Ishq Subhan Allah Review: Strong portrayals compliment the effective story line

Zee TV’s new show Ishq Subhan Allah revolves around the lives of Kabeer and Zara. They both are devout followers of Islam, but happen to have different perception on almost every principle. Kabeer follows an ethical code of conduct in a strict way, while Zara prefers to have a liberal thinking about the teachings acquired. The show has a Muslim backdrop, like of the hit series Qubool Hai. It stars Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan in the lead roles. The show deals with various topics like gender equality, justice, rationality and Triple Talaq.

Destiny will bring Zara and Kabeer together. Their interesting journey with clash of ideologies will begin. While they oppose each other, they will be brought together by their families. Kabeer and Zara will get married in the story ahead. They will strive to strike the right chord of harmony in their marriage. The couple will be seen dealing with their differences, their unique perceptions and approaches.

Main Characters:

Kabeer is a priest, who abides by the ethics which are widely followed by the people. He believes in traditional principles which are taught to him since childhood. He is more strict, practical and rigid regarding his beliefs. He stands for what he feels right. He doesn’t get back to correct anyone. He displays a decent code of conduct. He is applauded in his group for having such maturity and sensibility at a young age.

Zara is also a strict follower of Islam. She applies all her teachings in a liberal way. She finds every solution that sounds more logical. She is well-educated, pretty, bold and a confident girl. She doesn’t shy away from making her point clear to people. She is strong-headed. She proves herself right by her evident knowledge. She believes in gender equality and justice. She is against the Triple Talaq practice. She believes its unfair with the women.


Eisha Singh as Zara Siddiqui
Adnan Khan as Kabeer Ahmed
Samiksha Bhatnagar
Pankaj Kansara
Shalini Arora
Vinay Jain
Monica Khanna


Zara and her friend enjoy their shopping in the market. Muslim leaders protect against laws for making new rules regarding the divorce. Zara tells her friend that she has worn Burqa for her mum’s wish, since her mum is very fond of it. Some protesters pass by on the road. They don’t want any change in Shariah. Zara and her friend see the violence and run away to hide. Zara gets late to reach the railway station. She realizes she has missed the train. She gets informed that the train has already left. She gets stuck in the curfew. She calls up the warden to know if they can be picked up from the market area.

Warden asks her to find some way and reach hostel on her own. Zara looks for some mode of transport. Zara and her friend take lift in a truck. Her friend worries since she is a Hindu and can fall into big trouble if the protesters know about her religion. The truck gets attacked by the protesters. Zara helps her friend and hides her identity by swapping clothes. She makes her friend wear the Burqa. Zara worries when a Bhajan ringtone plays on her friend’s phone. Protester scolds them for cheating. Before they could attack, Zara and her friend run away from them. Kabeer enters the scene. He saves Zara and her friend in a heroic way. Zara thanks him. Her friend introduces her to Kabeer. He helps them by sharing the train’s schedule info.

Zara’s family is seen. Her mum wants a good proposal for her. She wants people to know good things about Zara. Kabeer accompanies Zara to the railway station. They catch the same train. She gets praising him for saving her life. She learns Kabeer is a priest of a Mosque. They come across the news of Triple Talaq. They both express their opinions about marriage and divorce rules in their religion. He feels her knowledge isn’t complete. He tells her that her views on divorce are wrong. He asks her to gain more knowledge that clears her perception. He shows his belief in Triple Talaq rule. Zara believes that men and women should have equal right to decide about their marriage. She pities the girl who would marry him. They have an argument and part ways.

Our Take:

Ishq Subhan Allah brings a intriguing love tale of two individuals having contrast perceptions. They can never agree on the same thing. They get questioning each other if they are right according to their gender-specific perception and rules. Like the female lead Zara talks in favor of the women, the male lead Kabeer seems to be more affected by the ethics that favors the men. They both have strong justification to support their statements. He states that he also wants gender equality, but couldn’t master his words when it comes to supporting the other person. He believes the men have a upper hand in the society always.

