Ishq Subhan Allah 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir asks Zara to leave

Ishq Subhan Allah 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
One guest says to Zara that after divorce, intimate with your husband is termed as shamelessness. Zara says we are not divorced. Kabir asks her to not talk. Zara says they need to understand, we are still husband and wife. One guest says they are divorced and still married? what joke is this? this is not your father’s sharia board, this is like making a joke of religion, this is a devil’s act, this girl have destroyed Irfan’s respect, this all is a drama of Irfan and Zara, we need a new head priest, we will leave if Zara doesnt leave. Irfan falls down in chair in shock. Ayesha comes to Kabir and asks him to stop them. Miraj says this is our function and we cant stop them, everyone hates Zara here. Kabir comes to Shahbaz. Shahbaz says we can stop this drama only if

Zara and Irfan leaves from here, I will talk to Irfan, you talk to Zara, dont think about it, its our respect, we made it in years but it can be destroyed in a minute, think if you want to save your wife which you have divorced or this project? Kabir looks on. Kabir comes to Zara, he holds her hand. Zara says did you see? Kabir says its better if you leave from here right now. Zara is hurt to hear it. Kabir looks away. Zara grabs his hand and says leave? what? without you? Kabir jerks her hand away, He says yes and looks away. Imran says Kabir.. Kabir says no. Zara is dejected and sadly looks at Kabir one last time, she leaves from there. Irfan looks on. Shahbaz says to Irfan that you dont seem fine, I will send you to car. He takes Irfan from there.

Zara is walking out and recalls Kabir asking her to leave the venue, she is in tears.

Inauguration starts, Shahbaz takes knife and cuts the rope for project. Kabir says to audience that we make priests and give them teachings of our religion but we dont work to make their lives easy.. I want to thank two people, one person is very important for me who made this project happy and that is my father Shahbaz and other one is Miraj who is my good friend and took part in this project, this project will help people of madarasas to learn skills of the world and live a good life.

Reema is car and sees Zara walking on road, she stops her car and goes to her. Zara hugs her and cries. Reema asks what happened? tell me.

Imran says to Kabir that I am ashamed of your friendship, what you did with Zara was wrong, animalistic and a jerk move. Kabir says I did what I thought was right, it was important for her to leave from there, Imran says she is your wife, you should have stood with her like a husband but you stood there silently as as weak man. Kabir says situation was like that. Imran says you dont show love as per situation, I saw the pain and hopelessness in Zara’s eyes, I dont know where she is. You cant be my friend because what you did was my friend’s morals, I will find her, he leaves. Kabir looks on.

Irfan comes home. He says to Salma that I shouldnt have gone there, our daughter was taunted, people chanted against me. Salma says why? Irfan says because I am a father of a daughter who was divorced. Salma says but her divorce is not completed. Irfan says people dont know that. Salma says Kabir should have told them. Irfan says they were silently watching the drama. Salma says why didnt you bring Zara here? Salma says I cant see my daughter like this, I dont need inlaws like that, she calls Zara but she is not picking up. Irfan says maybe we have chosen the wrong house for our daughter, there is nothing bigger than respect, let this divorce happen.

Alina says to everyone that Zara is not anywhere in house. Ayesha says Zara was forced to leave, it was not right. Shahbaz says we will find her and send her to her house. Ayesha says first you force her out of function and now send her to her house? Shahbaz says its about his project, your son is a role model now, everyone keeps an eye on him and they dont want to see him with Zara, he says to Kabir that now you have to choose if you want to be role model or Zara’s husband. Miraj says he is right, you have to choose if you want to work on the hard work you have done for years or be with Zara. Zeenat says I dont know much but I know that wives should make husbands proud not bring shame.

