Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shahbaz double-crosses Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shahbaz calls someone and says yes we will meet soon, he ends call. Ruksaar comes there with his tea and says congrats for Kabir becoming vice priest, I came to remind you your promise, you promised to give me Kabir after he become head priest. Shahbaz says yes I remember everything. Shahbaz recalls how he got to know that Ruksaar was behind Kashmir fiasco. Zeenat comes there too. Ruksaar says please give me Kabir back. Shahbaz says I promised you that I will get you married, I will fulfill it, just wait till tomorrow. Ruksaar gets happy.

Kabir says to Zara that you can congratulate me now. Zara says you congratulate me, from now on, we will work together in Sharia board for betterment of people, we will work as couple. Kabir looks on, he is about to answer but Ayesha calls Zara,

she leaves.

In morning, Zara greets Kabir. She thinks that my husband is working with my father so he should wear nice clothes, I shouldnt forget that I am not only part of board but also wife of vice priest. She brings out Kabir’s clothes and irons them. Kabir comes out of bathroom wearing only pants. Zara is mesmerized to see his body, she cant look away, she recalls their moments in Kashmir. Kabir sees her staring at him. Zara blushes, she looks away and runs from there. She locks herself in washroom and laughs being caught in checking him out. Adha ishq plays.

Zara gets ready, Kabir asks where are you going? Zara says I am part of sharia board too, we have done all things so I should return to work. Kabir says guests are coming, you should help Ayesha and Zeenat in house, you are daughter in law of this house. Zara says I can handle both works. Kabir says first help in house, he turns to leave. Ruksaar comes there and says Ayesha is calling Zara. Kabir smirks at Zara and leaves.

Zara is working in kitchen. Alina asks who is coming? Ruksaar says Shahbaz’s guests are coming who are very important. Ruksaar thinks today Zara will be out of house.

Kabir is busy in working, Zara calls him but he misses it. Zara thinks where is Kabir?

Ruksaar says to Zeenat that I am so happy today, I will get Kabir today as Shahbaz promised. Zeenat says why you keep trusting him, we dont know who is coming today. Ruksaar says dont worry, he will fulfill his promise today, he said I will get Kabir when he becomes head priest.

Scene 2
Irfan and Salma comes to Shahbaz’s house. Ruksaar thinks its good, they will take their daughter today. Shahbaz makes all meet his friend Haseeb, he introduces everyone to Haseeb and ssy Haseeb has good business, he introduces Ruksaar as his daughter and says she is my daughter so I want her to get married to your son Imran. All are stunned first but gets happy. Ayesha says what a happy news. Zeenat and Ruksaar are in shock. Ayesha congratulates Ruksaar. Imran’s mother says we like her, we are okay with this wedding. Shahbaz asys then proposal is confirmed. Haseeb says Imran will come in a day or two then both will see each other and we will get marriage done. Zara says to Ruksaar congrats, she makes her eat sweets and smirks. Ruksaar glares at her.

Shahbaz takes bangles from floor, he gives them to Ruksaar and says groom is a nice person, you will remain happy in that house. Zeenat says why dont you let my sister live peacefully, why you keep playing games with her. Shahbaz says what game did I play with her? Ruksaar says I was fighting with death in hospital bed when you promised me.. that game and now you are getting me married to send me away from Kabir forever.. that game. Shahbaz says it was not a game, game was what happened in Kashmir, he says remember Siraj? Ruksaar is stunned and recalls how she made Zara’s fake profile to have affair with Siraj. Shahbaz says I know everything, the way you provoked Siraj, how many times you did it, I know everything.. Ruksaar you have two options, either spend her remaining life in Kashmir’s jail or do what I want by getting married. Zeenat and Ruksaar are stunned.

Zara says to Kabir that I feel love for your father today so much, today your father looked like SRK, he brought such a nice twist by getting Ruksaar’s marriage fixed, he solved everything. Kabir says I didnt know you and Ruksaar are so good friends that you are so happy for her. Zara says its happy news, she is getting married in a nice house, Kabir says getting married to better person than me. Zara smiles at him, she sits with him and hugs him. Kabir is surprised. Zara says there is no one better than you.. she says I forgot to ask you how was your first day in sharia board. Kabir says it was good, I talked to many people about project but no one is ready to give a single penny for this nation’s people and kids but you see I will get this project done. Zara says your intentions are good, God will help you, you will find a way. She takes files from him and says its late now, close all this, get some sleep. Kabir says but.. Zara pulls him to bed and says take some rest. He lies on bed. Zara goes to close his files and thinks Kabir I will fulfill your dream Kabir, I have 1 crore of my mahar, I will invest it in your project.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that if I had money then.. Zara asys I have money and that too 1 crore. Kabir says that is mahar cheque, its burden on me, it has my father’s sign not mine, Zara looks on.
Kabir says to Shahbaz that me and Zara have decided to give mahar back. He asks her to bring cheque back.
Ruksaar says to Zara that the cheque which is already deposited in bank, how will you return it to Shahbaz? Let me show this deposit slip to Kabir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruksaar, I don’t think that shahbaz want you as his daughter in law. You made that mistake. I don’t think he ever did. He only said yes because of zeenet.
    In spoilers news, kabir is still angry with Zara. I know your pain Zara. Ruksaar well keep pouring petrol into the fire.
    I don’t know how long it well last. But I know Zara well keep on apologizing.

