Ishq Subhan Allah 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar’s rape attempt fails

Ishq Subhan Allah 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Miraj comes to Zara’s room. Ruksaar has back to him, Miraj points gun at them, he shoots Zara, she screams. Ruksaar smirks. Zara falls on Ruksaar. Ruksaar whispers Kabir was mine and will remain mine. She throws Zara on bed beside Kabir and laughs evilly. Kabir is still unconscious. Ruksaar says to Miraj you fulfilled my dream, when did you plan this? thank you and Siraj. Miraj points gun at her, she is shocked and confused. Miraj moves gun and points it at Kabir, he shoots Kabir in chest. Zara is breathing heavily and tries to hug Kabir. Ruksaar screams Kabir.. Kabir and Zara hold hands. Ruksaar grabs Miraj and says why did you kill my Kabir? it was not the plan then why? Miraj shows her gun and says this was your gift from Siraj. Ruksaar takes gun from him. Miraj turns to leave,

Ruksaar calls out to him and points gun at him and shoots but there is no bullet in the gun. Miraj shows her bullet in his hands and says I have this… this all turns out to be Miraj’s dream, he says my planning is right, I will do my trick and three people will die.

Zara is trying to call Kabir but his phone is switched off, she is at Salma’s house. She thinks to call Kabir here, she messages him to come to her parents’ house.

Kabir comes in his room with cold-drink Miraj gave him. He looks around for Zara and searches for his phone but cant find it. He tries to call Zara from landline but Miraj cuts landline wire. Kabir drink cold-drink and calls out for Alina. He comes ot lounge. Ruksaar and Miraj comes there. Miraj says Ruksaar wants to talk to you. Kabir says where is Zara? Miraj says servant told me she went to her parent’s house. Kabir says I am trying to find my phone but dont know where I left it. Miraj recalls how he had taken his phone. Miraj asks him to talk from his phone, he calls Zara but Kabir says its engaged, whom she is talking to for such long time? Miraj says it must be some network, dont be worried, you talk to Ruksaar. Kabir recalls how Miraj told him that Ruksaar is not happy with her wedding, Miraj leaves.
Miraj comes to driver and pays him, he gives him some instructions.

Kabir says to Ruksaar that this is childishness, stop crying. Ruksaar weeps. Kabir gives her water. Miraj comes back and says I came to tell that dont worry about Zara, I have sent my drver to bring her back. Miraj keeps him busy, Ruksaar mixes some liquid in water meanwhile. Miraj asks Kabir how is Ruksaar? Kabir says I am making her explain, Miraj leaves. Ruksaar says to Kabir that I am sorry, I get emotional and you get worried because of me, you know why I did all this. Kabir says enough, I have told you to follow your surroundings, you cant always get what you want, accept fate. Ruksaar pours water for him which is spiked and says I am trying, dont worry, drink water. He says I dont want it, she asks him to drink it. Kabir takes water and drinks it. Ruksaar lustfully looks at him. Kabir coughs and feels dizzy, he tries to remain awake but faints.

Ruksaar gets ready in her revealing nightie, she puts on makeup and comes to Kabir’s room, he is still on bed unconscious. Ruksaar is about to close the door, she sees Miraj outside and gives him thumbs-up, he winks at her, she closes the door. Miraj tucks his gun and turns to leave but Zeenat stops him and asks who are you? tell me, why you are playing game with our house’s respect? he says what game are you talking about? Zeenat says you know which game I am talking about, the game which is about to start between Kabir and Ruksaar in that room, why you are destroying an innocent’s life? why dont you leave our lives? we dont need you. Miraj smirks and turns to leave. Zeenat says you think I will let your game finish? you are wrong, I have called Zara, she must be coming here anytime soon and you wont be able to do anything. Miraj gets angry and is about to take out his gun but stops himself. He turns to her and says atleast I got to know that you are Ruksaar’s real sister, remain like this, goodbye, he leaves. Zeenat looks on.

Scene 2
Ruksaar approaches Kabir and opens her nighti flaps, she lies beside him and says I waited for this day for 6 years, to be with you, to touch you, to feel you and I got this moment, I fought with fate and got you, you are mine now, only mine, I will become a bride, I will marry you and will get Zara divorced.