Zara is in park and says to Reema that everything is finished, my parents did that relation but I worked to build it, I gave away my emotions, my feelings, my truth to him, I thought he loved me but it was all duty for him, all our moments were duty and not love? when he divorced me, I had hope that I will make our remaining days so beautiful that he will be with me for life but he has extinguished my hope, when I needed him most, he left me in a corner like stranger, when people will insulting me, he was silently watching it, all my dreams are broken, She cries and breakdowns. Reema says I will bring water for you.

Reema brings water and sees Zara missing from her spot, she looks around but doesnt find her.

Imran comes to Kabir’s house and says I searched everywhere but Zara is nowhere. All are tensed. Shahbaz says to Kabir that religion is above our lives and for big things we need to make sacrifices, for religion cant you sacrifice your happiness with Zara? Kabir looks on. Ayesha says what are you saying? every religion in this world teaches that humanity is above everything, maybe this house have forgotten the meaning of humanity. She says to Kabir that a girl who left her house, did everything to make everyone happy here, she left her thoughts, her happiness, her feeling behind for this house, did everything to make her house and today we are talking about sacrificing her? what about the justice with her? I am ashamed to say that humans dont live here. Kabir gets tensed and tries to call Zara. Reema comes there. Kabir asks did she meet Zara? Reema says to Kabir that she was crying a lot, she was broken, dont know where she went, she met outside inauguration hall, I went to bring water but she went missing, she was crying a lot, please find her, Kabir do something, find her, she might take some action. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will inform police, they will find her ad send her home. Kabir says no, Ayesha is right this time, religion teaches us humanity and if its not there then who will follow religion? Ayesha asks where he is going? Kabir says to fulfill my duty, I did a mistake and I am going to rectify it. He leaves from there. Shahbaz is miffed.

Zara is walking on roads and recalls how Kabir once told her that dont involve in his work, she is just his wife, their moments in Kashmir, naina plays.
kabir and Imran are searching for Zara everywhere.
Zara is walking on railway line in a daze recalling her moments with Kabir, how she was insulted in the function and Kabir remained silent, how he asked her to leave the function.

PRECAP- Train is approaching Zara as she is walking on the line in a daze.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I wonder what will Miraj do now? Will he try to kill Zara or will he propose marriage to her?

  2. God…..I thought kabeer will realise his love and go to find Zara….but he’s again just fulfilling his duty. At least anyone’s truth should come out.
    Better divorce get completed,then kabir may realise Zaras values….

  3. I wish miraj purposes Zara and she accepted and married him so she gets to know his intention and shahbas and his fool egoistic son and destroy their falsely pride and deception project
    God how merciless can one be I felt bad most for Imran Zara’s father

  4. “Christie 6th Jul 2018 – 2:53 pm
    thought would write today after reading the review and all the comments.
    i too have stopped watching this show and so thankful i dont belong to this faith which treat women so badly, give talaq anywhere and anytime and then despise the women. just got to know all this from the show. People will start disliking the religion and will loose faith in love”

    Hi Christie! so i read what you posted yesterday and copy and pasted the above from your response from yesterdays show….Every religion be it Muslim, Hindi, Christian has had and still has prejudices regarding women of faith and their role in their respective religions, all change starts by a small step forward, Men have always dominated religion but it’s women that support we are the foundation, men know it but they try and keep us thinking we don’t matter as much..because if you really look at it. if all the women in all the world wiped their hands and said enough..religion would as we know it collapse…now i as a Christian “Protestant” by faith have studied women’s role in the church and we have progressed enough that women can minister to a congregation as effectively as any man i’v also come to the realization that when the Bible was being translated into English in the medieval times that is was being translated by misogynistic males that thought that women were by nature i choose to disregard my assigned role in this because i’m sure as hell God did not want this but as free will prevails it’s up to us to fix it, perhaps that is Gods intent after all…ok, just thought i had to say something..there is beauty in all faiths.

