Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


It was too late by Tia to control Shivaay as the ever strong Anika was hurt and tears made their way from Anika’s eyes…she balanced herself and left towards her room, closing the room doors behind she cried her heart out……Om and Rudra run behind her to stop but she closed the door. Daadi came forward and started banging on the door “Anika puttar… beta open the door… puttar..” she was calling her but no response came from the other side. OmRu too called her many times. Initially Shivay was getting much angry looking to this but soon a realisation struck him..” what if she does something with my baby..” he thought and soon ran towards the door and started banging.

Shivay was standing at distance and watching all these. Pinky was calling this as just attention seeking drama. Tej and Shakthi too started calling Anika. Om looked at Shivay who was looking at the door with a numb expression. Tia sat down crying. Jhanvi and Prinku were controlling and calming her down. “Shivay… I know you do not like her that doesn’t mean you will say anything to her anytime” Om shouted looking at Shivay. “Yes bhaiyaa… I only dragged her, she was standing and was enjoying… at least for a single minute show her you do care for her… at least for the sake of your child” Rudra too supported Om. Shivay tried to say something but got cut by Tia “no need to explain now Shivay… you have done enough for us so please keep your mouth shut now.” Tia shouted at him and went near the door. “Anika.. Anika please open the door… I apologise… please open the door” Tia pleaded.

Shivay tried to stop Tia, but she didn’t…giving up she ran to her room….Daadi, pinky and Jhanvi ordered Shivay to do something and bring Anika out as it may affect her and the baby too….they left from there knowing that Shivay will definitely do anything but not give up. Shivay thought for some time and looked at OmRu who were by then extremely tensed. “Om do you have the number of her mother?” Shivay asked looking at Om. “Yeah I have Soumya, I mean Anika’s sister’s number” Om replied. Rudra was still banging the door. “Okay call her and ask her if something like this happened before” Shivay said. Om soon nodded his head and dialed Soumya’s number and was about to talk when Dadi called him…He handed over his phone to Rudra. Rudra looked at him questioningly but he just gestured to speak
up and left towards Dadi….

“Hello” Soumya answered from the other side. “Is it Soumya? Anika didi’s sister?” Rudra asked with a trembling voice. “Yeah i am Soumya…bade baal wale bhaiyaa? Is everything fine? Is Anika didi fin? Why did you call at this time and why is your voice trembling? What happened to Anika didi?” Soumya laid a series of questions because of anxiety.”Relax… relax… nothing happened to her…and I am not O…I mean Omkara Singh Oberoi, but his younger brother Rudra” Rudra answered but from other side and explained the entire matter. Soumya relaxed a bit and then continued “so you called me to ask what we do when Anika didi is angry …am I right?” Rudra was stunned and said “exactly I have called to know this.” “Anika didi has few weaknesses …and we just say and get them to lower her anger” Soumya replied. “Hey…we are dying out of tension here…please explain it in detail.” Rudra said. Soumya explained something to Rudra and Rudra’s face glew with happiness. “Thank you SUMO” he quickly said “Sumo? Who is that?” she pounced. “Ohh calling Soumya is too long…so I have cut short your name to Sumo…intelligent of me right…okay now I am gonna tell this to Shivay bhaiyaa…talk to you soon..Rudy aka Rudra signing off” he concluded and without allowing Sumo to say he disconnected the call.

He said to Shivay everything Soumya explained to him. Shivay soon went and grabbed his car keys and went out. Shivay returned after an hour. He had something in his hand. Shivay saw OmRu waiting for him in front of the door. He went near to them. “1…2…3…” the three brothers counted together and hit the door. They tried this for three more times and the door flung open. They noticed Anika sitting down over the bed resting her head over her knees. Three of them went in. Om muttered in Shivay’s ear to go ahead and apologize. Shivay said no but OmRu were adamant. So without any choice he went ahead and placed his hands over Anika’s shoulder. She looked up, her eyes red and puffy, tear stains are visible. He silently sat down beside her and extended the plate to her. Anika looked away. “Please eat something” Shivay said. But Anika being hurt didn’t look at the food at all. “It’s your favourite choupati waali pavbhaji… okay agar tum nahi kha rhi to mai kha lunga… and mai kitne dur se laya hun isko bas tumhare liye…. Kha lo” (okay if you don’t wanna have I will have it… and I brought it from so far only for you.. so have it) Shivay said in a very cool tone. She was shocked to listen to this from Shivay. She looked towards him. A morsel was waiting for her in Shivay’s hand. Shivay extended his hand; Anika too came close and took the morsel in her mouth. He again extended his hand towards her with a bite …she denied saying “I will eat it myself” ….Shivay Singh Oberoi doesn’t like to listen “NO” ” he showed attitude…. “Anika does what she likes to do….she doesn’t bend in front of anyone” saying that she pulled the plate towards her and finished the food. She kept down the plate. Shivay choose not to say anything at that point of time…Anika started having hiccups by then…he immediately bought a glass of water and bought it near her mouth. She took two sip of water and murmured a thank you.

He slowly patted her back and asked her to take rest….she nodded and laid on the bed to sleep…he sat beside her doing some work while waiting for her to sleep…..Anika was in shock to see Shivay
behaving so sweetly towards her, a smile adorned her lips and sleep overpowered her. She slept and Shivay pulled the duvet over, looked at her with smile, brushed her hair and left the room.

Tia, Om and Rudra who observed the whole scene were stunned to see this side of Shivay and had a hearty smile adorned over the lips.


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  1. I knew Shivay bhaiya is mad.
    Thank god Tia made him understand.
    Feeling bad for Anika di.
    Nothing much can be expected from Pinky
    Shivay bhaiya should be scolded more it is too less.
    Rumya talked for 1st time.
    I thought door will get open…but it opened after 3 hitting times….lol.
    Oh so di’s weakness is chaoupati:s pavbhaji.
    Cholo liked that bhaiya behaved nicely with di.
    She was shocked.
    Btw updates r getting longer.
    Percap- Mujh masum se bachhe ke pass ab sochne ke liye dimag bacha hi nai hai.
    Exm time sara khatam hogya.
    Lots of love

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Yes he is completely mad.
      Awwwww don’t feel so, as really worst feeling chappies are yet to come.
      Yeah at this moment its true.
      Yup yup yup
      Hhehehehe… she locked it tightly na, yes her one and only weakness
      Yup, it will get longer and then shorter and then again longer
      Hehehehe… okay okay mat socho, lekin bara maza aane wala hai 🙂
      Love you too

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Niki darling

  3. Mahila

    Fantastic episode……very very interesting episode loved it…..???????when rudra called soumya as sumo….loved it…??????wowwwwwwwwww shivika pav bhaji scene……loved it to the core????????????waiting for next episode…really cant wait

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much dear. Awwwwww thank you. Next one is posted

  4. It’s brilliant n cute one.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Raji

  5. ItsmePrabha

    gussa se shuru hui aur aww se khatam hui wali episode hai yeh..will be waiting for the next..Till then take care..Pyaar tum..

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Hahahahaha… haan aur ab to gussa gussa updates fulltoo milega 😛 Next one posted
      Pyaar tum too

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