Ishq Subhan Allah 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir blamed for molesting Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara drags Ruksaar out of her room, Ruksaar tries to stop her but Zara grabs her and pulls her to lounge, she throws her to table, Ruksaar falls down and glares at her.
Kabir tries to wake up, he is still dizzy and have headache.
Zeenat comes in lounge and rushes to Ruksaar, Zara glares at them. Zeenat puts dupatta on Ruksaar. All family members come there. Kabir comes there too. Ayesha asks what is all this? Zara says there was something indecent happening in my bedroom, on my bed with my husband, something that people call as molesting. Ruksaar says to Kabir that this was your fault too, you came closer to me, you looked at me with love. Kabir is stunned and buttons up his shirt. Ruksaar says Kabir you know what you are to me, you know I can die in your love. Ayesha glares

at Kabir, Kabir says it cant happen. zara says Ruksaar you are lying, I saw Kabir in state which shows who is lying, I will show your reality. zeenat says look at her condition, she doesnt have clothes to stand infront of men of house, its not about fault but its about honor of a girl who is an orphan, you can come with me to lock her if you think she will runaway, she takes Ruksaar from there.

Miraj comes to his room and says I didnt know how I could not see Zeenat before, if I met her before then I would have married her, she played a nice game.

Kabir says I dont undertand anything, Ayesha asks Kabir what did Ruksaar say? Zara says no Kabir you dont have to explain anything, the person who can agree to die instead of choosing divorce, that person cant do something like this, I trust you completely, Kabir smiles at her. Zeenat comes there and asks Kabir what happened in his bedroom? Ruksaar was found in a place in condition which she should have not been, if Ruksaar is at mistake then we will punish her but tell me Kabir how Ruksaar went to your room and was in bed with you? Kabir tells her how Miraj told him to talk to Ruksaar about her marriage, how he talked to Ruksaar. Zeenat asks how Ruksaar came to his bed? Kabir says I drank water and then I slept. Zeenat says you slept after drinking water? Miraj comes there and says seems like this is a family talk, I will leave. Zeenat says you are a family member, I want to ask that you called Kabir here, what happened after that? Kabir says I couldnt find my phone, he asks Alina to find his phone. Miraj says Ruksaar was worried so I asked Kabir to talk to her, Kabir was finding Zara so I sent my driver to bring her back then when I cameback in house, I didnt find Ruksaar or Kabir, I went to my room, I dont know what happened after that. Kabir looks on.

Scene 2
Alina beings Kabir’s phone and says I found your phone on your bed, Kabir says but I couldnt find it before. Miraj recalls how he gave phone to Ruksaar and she had put it in Kabir’s bed. Zeenat takes Kabir’s phone and asks if she can check it, he nods. Zeenat checks it. Kabir says if phone was in my room then I would have found it. Zeenat says it was found on your bed but you couldnt see it? she checks his phone and says Zara called you many times but you didnt pick up, can you tell me where you were so busy that you couldnt take her call? Kabir says I told you I lost my phone, I didnt do anything. Zeenat says we foudn your phone in your room. Zara says what you want to prove? Zeenat says if Ruksaar is wrong then she should be punished but first her crime should be clear, Kabir doesnt remember anything, Kabir asks Miraj to tell. Miraj says Zeenat is right, why Kabir doesnt remember anything? Kabir says I promise I dont remember anything. Ayesha says what happened was wrong, we will discuss it but right now we all should go and rest. Zeenat says okay we will meet here again and Ruksaar’s fate will be decided today, all look on.

PRECAP- Zara says Kabir what if your dream becomes true? Kabir says even then I wont let injustice happen with you or Ruksaar.
Kabir asks Ruksaar what happened in his bedroom? she says what shouldnt have happened. Kabir says if this is true then I will get my punishment but if its wrong then you wont be saved from my anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kabir you should have listened to Zara.
    What has happened to you no one should go through this. Women or men.
    Spoiler news. Kabir well throw ruksaar out, but ruksaar well get kabir, Zara and kabir dad arrested.

  2. Nina

    I am surprised that how easily Ruksaar and Zeenat turned inside out this situation. Often In real life the honest person has to justify for somebody’s nasty trick. Poor Kabeer was too gullible. At this point Zara showed herself as a perfect wife. There’s no doubt that she is loyal to Kabeer believes him to a decent man.

    1. Yes I agree.
      I know that I said in the past that Zara should let kabir fall. But my intentions wasn’t for him to get molested.

      We all talk about women rape, but we don’t talk about male rape.
      I know women that have been raped by men. For them the nightmare never go away. It stays with them for the rest of their life.
      But I never meant a man, that was rape.
      It would be interesting how the show writers. Deals with kabir molestation, it can’t be that its all goes away, and everyone is happy now.
      I do hope that they get it right.