    Now my thoughts in this show, i like it would i have plotted and written it differently sure would, it is just following all the other serial on Zee tv…it would really be ground breaking if they made the lead couple come together and show progress and unity against outside influences like miraj…i personally hate the “everyone hates the female lead” plot, it’s why i stopped watching Pooja and Naren…so don’t get me started on that show 🙁

    okay i’m done, i didn’t want to step on anyones toes and i hopefully didn’t offend anyone that was not my intent.

    1. Guys…it’s just a show. It’s fiction. It isn’t real and that’s what you all need to under. Have you watched The Handmaid’s Tale? You will understand that every religion has it’s own short comings and people misinterpret it differently.

      1. Jay, whether its a show or not, some harsh words were being said…and it needed to be addressed.

    2. Cathy….although I didn’t want to comment on Christie’s views because you know that i always say in order for healthy discussions to take place, we should recognize that we can agree to disagree without offending each other, she’s entitled to her opinions and so am I…but, yesterday she disagreed on the content of the story based on the religion of Islam, as unacceptable because of certain practices and she’s happy that she doesn’t belong to the faith which is fine, we are humans first before religion. A point to note, all Muslim men aren’t of the same mentality, while there are many who are regressive thinkers, there are those who are progressive by thoughts and actions and misogynistic, egotistical and bigots are present in all of religions of the world, it’s not confined to the men of the Islamic faith. When the Priest, Pundit and Mulvi mount the platform, they are the epitome of holiness but in their homes, they are either progressive thinkers or regressive oppressors of women and female children because we aren’t or are regarded as beneath the stature of men. Im not offended by the comment though but I’m taking the opportunity here to say that this serial examine one such egotistical man as in Kabir’s character of the Islamic faith, who cannot bear to see his wife voice her own opinions, help him in his endeavors, offer him her advice, work alongside him or become his support, he’s a man and he thinks man alone can do it….behind every successful man, there’s a woman for sure, be it mother, wife or significant other. I came from an Islamic home and my father was the total opposite of the man I was married to, who I subsequently divorced….most of the men in my immediate and extended families aren’t like Kabir but my ex husband was…so I can’t condemn the men from an entire religion because of one such man as Kabir!!! This unequal treatment of women occurs in all societies and I think not only religious or social prejudices are to blame, culture and cultural practices have a lot to do with the women of this world not being able to find equal footing. Just before I’m done…picture a home where the wife is earning more than the husband….how do you think things will play out here? The husband is going to feel less adequate, he’s either going to be understanding or conceal his feelings or pretend it doesn’t bother him…which do you think will take first precedent?? For sure he’s not liking it at all. Sorry to be so long, but this is just to convey to Christie….that all Muslim men aren’t the same and one religion shouldn’t be castigated because of a serial….although there are men like Kabir, who transcend religion, culture and society…to be who they want to be…oppressors of women , because it makes them feel more of a man than others.

      1. There are Good men, i guess i sounded a little harsh about men in general but in this case it was addressing Kabir’s character and attitude. Yes i realize there are progressive men and champions of women’s rights it is sad that the loudest voices are from the extreme..truly frustrating.

      2. sorry naz. i did not mean to oppose any thought of the muslim faith.
        I do respect all faiths and never argue on the same.
        But giving talaq to a woman is only the right of a man and can be given anywhere anytime…. is something which was difficult to digest.
        all couples do argue, have their differences, they have their ups and downs…. but walking out of a relationship with a talaq is not the final solution. especially when marriage is mutual and agreement of two people.
        we see separation in all faiths, (although i dont agree) but it is mutual and not instant.
        since this talaq thing is instant…. it is like a fear for a woman who has a hot tempered husband, who can leave her instantly. this thought was very frightening to me.
        so please dont get me wrong once again Naz.
        i was enjoying the show ishq subhan allah. but the talaq thing actually put me off, for which i discontinued watching.
        although i started watching it again this week.
        i believe where there is love there is God and where there is GOd there is love.
        so Zabeer love got to rock ishq subhan allah.