    1. Today I feel angry with the actor that play kabir.
      My reason for this is, he give an interview. Which he said that try and understand kabir point of view.
      You remember I wrote about the spoiler news about investor and commented about the way Zara dressed. Zara had to defend herself.
      Well what I would said to the actor that play kabir.
      When that happened to me, I felt naked, I felt as if I was dirty.
      There are times when wife’s look to their husband.
      When that husband don’t support them. What else she can.
      What men don’t understand, when someone like that comes into your home. Make comments about their wife’s. They are not respecting their own family.
      People that like to do this, is basically belittling their wife’s.
      So what I did, and Zara is defending ourselves. What I did was fighting back, belittling him instead.
      If kabir takes the money from that investor. That investor well keep on belittling him and Zara. So there is no respect.
      Men don’t understand that women are more stronger than men. We women that is born in this culture. We are born homeless. But we are fighters!
      I believe now women, well not stand for these type of insults. If men don’t stand up for their wife’s. Then more and more women would prefer divorce.
      This is what I would have like to say to the actor.
      I do understand that marriage is give and take. I do understand that in order to work the marriage. It takes both to work it.
      But I don’t agree with him on this matter.
      Only a woman would understand on how this feels.

  2. I don’t understand zeenet, the family looks alright. She should have been happy for her sister ruksaar.
    Ruksaar doesn’t deserve to go to a good family. The girl is crazy!

    1. My point excatly!!!!!!

  3. Two sisters were frustrated that they, once again, have the new obstacles making it more difficult to ruin Kabeer’s marriage. Shahbaz made a right decide to Ruksaar. I hope that he is going to help Kabeer’s business.

  4. Love today’s episode and I absolutely love that Shabaaz turned the tables on the two witches… LMAO… Shabaaz telling Rukhsar about the Kashmir fiasco was music to my ears….and the moments Kabir and Zara spent in the bedroom, where he expressed his concern that there are no donors for his project and she as wife thinking how to help her husband, so overtly concerned for him and his day at work, tugs at my heart.

  5. I loved their moment in he bedroom too. Once again Zara is showing her commitment to this marriage. Her clear support and belief in her husband show that she has totally accepted Kabir and the marriage. Kabir still seems unsure.

    1. My take on it… I think that Kabir loves his wife but doesn’t express it so unabashedly as her. His deep penetration of her eyes, his willingness to link his fingers with hers, his peaceful acceptance of being touched by her in the privacy of their bedroom, his smiles when she blushes, tells a lot but as we all know, men expresses love differently from women. While anyone can look at us and see it in our eyes, it’s because we were designed this way, we think with our hearts and it shows, while men thinks that it’s safer for them to mask their feelings, maybe it’s their egos which prevent them from expressing love the same as us women….you know Allybrew, Eisha Singh is a boss at expressing her love this time around, she’s matured so much as an actress, I’d almost believe that she actually does love her co star. They have beautiful chemistry and even though Raja is our first love, I can’t help but fall in love with Kabir too… Anyways, their moments together tells me that Kabir is reciprocative of Zara’s love but is a bit shy in verbally expressing it, considering the fact according to the script, he grew up in a strict Islamic family and had been adhering to certain practices as am unmarried man. That scene in the perfume shop in Kashmir where Zara in burqa attempting to touch him and was met with abhorrence or resistance by Kabir is an example of him not wanting to touch another woman except his wife because he certainly has no problem touching her at all. Maybe if in this world, all men practice keeping their hands off women other than their wives, we may not have so much infidelity taking place and it goes to the women also, it takes two to tango after all… Just my thoughts…

  6. kabir is still not accepted zara’s love i think so. He is just following the duties of husband.
    untill he won’t love his wife how he can understand her feeling. resposibility is different and love is different.

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