Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Tia went ahead and spoke to OF members they were convinced and agreed instantly.

Tia waited desperately for Shivaay to arrive..the moment he was in OM…she spoke about her thoughts after listening Shivay said “no Tia..Anika cannot stay here”. Tia being disappointed shared her fears saying “Shivaay..Shivaay baby ..please understand, i cannot afford to loose our baby because of anything…you yourself said that she was running and was about to fall down..thank God you held her on time…else..My fears all these days would have come true..Anika has siblings, she loves them a lot and we cannot say her not to play and run behind them…but if she comes here we can at least see to that, that she is taking utmost care of herself …” Shivay couldn’t deny the fact that Tia’s fears were correct and also the fact that Tia is over protective about Anika and her pregnancy. Finally he agreed to her much to the happiness of Tia…Tia at once hugged him saying “Thank you”

Shivay and Tia went to Anika’s house. Anika’s mother opened the door and welcomed them in. “Anika beta… Tia beta has come” Anika’s mother called Anika. She came out of her room and greeted Tia. “See Anika I want to come to the point directly” Tia said and took a pause. “What’s the matter Tia?” Anika asked being tensed. “You are going to stay at our place from today” Tia said. Anika was dumbstruck to reply anything. Seeing this Tia continued “Shivay has told me how you were to fall today. I cannot afford to loose my baby Anika please try and understand” she pleaded.

“Tia…it is not about missing my family…i will definitely miss them but there is much more to it…my family is my responsibility…they are my everything…when i needed them they were beside me…now they need me…so i have to stay beside them” Anika said and looked towards her mother. Tia tried to explain but got cut by Anika “But Anika..” Anika cut Tia off in middle ” Tia …i can understand your intention…so i have a solution…” Shivay and Tia looked on. Anika ” you come and stay here with us…we will provide the comforts as much as we can…in this way i will be in front of your eyes and you can take care of me.” Shivay shouted listening to her ” what the wuck…how can she stay here ?” Tia also agreed to Shivay “exactly how can i stay here …i have to look after my family too in OM”

Anika smiled when Tia realized what actually Anika meant… Anika continued “Mr. shivaay Singh Oberoi…the reason is same, as Tia can’t come here and stay, so is my coming to Oberoi Mansion and staying….as you hold the responsibility of your parents, your siblings and your daadi….i hold the responsibility of my parents and my siblings…family is the same for everyone and love and care towards the family is also same…i hope now you understand” Shivay looked at Tia and then at Anika….

Tia said “i understand Anika and i will not force you to come with me and stay in OM….but you are always free to come there and stay with us, with or without any reason…please take care of yourself and my baby too” Anika smiled and hugged Tia ensuring that she will further be careful.

PRECAP- ANIKA TO STAY IN OBEROI MANSION………………. Is this means Anika is going to Oberoi Mansion? What may have happened? Stay tuned friends to know what happens next.

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  5. I knew OF will agree.
    All r not like that bhagad billa.
    He has problem with everything.
    I guess Anika di is right.
    She can’t go in house were saru people like bhagad billa lives.
    It is harmful for baby.
    Liked the she made Tia understand.
    Here also bhagad billa shouted.
    Precap- She will go or not. Uff u confuse a lot. But I like this confusion.
    Lots of love.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Yes yes, after all bagad billa is bagad billa na
      Hehehehe… but unfortunately she went 😛
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