Ruksaar hovers over Kabir, he caresses his body. Aa Zara kareeb se plays. Miraj is silently going to the back of room. Ruksaar clutches Kabir’s fingers and smiles at him. Miraj looks from their washroom and sees her romancing with unconscious Kabir. He takes out gun, puts silencer on.
Zara comes to Kabir’s house. Zeenat calls her and asks where she is? Zara says I have arrived. Zeenat asks her to go and meet Kabir, he is waiting for her. Zara enters lounge and says to Zeenat that I am going to meet Kabir. She leaves. Ruksaar leans down and is about to kiss Kabir, he caresses his face. Zara is approaching her room. Ruksaar hovers over him but Zara enters the room and is stunned to see her with Kabir. Ruksaar gets tensed. Miraj smirks. Zara rushes to Kabir and shoves Ruksaar away from him, Ruksaar says I.. Zara says shut up. Zara is checking on Kabir, she asks her what did she do with Kabir? Zara tries to wake him up, she checks his pulse and asks what happened to him? Zara sprinkles water over his face, he wakes up a little. Kabir murmurs Ruksaar what are you doing here? Ruksaar sits beside him and tries to caress his face, Zara is stunned to see her and slaps her, she pushes her away from Kabir. Miraj sees it from washroom and puts his gun away. She asks her to move away from her bed, Ruksaar says Zara.. Zara says shut up, you have said enough, what were you trying to do? trying to snatch my right? trying to get my Kabir? Kabir says Zara Ruksaar was.. Zara rushes to him and says to Ruksaar that I told you to not enter my room and you came to my bed? you tried to tarnish his honor? I have had to bear a lot but not anymore. She drags Ruksaar from there. Ruksaar tries to stop her but Zara pulls her out of her room.

PRECAP- Ruksaar cries and asks Kabir did he not come closer to him? he did not love her? Kabir is stunned. Shahbaz looks on. Zeenat says Kabir tell us the truth, she shows him his phone and says Zara tried to call you so much but what matter kept you away from calling her? All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    Zara better get kabir tested so d whole family knows dat she drugged him else ruksaar will trap him in her wicked net and zeenat should b ashamed to even b ssideing with her sister

  2. leisa s morris

    Zara better get kabir tested so d whole family gets to kno how ruksaar drugged him else ruksaar will get awsy with her evil plans to get kabir and zeenat should b ashame to b siding with her sister after wat she did

  3. Cathy

    Great Episode!! Well done Zara, i personally wouldn’t have stopped with one slap, there would have been a blo*dy lip some missing hair and a my foot print on her backside.

    Oh and i know Rukhsar is crazy but Kabir was hardly concious to admire your nightie or the fact you put on lipstick. LOL

    1. I’m with you Cathy, I would have started with two and added several more to the bargin. Her face would have looked like a stop sign. But I will forgive Zara as she was more concerned about Kabir’s physical condition than Rukhsar’s antics. She is beyond crazy if she was expecting an unconscious man to have any kind of physical contact with her. That being said I was correct in Miraj’s plan. Kill Zara and Kabir and frame Rukhsar. Too bad he didn’t just say to hell with it all and just shoot Rukhsar when he couldn’t get a clear shot at Zara. Do you think Rukhsar will claim rape seeing as she couldnt get Kabir interested in her even after she drugged him.

      1. Cathy

        I was thinking the same thing as you Allybrew, she’ll start hollering rape, but im confident that no one will give it any serious consideration.

  4. Nina

    it’s impossible not to notice that Ruksaar was born with a powerful inclination for the negation of fault and failure. She treats others unkindly. Ruksaar nurtures wrong headed notions because they make her feel a little bit better. As though the lie had simply befallen her, independent of her own volition.

  5. I am trying to figure out this series it looks interesting as far as I can see this Ruksaar wants a man really wants a man and it’s somebody’s else’s man she wants when will it end oh when will it end,when I thought I was going to read something different it’s the same nonsense jeez two women one man fighting for the same man is there a shortage of men? Just checking. How de rass she trying to seduce an unconscious man she stupid??? Lawd Gawd!!! Lemme beat outta here Shalom.