Kabeer tries his best to make himself sound right, but the logical reasoning of Zara looks more crisp. She uses her knowledge about the Holy book to reason her point. She doesn’t fall weak even in tough situations. The characters are defined well. The lead actors Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan portray their roles superbly. Adnan puts the needed amount of intensity in his composed character. Eisha fits the role well. She is bubbly, simple and brave, as per the scene demands. The initial episodes wins the interest.

The story line is gripping. The first meet of the leads in between the riots remind of Hindi films. Zara’s views and her stand over her beliefs is something that makes the show more interesting. Kabeer and Zara’s debate over their opinions add more sense to the tale. Such scenes puts more light on their strong chemistry. Supporting cast is apt for their roles. Story is action-packed with intense drama and knowledge. Viewers will surely find the story relatable and connect with the show.


The show looks much promising by its start. The chemistry between the leads is much pleasing. Both the actors shine in their portrayals. A surely good attempt by Zee Tv. The show can be expected to keep up the interest.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I agree. It’s refreshing to see how Islam and it’s teachings are handled in India. For too long, we’ve seen the religion highlighted through extremism and violence of terrorist groups but there’s much more to it from the normal practices of law abiding citizens, living, working, praying and simply enjoying what life has bestowed upon us. I welcome this new serial, just hoping that it deviates from the normal serials currently being aired on TV…… To much sass bahu crap….I’ve heard much positive reviews about Pakistani serials, hope this one produced in India is just as good…

  2. Mona146

    i dont like hero as his performance is pretty dull. ksg or sb else wud hv been good

  3. Cathy

    Well said Naz, i too would like to see this serial not fall into the stupid story lines that for some strange reason dominate Indian shows, i hope it sticks to opposing ideologies but show a strong love story. keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Aqsa.M

    Yeah its a good show with a perfect star cast and with a meaningful story.

  5. Faisal Akhtar khan

    ? *TV Serial _”Ishq Subhan Allah”_ jo 15 March se ZEE TV per telecast shuru ho chuka hai Uske khilaf _Raza Academy Mumbai_ ka protest..*

    ? Meri tamam logo se Guzarish hai k is Serial ka Boycott kare jisme Jhoot k ilawa kuch bhi nahi h…

    For example:

    *1. Serial k pehle show me Musalmano ko Gusse me bhara huwa Public Property ko Nuqsan karte hue dikhaya gaya.. ?*

    Jab k aaj tak aisa koi protest huwa hi nahi..
    Yaqinan ye koi news channel nahi hai..
    Lekin is Jhoot se ye Jahil log kiya dikhana chahte hai..??? ??

    *2. Jaahil Heroine kehti hai k _”Quran o Hadees me Teen talaq ka koi zikr nahi hai”_*

    _Kya kabhi isne ya us Jaahil writer ne (jo sirf naam ka Musalman hai) Quran E Muqaddas padha hai????_

    *“`Aayiye hum dikhate hain Quran E Paak.. Para 1, Surah 2 [Al Baqarah], Aayat 229 & 230*“`

    _*Quran,Surah Baqarah – 2:229*_

    _*Quran,Surah Baqarah – 2:230*_

    Ab bataye koi k kiya isse bada bhi koi Jhooth ho sakta hai..???!!


    *? Meri tamam Logo se Guzarish hai k apne Ghar ki Khawateen Maa, Behen, Beti tak ye Message khaas taur se pahunchaye kyu k ye khaas unhi k liye Program kiya gaya hai aur unhe bataye k Teen Talaq ka Zikr Qur’an O Hadees me Maujood hai…*

    ? Aur sath hi sath ye Message Society k har Aadmi tak pahunchaye Specially Leaders, Social Activists, Media Persons, Lawyers etc.

    ? Appeal:
    *Logo ko chahiye k kisi bhi Mazhab k khilaf aisa Jhootha Program na kare.*

    *Aur agar kisi Mazhab ko janna samajhna hai to seedhe un Mazhab ki Kitabo ko padhe.


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