    3. I m so sorry to tell you, but our religion doesn’t teach us this. Islam never preaches this. But remember we remain in a male dominant country where woman are insulted in the name of ego. What the serial shows is completely a biased one. It is showing just male dominance. Islam is the only religion where woman are kept superior.. where a mother is superior than a father, where a woman is given opportunities better than man. Our religion is showed in a very negative light. Please understand this is a serial not a real life story.

      1. i do agree that this is just a show. but we should not bring religion and its beliefs in the open like this and show it negative on media.
        be it any faith,

    4. yes cathy, i do agree with you.
      Show should have a positive impact on society and not negative.
      what one sows is what they reap. this is never shown in these shows, which makes evil go around even more.
      when makers show that when we do good, good comes out of it. finally truth always win. love always conquers.
      then the world will be a better place.
      people will have faith in love and being truthful.

  5. No no no Kabir…you didn’t need to look for Zara, when Kabir was supposed to stand up for his wife, he didn’t..what a heartless man. As I read this update tears comes to my eyes, this was painful to finish reading but I did. Writers, if you all are reading our comments, I beg of you all, harden Zara’s heart to not allow Kabir to pacify her, give her a divorce because her husband doesn’t deserve to be one, please give Kabir so much trouble that he has to grovel and beg at Zara’s feet. Kabir is a positive character, he’s helluva barbaric and chauvinistic and for once I wish Rukhsar wasn’t married to Hamdan so that Kabir could have married the wretch because they would have been a perfect pair…Zara is too good for him… I remember when I was facing unpleasant experiences in my marital home, my father came home and in front of my in laws told them that he’s still alive and could take care of his daughter and he took me to my childhood home where my father in law came back to beg my parents to send me back because I know they were ashamed. Irfan and Salma, if they truly are concerned for their daughter, should take her back to live with them…to hell with the marriage..since Zara isn’t happy in her marital home, who say she should stay there and be unhappy!!! Having a sister in law like Zeenat and saas like Shabaaz, is a curse itself, no wonder Ayesha favorite is Zara… Anyways… Heartbreaking episode and I love Imran and Reema…what a hero Imran is!! Thanks to Imran for his dressdown towards Kabir… ????…

  6. No dear Islamic religión has no short coming but Muslims have and all humans have. don’t mix these two foctors

  7. Nina

    It is important don’t generalize because the essence of the matter is the concrete person. This show isn’t the guidebook by Muslim family it’s the story about the human relationship. Kabeer’s heart hasn’t love for Zara. Only a true feeling of love can be a reference point.

  8. Whats the use of holding on to a marriage when there is no love or respect..Zara I feel so sorry for sacrifice your love and your happiness on people that dont know the meaning of much more humiliation do you want? You arent the only one affected by it..your family as well..gosh if this happen with me or my family I will forget the human nature in me..they need eye for an eye..give them do what you doing were taught well by your parents..and for Kabir, dont make me question the Islamic faith and cultures..your action and mindset portray otherwise

  9. I’m so disappointed, I couldn’t believe that Kabeer thanked those two and left out the most important person that he needed to thank and that was Zara, his wife. The fact that he had to be convinced to go look for Zara said a lot, i hope she wakes up and realise that even though he’s taking care of her in the upcoming scenes that as far as he is concerned he’s only doing his duty, there’s no love. I want a stronger Zara to emerge from the ashes and not a Zara who becomes gullible at every kind gesture from Kabeer. She forgives too easily. He needs to be shocked out of his comfort zone.