    1. Cathy

      Jayashree, this series seems to move along at a faster pace then others, point in fact the leads, Zara and Kabir have already consummated their marriage ON THE HONEYMOON!! I know shocking right? and Rukhsar has had the hots for kabir since childhood and that upstart modern woman (Zara) had the nerve to marry him instead of herself.

  6. I dont know where my first post went but I will try again.

    Cathy girl, I am with you. If it had been me, Rukhsar would collected at least two slaps when I pulled her off of my husbands and then several more after I realised his condition. Her face would have looked like a stop sign. But I can forgive Zara as she were more worried about her husband state than Rukhsar’s antics. Rukhsar is beyond crazy. how much of a response was she expecting to get out of a unconcious man.
    Naz, i was right about Miraj’s plan. Kill Zara and Kibir and frame Rukhsar. Personally I wished he had just said to hell with it and shot Rukhsar when he couldnt get a clear shot at Zara.

    1. Cathy

      First one showed up..sometimes they disappear then show up later…theres a ghost in here causing trouble. lol

  7. But the good thing is, Zeenat seems to change for the better. I think she supports Zara.

  8. rukshar is so damn cheap. wicked and evil and now cheap. very surprising how she can fall so much. i dont ever think she loved kabir. if it was love, she would never behave like this. this is only being revengful over zara.
    eyes and hope on Zara to rescue her Kabir from this fiasco.
    kashmir incident kabir saved zara and zara fell in love with Kabir
    now zara turn to save kabir and kabir to fall in live with zara.
    looking forward to end this ruksar topic.
    but i dont understand how kabir can stand ruksar – after knowing what all she has done. he never ever loved her. she was only a childhood friend. she is so evil. she cut her wrist, she added salt to the kheer. then she falls on a married man kabir and tells him she wants him and vents out her jealousy. how can he tolerate ruksar nonesense.
    but when it came to zara , his ego was hurt. although zara was right and so pure and innocent. now zara stand and support and love for him, must melt kabir and if he does not understand her love, he is the most foolish and blind person on earth.

    and the kashmir moments seems to be all forgotten. absurd.
    hope the makers dont disappoint kabir and zara fans.

  9. So, Rukhsar wants everyone to believe that Kabir molested her….in that drugged state, I hope she understands that he has to get it up in order to want to actually molest her and in that state, it was highly unlikely. Allybrew and Cathy , I’d join to you both in giving Rukhsar a sound whipping and I’d have dragged her by the hair down the stairs, bumping all the way. Good thing that it was a figment of Miraj’ s imaginative overworked mind in that shooting scene. Now that Kabir is seeing Rukhsar’s true identity, I’m waiting to see if he believes her words and allow her to continue living in the house.

  10. Zeenat is a shameless woman, wife, mother, bahu and sister, to have stood by Rukhar’s devious antics and behavior, since Kabir make Zara his wife. She not only encouraged her sister but she also condoned her greed for a married man. I wonder what Kashaan will think and do when he finds out his wife had encouraged her sister..maybe nothing, because he comes across like a docile lamb…boneless!!!

  11. Ladies, a concerned thought crossed my mind….suppose Kabir takes Rukhsar as his second wife … spare her humiliation. Isn’t this a frightening thought?? If that were to happen, I hope that Kabir doesn’t oblige Rukhsar in the bedroom….but allow her to live a loveless life, which is like a death sentence for a lustful wretch like her…’ll be like dying inside a slow death, seeing the man you desire, never ever being yours….then she’d wish she had married the Dubai groom. for now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Rukhar’s wedding does take place after all…as for Miraj….can’t see beyond this revenge mode as to where he goes from her…..and the project, something’s gonna be going down, just can’t think what it is right now..

    1. Cathy

      Oh Naz what a horrible thought, i can’t see Zara staying married if Rukhsar becomes second wife or Zara staying alive if Rukhsar gets married, it would cause all sorts of chaos for sure.

      1. oh yes, please kabir cannot be marrrying rukshar. first of all in a drugged state, he cannot do anything. and if this stupid marraige happens, there is no meaning to the show ishq subhan allah.
        rukshar deserves only a mental asylum. not even marriage or jail

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