don’t know what will happen in future…but if at all i leave you forever for some reason” Shivay looked at her angrily and shouted “stop it Tia”. “Shivay let me complete” Tia replied calm while Shivay looked on”If at all i leave you forever because of any unexpected incident…then promise me you will not bring up our kid all alone …promise me Shivaay” ” i thought of spending some quality time with you Tia but don’t know what happened to you that you are speaking this nonsense…nothing will happen to you…i will not let anything happen…so please stop this topic here” Shivay answered caressing Tia’s hand. ” i will stop it Shivay baby…but first promise me ” Tia spoke extending her pinky finger Shivay observed and remembered Anika …he looked at Tia frowning his eyebrows…” ohh this little finger Anika taught me …you know what she says while extending this finger” “Pinky promise ” Shivay replied intertwining his little finger with Tia’s. Tia smiled and said “a child is helpless without mother Shivaay…so i asked you for this promise…thank you.” ” i know but child needs his or her own mother…remember it Tia…no one can take own mothers place” he smiled and side hugged her.

Time took its time to move forward and Anika was 5 months pregnant now…small bulge on tummy was being shown up while she was glowing in her pregnancy. Shivay, Tia and Anika were returning from hospital. They went for a routine checkup of Anika. Tia’s face too had a glow. Her wait was getting lessened by each passing day. Shivay had grown a good bond with Anika.

“Shivay please stop the car” Anika said firmly looking outside the window. Shivay stopped the car and asked her where is she going. “To get the medicines” Anika answered. She crossed the road and got inside the medicine shop. Around fifteen minutes passed and Anika haven’t returned still. “Shivay baby please check why is she taking so much time” Tia said. “Okay Tia sit inside the car for two minutes” he said and went out from the car. Anika got out of the medicine shop and was walking towards the car, Shivay was walking towards Anika. Anika was busy checking the medicines. She lifted her chin up and her eyes widened in shock. Shivay saw her expressions changing and so he followed her sight. “Tiaaaaa…..” he cried out with full voice. But it was already late. Shivay’s car was all damaged. Shivay ran towards his car and opened the door of the car to take out Tia. Anika threw the medicines and ran towards them.

PRECAP- A PROMISE THAT WILL CHANGE SHIVIKA’S LIFE FOREVER…….stay tuned friends. I hope we didn’t disappoint you all. Thank You so much to everyone for their constant support. Will try to sketch the upcoming story more beautifully.

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  1. Nithu

    Frankly i dint like first few episodes…!! But now im loving it…!!! Ik i am mad to not like starting episodes….!!! Do post next one asap

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      It’s okay Nithu, everyone has their own choice and now see you are loving it, so just enjoy the upcoming chapters 🙂

  2. Shivika_Avneil_Kaira_

    Hey Harika would you permit me for reviewing the FF the flash back story…pls….

    1. VHM

      Please go ahead Shivika_Avneil_Kaira_ …you can go ahead and submit The Flashback Story for reviewing. Thank you so much for considering. Lots of love and best wishes.

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice…

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  4. It’s got very meaningful by means of long update n made beautiful n wonderful n graceful by means of precap.i got the cherishful feeling it’s just same as it is to the flashback story. Actually I thought Anika will met with an accident for her antics n she will suffer severely n something happens to baby but I surprised by the turn of events that changed Anikas life.yes definitely shivaay will think that he is utmost caring of Anika n left of Tia so she met accident.pinky is the main to think she is not the good sign for oberios.eventhough excited n awaiting to know what will happen to Tia n by this how come the given promise changes the life of shivika.n lastly humble request plz try to give this lengthy episodes bas.really the story is amazing from the last both authors rock in this FF.keep great going like this.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Raji, awww thank you, I will let Harika di know about it 🙂 If Anika meets with an accident then she and the baby would be dead na so it’s not at all possible. Not exactly but as he loved Tia so feeling bad and guilty is justified. Pinky will surely not accept Anika and thus the story will flow smoothly. Thanks a lot Raji for the love and support and the chapters will get increased in length gradually.

  5. Niriha update

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niriha

  6. Ohh so sad Anika di went.
    Loved Anika di’s bonding with OF.
    Shivay bhaiya has feeling which even he doesn’t know.
    Can’t believe Tia died so soon.
    Sometime people get know about their died.
    Don’t know what will happen next.
    Take care
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Awwww, chalo she will come again.
      Yeah and he should not know as well 😉
      Yes she died, and opened the door for Shivika story thereafter.
      Take care and keep smiling
      Love you too Ritu

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