Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara ignored in Kabir’s house

Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir says to Zara that I have given you one divorce, and I will give two more on time, he leaves. Zara says I know you have a true heart and I wont let you give divorce because I cant change it.

Kabir comes to store room and tries to sleep on sofa there but at night he comes to his room and sees Zara sleeping in bed. He lies beside her and covers her with blanket. He sees her sleeping and smiles at her. Zara opens her eyes. Kabir moves away from her. Zara hugs him and touches her face with his. He tries to pull her closer but Zara moves away, he moves to her and tries to kiss her but Zara moves away. He pouts and looks away. Zara hugs him, they both smile, tu nazm namz sa plays.. it all turns out of be Zara’s dream. She wakes up and looks around for him.

Zara comes

in lounge and sees Kabir sleeping on couch. She takes files from his hands and covers him with a blanket. She says can you forget our moments together? I cant, I really love you and I cant lose you. She kisses his forehead. Zeenat sees it and thinks she has stooped this low? I will not let her succeed, I will finish her time. Shahbaz comes there and asks her to follow.

Shahbaz talks to Zeenat and asks what do you understand from what you saw? Zeenat says that Zara doesnt want divorce. Shahbaz says but I want it, I want to end their relation, I want this to end. Zeenat is shocked and says what about your dreams? how Kabir will become head priest? Shahbaz says I wanted that but I was wrong, I didnt know this girl would be like this, she made us insulted, can you help me? Zeenat says you are like my father, what to do? Shahbaz says make Zara’s life hell so much that she leaves this house before 30 days, do anything but make her leave from here. Zeenat says I want to have my revenge too, from now everyday will be a challenge for Zara in this house, she leaves.

In morning, Zara is offering prayers. Kabir starts praying too. They both look at each other.

Kabir and Zara comes to lounge. Zara is tensed. Ayesha asks her to sit with her. Zeenat gives tea to Kabir and asks why he was sleeping in hall? she says if Kabir cant stay in room because of Zara then we have to shift her room but where she will stay? Nilofar says she can stay in my room. Ayesha says I will decide where Zara will stay. Kabir says you can decide where your daughter will stay but I will decide if she will stay in my life or nor. Zara says divorce is amazing, I was daughter in law of this house, I was loved but now with this word, this house doesnt have a place for me, she wipes her tears. Ayesha says I am with you. Shahbaz glares at her so she moves away. Zara says I will find where I will stay but as per rules from Quran, Kabir has to give me rights. Kabir says sure I will give you rights written in Quran. Zara holds Ayesha’s hand.

Scene 2
Miraj says to Nilofar that you are going? She says I am going to my relatives for some days but think about your project, Zara is part of it. Miraj says I am thinking about Kabir, I can remove myself from this project but question is if Shahbaz and Kabir will put their assets on stake to remove Zara from this project.

Miraj says to Kabir that divorce is finalizing, Zara doesnt have to be a part of this project. KAbir says how to remove her? Miraj says I can either buy her stakes or I can make Zara leave this project. Kabir says where will you get money to buy her stakes? Miraj says from where I brought 1 crore to give you, Kabir says no no, I cant take more debt from you. Miraj says money is nothing about friendship, think about where and how to talk to Zara. Kabir says let me think about it. Miraj says we have to go to Kanpur. Kabir says I am not in condition to go anywhere. Miraj says this is the time to go from here, we can return in 10 days, in 30 days, its for your benefit, I am your friend so trust me, you are more important to me, this project is most important to me.

Zeenat is cooking in kitchen. Zara comes there. Zeenat says welcome daughter in law.. oh I mean you are not daughter in law anymore, you look so small now, Zara tries to cook but Zeenat takes pan from her and says I need it, wait for it. Zara mistakenly throws flour on kitchen floor. Zeenat throws water in it and makes a mess. Zara says you have made this mess and you will clean it. Zeenat says this mess will be cleaned but what about the filth that you have brought? Zara says the thing which you are called filth is called love and love have many colors but you wont understand it. She leaves. Zeenat says your life will be black and white when you wont spend night with Kabir but in some other room.

PRECAP- Zara says to Kabir that why dont you share this bedroom with me in next 30 days or you accept that you are scared you will lose to me in the darkness of night in this room? Kabir says I am not scared of anything. Zara says then give me my right, till 2nd divorce, spend 30 days with me in this room like a husband. Kabir says fine I will stay in this room with you for 30 days and then I will give you 2nd divorce.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Atiba, you really do a fantabulous service in your written updates. It’s so vivid in detail, I could feel and see everything in my minds eye. Thank you dear….

  2. Friends, today I really feel this episode, it’s as if this is reality, either the writers are too good for telly or Atiba is a literary boss… from the beginning, as I read, I’m experiencing this script, just like the countless novels I’ve read. I imagine that the actual episode will be just as what I’ve just read, from Zara’s dream to the prying eyes and vindictive spirit of Zeenat, from Shabaaz’s discreet and sinister plot with elder bahu to the breakfast spread where Zara’s hurt tears cascade down her beautiful face,I imagine..from the dirty egotistical warped mind of Kabir to discuss a private matter such as divorce with a business acquaintance to Zeenat’s taunts in the kitchen, I could actually feel the despair, painful heartbeats of Zara as she defiantly vows to protect her marriage and stay close to the husband she loves. I can imagine, to love your husband so deeply and the fear of losing him to external forces, must be a terrible doomed feeling. I can imagine this character’s feeling of helplessness that the same family which made her so included, is now shunning her because she dared to stand up for what she as an individual feels is the right thing to do. Zara has become like a guest in her own bedroom and words can’t really express how much I feel for her, as if this is me here. Writers…you all have exceeded my expectations, I’m so used to out of touch serials, I’m very pleased with the teams effort to give us such a deeply moving story where I’m sure, someone out there has faced exactly what Zara Kabir Ahmad is experiencing or facing right now in life…

  3. I imagine that Ayesha has valid reason to favor Zara over Zeenat, she must have experienced Zeenat dirty mind at work over the years..according to the serial…and friends, before Kabir had earned the title of Mulvi, he was and still is a man,first of all. Fancy titles, high social status, beautiful faces and expensive clothes doesn’t define you as a human, or man or woman..its how you interact with others, the smiles you are able to elicit from them, the kind words you speak, the way you treat your spouse, they love you give to all, the hand you hold in times of sorrow, distress and loss, makes a man out of you…Kabir could hold how many titles he wants in his community but if he cannot understand his wife’s individuality and freedom to choose or express herself, he’s not fit to be in the shoes he’s in…as things stand now, I wish..I really wish, that Miraj puts Kabir up a tree and cut it down, he’ll probably want to die or beg Zara or go in hibernation when Miraj stick it to him.

  4. Nina

    As it turns out – as it almost always turns out – Zara wasn’t alone still some days before, and she quite alone now, in deriving some awareness from remaining the word “daughter-in-law ” letting build an impassable chasm between her and Kabeer. Poor girl.

  5. All I’ve got to say is that I love the new promo, it’s hot and it gives hope for their relationship but time will tell and I really would like Zeenat to be thrown off her high horse and also for Kabeer to know exactly what his father is up to and to act appropriately to fail all his plans.

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