  10. Cathy dear…by no means was I admonishing you…if I came across as such, I apologize my friend my intentions were just to add to your comment and I got the courage to say something because of your contribution, so I was just approving of what you said and by no means as well did I take any ofgender or thought that you were harsh. I was trying to make my case as to the contribution of Christie from yesterday’s forum. I’ve missed your comments, haven’t heard from you for a while, how have you been? Enjoy your weekend my friend and God bless…

    1. Oh no Naz…i took no offense i just reread my comment and it did seem to come off a little judgy of men…i adore men really. LOL. i just get a little upset when people make blanket assumptions on other peoples faith without doing a bit of research, i know that Quron strickly forbids marital emotional and physical abuse and actually encourages divorce if the marriage is hopeless..I’m just one of those people that need to find out stuff if i don’t understand..and i don’t understand people that don’t or take what others say and think as truth.

  11. Writers plz let Zara herself give divorce to kabir and move on……we just can’t see all this accusions on a women who loves her husband so much and get hell out of it……

  12. Yes More than romantic scenes at this situation we need Zara to move on and stand in her life….so he can prove hers ones self-esteem

  13. since i dnt knw u all bt ahi frm my sde i jst passd thrgh dis updte nd gt to rdcathy’s cmmnts wll cathy jst to add to ur cmmnt u r misundrstng the stuation here this shw has’nt mrkd the situations in whch trple talaq is applicable actually the circumstances in whch kabir divorcd zara is nt applicable in islam .well i d’nt wnt to hrt u bt its jst tht i sggst u to go thrgh rthe real wiki of islam frm authentic source to knw y tjis trip’e talaq has been kept in islam it will clear all ur misundrstngs rgrdng dis issue . Rest as u wsh .its jst tht u cn ‘ve ur prcption cleared Rgrdng dis prtclar religion and since its a controversial issue so its bttr nyt to lk at dese shws fr knwng abou any rlgion as

  14. ls this how islam teaches us,as per kabir arrogance he does’nt deserve zara affection,love & caring wife,go to hell kabir,u deserve rukhsar for ua selfish motives

  15. Well it seems that Kabeer is going to be hospitalized with pneumonia and guess who will be blamed. I’m hoping that when Kabeer recovers the writers give him the equal amount of hell that they gave Zara and even more to be honest. He needs to grovel big time. On a positive note, i love Reema and Imran, they are true friends.

    1. That’s exactly what I want…equal hell and painful separation for Kabir, he needs to come down his high horse and know his wife’s worth, she would never wish or want bad for him….Zara should serve him divorce papers on the hospital bed if that’s where he ends up. You know Topaz, in real life, a man thinks he can run down anything in skirts because he’s macho or have lots of money but when he gets sick, it’s the wife he runs to!! Since women are nurturers, they do what their motherly love tells them…if Zara and Kabir could be divorced, his mother would take care of him but Ayesha will rub so much salt in his wounds, he’ll not be able to handle it. However, it looks like Kabir is regretting his treatment to Zara, I hope she doesn’t fall for his pleas….

  16. I think Zara sud not accept Kabeer. Infact she sud go back to her parents place. She herself sud inform Kabir dat she wants d divorce. Writers sud bring in a new hero 4r Zara who wud be exactly opposite of Kabir . The new hero sud b +ve ,well qualified modern in outlook n supportive of Zara in all her endevours. That wud turnout to be an eyeopener 4r Kabir n make him regret at losing Zara.

    1. This seems to be a good idea, let Kabir lose Zara and regret know the proverbial one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure….writers should let Kabir repent at leisure and grant Zara the sense to divorce this egotistical man…I hope the creative team could fulfill our wish.

  17. Writers if u r reading comments then do reply us…….at least we get to know ur taking our feedbacks……

  18. You are so right about what men do in real life Naz, and especially when their parents don’t like their wife then they are encouraged to treat their wife any way they want. I know someone who said her marriage fell apart because her husband listened to his mother, whenever he wanted to take her out, his mother would say no and so he would attend functions without her and you know what happened next, other women. He was too weak and could not stand up to his mother and he was glad to have his wife at home while he plays outside. I want Kabeer to be brought down to earth hard along with Zeenat, Shabaz et al. You know the saying Naz, that the higher they are, the harder they fall and let’s face it they are too egostistic and needs a reality check. Kabeer talks about duty all the time but this time when Zara actually needed him to do his duty and stand up for her then what did he do, he asked her to leave and turned his back to her, so what price is duty now Kabeer? I really want Zara to take a step back and let Kabeer do all the running, he’s never the one to make the first move and that’s what I want to see.