  3. I thought Zeenat had changed for the better.

  4. I just hope Kabir realizes now how much Zara loves him and trust the way Zara stood by her husband and defended him..she knows what a nasty shameless snake Ruksaar is i just hope Kabirs’s parents supports for Zeenath she’s just as shamless as rukshar which older sister will let their younger sister do wat rusksar did to kabir..and then accusing him of molesting rukshar..very disgusting behavior.
    BTW did anyone ever follow naagin 1 and 2. i took a look at the two episodes of naagin 3 and it’s going good, although i miss seeing mouni roy as naagin… so if anyone’s interest you can take a look at it..

  5. Please let rukshar get exposed and good win.. Let Zara be able to prove his innocence… Let kabir know how much Zara loves him… Please let good triumph over evil.. We have too much of negativety on ZEE-TV… KKB, KDB, WOH APNA Sa etc don’t want more ISB is going on a fast pace let it continue and let good be shown.. In Islam what they are showing is not rite..

  6. in anywhich ways kabir has not done anything wrong. he and rukshar both had their clothes on. zara is the key witness to it all. kabir was unconcious and does not remember a thing. is enough to prove that he was drugged and knows nothing and did nothing. if he is drugged, how would he have taken off his buttons. zara had to sprinkle water on his face to get him back.
    ruksar does not love kabir, she does not know the meaning of love either. in love nobody behaves like this cheap and wicked. she is evil. and the show cannot portray a wrong meaning of love.
    ishq subhan allah – is a beautiful virtue of God’s love. and God’s love is strong and overcomes.
    it is a great track to watch how zara will unfold this mystery and save kabir.
    kabir has saved zara so many times in the past – this melted her heart and fall in love with kabir.
    not its zara turn to save kabir – this will make kabir love his zara.
    every wicked scheme of the enemy – will work good for kabir and zara and bring them closer and stronger.
    ishq subhan allah

  7. I don’t get it….why doesn’t Zara show the honeymoon pics…or why doesn’t Kabir’s dad confirm that Rukhsar was actually in Kashmir? hmmmm

    1. hi Hitika, I was really wondering the same thing. Why is Zara just standing there looking horrified while Zeenat hurls accusations at her husband’s head. She should have been telling everyone about everyone of Rukhsar nasty deeds so that they would realise what the little witch was really up to. But fear not according to the spoilers Zara will finally (dont know why she took so long) reveal to Kabir the facts about Rukhsar. Cant wait to see the fireworks.

      1. Hi guy’s.
        You have to remember, it was a shock! For Zara.
        Even if I saw or witness something like this. I don’t think I remember to mention anything.
        Zara well let them know, what ruksaar did in Kashmir. Don’t worry it all well come out in the end.
        As for zeenat, you guy’s have to remember. This is the sister who encourage ruksaar to get her kabir at any means. Zeenat didn’t care that Zara was kidnapped.
        I am not surprised by her actions.
        I hope Zara get not just ruksaar, but also zeenat truth out.

  8. I admire Zara and her choice to stand by her husband in his time of need. Kabir is fortunate to have married someone who knows the importance of living the truth and fighting for the truth. Zara won’t leave no stone unturn until she finds the truth even if she has to do it all alone. One day at a time..Well done Zara!

  9. One question…Did the story ever showed that Ruksaar and Kabir were in a sleeping relationship before he got married to Zara?
    Love this Show it teaches a lot. Llike love is built through respect, truth and trust. (Kabir & Zara).
    Distrust brings disrespect (Ruksaar & Father in law) etc.
    Hopefully Ruksaar will be punished for trying to sleep with someone’s husband.

  10. R u guys Indian? Your names dont sound indian. Why would u watch hindi serials if u dont understand d language. We wont watch english..french or chinese serials if we dont understand them…how long can u continue reading d subtitles. As for me..i had a lot of hope with this serial but as always its just another tale of pure nonsense. Which muslim family would discuss someone’s nightgown… like thr is no other way to find out d truth n that too in front of a complete stranger like Miraj. His intentions r on his face but obviously zara is d only smart person in d whole serial while all others r just mere fools…how typical of evry serial. Can d family members not see kabirs condition? Any fool can tell what actually happened or rather what couldnt happen in this state. But No…only Zara has d brains!! Evry serial starts off with this vry strict, angry, intelligent businessman of a hero but later d same guy is shown as an imbecile who doesnt hv d common sense to even see what’s right in front of his eyes..n nvr believes his wife n is just a mere specimen jammed btwn d womens politics. And yet he is d ideal husband according to d awards!!! Like howz that?! These writers should be slapped for dishing out d same nonsense in every serial…they have nothing original ever!! Its frustrating tht u give us so much hope of getting to see something good n realistic but u cant resist d TRP game..right? U eventually fall in that trap n then take us viewers as on d same old ride. keeps referring to their Messenger at evry given chance just like no hindu or christian keep mentioning Krishna Bhagwan or Christ!! So.why very religious n conservative. They r just as d rest of us. And whats.with d lighting n particles flying in d light…what? Happens only in.muslim it? I mean what d hell r u trying to say n show!!!

  11. Hi…where is my earlier post

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