  19. There’s something else that I forgot to say and that is when Kabeer recovers I really want Zara to leave him. I want her to tell him that she is relieving him of all his duties towards her, that she’s going to her parent’s place and that he can come there and give her the divorce. Also I want her to tell him that it was her duty to help him after all he’s such a dutiful person. Let me see how he likes it after all like they say payback is a b…h.

  20. I think that u pple all have the same opinions Wch proves that great minds think alike… I think that Zara remembers that kabir told her that he would chose to die but never testify against her during that day she was testifying against him in the Sharia board…if she remembers that then she won’t just melt at kabir’s sorry face and him fulfilling his so called duty towards his wife …i hope that he has to beg her for mistreating her and not understanding her true intentions… We were told that this two pple have different opinions and they are clearly showing that but y make the male lead role so negative in everything he thinks. They make him listen to others and follow their opinions instead of following his own opinions …the kabir we have now has completely changed for real, he listens to others easily without thinking twice…. Also I want to remind my fellow viewers that this serial is a complete opposite of how the Islamic religion defines women…in Islam women are much more respected than men…they are given the first priority always in everything especially the wives… Husbands are supposed to listen to their wives and fulfil their every need… As far as divorce is concerned, divorce should be the last option a man can give to his wife and it is one thing that is avoided most of the situations… Anyway let’s see Wat this writers have in store for us next.

  21. Leisa s morris

    I almost cried with dis episode. Y is it dat d shame always falls on a woman wen its divorce. Divorce.should never b so easy and.dats y many woman choose to keep their thoughts to themselves from fear of instant divorce and d shame and stigma attach to it. So many women live.unhappily in marriages cause dey cant voice their opinion and have to live a life where dey r considered inconsequential wen really without dem men would b like fishes outta sea.I want zara to leave kabir and wen his project fails and he realises d ones he listened to r d cause he should suffer an instant heart attack. Even his father is tryin to sabotage his dream while zara wanna c it succeed. He needs to b taken off his pedalsal and realize its ppl dat make religion and d rules dat goes with it. When a woman goes to church with her husband theres so much pride within. Yet these husband band their wives I believe to make drm superior nothing else causeu else would u say ur wifeis only ti pray at home

    1. Leisa..I was heartbreaking to see Zara’s eyes beg Kabir for support and see him turn away from her. What manner of man and husband is he?? He should be his wife’s shield and never tolerate such harsh words from hard back old geezers like those who call themselves holy. I actually felt as if I was Zara and I cried for lost, helpless and beaten she looked while walking on the train track….I was so mad, I said eff you Kabir …she couldn’t believe that the man who was close to her, could condone such insults…. WRITERS IF YOU ARE READING OUR COMMENTS…TAKE NOTE…KABIR SHOULD EXPERIENCE SOME MAJOR PUNISHMENT FOR THIS TRAVERSITY ON ZARA KABIR AHAMED….SHE DO NOT DESERVE THIS…?????

      1. Leisa s morris

        Naz dats how a husband should b never lettin his wife get insulted and supportin her above all else yet heres a man who put everyone first,takes advice from everyone else yet gets offended wen zara voices her opinion. Religion shouldnt dictate how u treat ur wife instead its suppose to enhance it and make ur wife hold her head up proudly and be able to walk at ur side with pride. Kabir doesnt deserve d support her got from zara and is only wen he lose it all will he see how much she brought to his life. Imagine he so into religion dat he choose to eat by himself in his room on d floor. So didnt he feel to spend dat time with his family and enjoy his meal.with them. I believe kabir is all about ego and dat is/will b his downfall

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