Ishq Subhan Allah 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara comes to Kabir’s house

Ishq Subhan Allah 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Salma that Kabir and I didnt have divorce, we cant have instant divorce, he is still my husband. Irfan reads ikha papers and says its written that if Kabir and Zara ever have a divorce then it cant be instant divorce, they will have proper divorce means that Kabir cant give her divorce in one go but he will have to say divorce three times but have to wait 30 days before saying divorce one time and then wait for another 30 days.. he has given first divorce, two other are remaining. Salma says to Zara that this is your chance, we will talk to them. Zara says no, this is my fight, my marriage so I will do what I have to. Reema says what are you going to do? Zara smiles and looks on.

Kabir opens his cupboard and says where have Zara put my jackets? who asked her to

put my jackets so safely that even I cant find them, I am sure she must have done it deliberately. Zeenat comes there and asks for breakfast. She sees his clothes thrown on bed and asks what is all this? Kabir looks on. Zeenat says seems like we have to find a second wife for you soon but dont worry this time I will find a girl for you who will not care about her country but her husband only. Kabir says thanks but I will manage. Alina brings his jackets and says Zara gave it for washing when she came here. Kabir looks on.

Kabir comes to table and says I will eat in my room from now on. He asks where is Ayesha? Alina says she is not eating since last night.

Kabir brings food to Ayesha and asks if he can come in her room? she says its your house, do what you want. Kabir says I have heard that you didnt eat anything since last night? why dont you understand that what I did was not wrong, I did it after thinking. Ayesha says you did a sin and that too deliberately, I shouldnt have gone to Zara’s house. Kabir says I thought about the divorce even before you went there, Zara and I are not compatible, we are always competing. Alina calls them.

All come in lounge, they are shocked to see Zara entering house. Zeenat says what are you doing here? you should at your home for 3 months as per islam’s rule. Shahbaz says she is right, woman shouldnt leave the place where she got divorce for 3 months. Zara says you are right but we didnt get divorce, Kabir didnt give me divorce. Kabir says I gave you divorce, Ayesha and your parents were there. Zeenat says enough of your drama, Ayesha please tell her. Ayesha says yes unfortunately I was there too. Zara says as per our nikah, he cant give me instant divorce, she shows nikah to Kabir and says I am still your wife and you are still my husband, Kabir gets angry and leaves. Zara says to Shahbaz that I didnt go to any court, media or press so can I stay here? Shahbaz says okay. Zeenat stops her and asks where she is going? Zara says to my bedroom, she leaves. Ayesha prays and smiles.

Scene 3
Zara comes to her room. Zara opens cupboard and says he hated me so much that he tried to remove my identity from here but I wont let you do that, your love is my right and I will win my right, Kabir is mine only and I will win him.

Ayesha is making Zara’s favorite biryani. Shahbaz says dont have too much hope, their relation is weak so let them handle it. Ayesha says we cant leave them alone, we are responsible for them. Shahbaz says if Kabir doesnt want to live with her then let him be, dont be against your son, what if Kabir leaves this house one day? we cant lose our son for a daughter in law, so stop with all these food.

Reema and Imran meets Kabir in a restaurant. Imran says you should solve problems with Zara. Reema says divorce is not a solution for everything.. I am sorry. Kabir says tell this to Zara, life gave her a lot of chances but she didnt take even one. Kabir leaves from there. Imran says seems like things are out of control. Reema says yes.

Zeenat is setting table for dinner. Zara tries to help her but Zeenat says let it be, you are not daughter in law of this house. Zara says seems like you didnt listen carefully, I am still Kabir’s wife and daughter in law of this house. Zeenat says things written on papers cant change relationship status, till Kabir doesnt tell me about relation with them till then you are divorced in my eyes, I am daughter in law of this house so let me work, she leaves. Zara looks on.

All sit down to have dinner, Zeenat asks Kabir to have dinner with them, Kabir says I am not hungry and leaves from there. All look on. Zara fills her plate.

Kabir comes out of washroom. Zara says please have dinner, it will be cold. Kabir glares at her. Kabir says to Zara that when I told you I dont want to see you then why are you doing this? you dont have answer now? Zara hold his hands and says because this is my life and I want to see you in my life. Kabir says I am not hungry. Zara smiles and says you should eat, you know instant divorce is banned in India, I can file a case on you. Kabir says you are right, instant divorce is banned and our nikah says against it but you know giving divorce is not wrong? if not instant divorce then divorce which is right as per our religion and your thoughts? Zara is stunned. Kabir says I have already given you one divorce, you will get other two with time too, Zara is hurt to hear that.

PRECAP- Zara says to herself that I wont let this divorce happen, I know you have a true heart and changing it might be difficult but not impossible. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The next track is quite predictable, zara will fight for her marriage and will try to change kabir’s mind but things will not work out and kabir will end up giving divorce. Then kabir will realise his mistakes and will try to win back zara, he will have trouble but she will forgive him. After that will come the problem of halala nikah.
    Colors tv show beinteha showed to same concept with zain and aliya, and it was heartbreaking to see aliya marrying another man just to be lawfully zain’s wife after divorce. But those track are necessary so couples can understand the severity of divorce and be aware for the consequences of words told in anger.

  2. Oh Zara, babying him is not the answer. You are feeding kabir more ego. I am not saying to have a fight, but you should play more clever. You can’t save your marriage by yourself. Like the person said the other day. So sorry again, I can’t remember your name. It takes both of you to save your marriage.
    Kabir is not a team player, Zara won’t be happy if everything has to go his way. Like kabir mother is not happy. At least salma has a say. Zara day do take her view. It not the same for kabir parents. divorce is a right, if kabir still want to divorce you. Throw a divorce party, and call it good riddance to bad rubbish.
    I did, just with my friends.

    1. Hi Sister, it’s all right. I’m just glad that you appreciate my comment. I also see that you picked on on something that I have been wondering about for a while and that is the relationship between Kabir’s parents. I dont know about you but I get the feeling that the reason Ayesha loves Zara so much is because Zara is everything she wanted to be but couldn’t because she has a husband who subtly controls her.

      1. Agree! So sorry for forgetting your name.
        I was thinking about for some time now, both women’s have the same ideas.
        Sometimes I think kabir want to control Zara. Just like his father did to his mother.

  3. The nerve of Kabir to tell his mother that he and Zara has never been compatible even from the beginning… WTH… All those sweet nothings in Zara’s ears on the honeymoon and after tells him that they are not compatible?? Seriously Kabir?? Something has to be wrong with his brains… Even telling her that he did for her because of love and not duty…so basically all those beautiful moments with Zara was a mistake for him??? ???????

  4. Kabir sure is acting pricey…and that Zeenat, don’t you all feel like shooting her??? Also, I just don’t understand Zara at all, why is she like a dog behind Kabir, she should leave him on his own….but picture yourself in Zara’s position ladies, it’s frightening to love a man this deeply and thinking you could lose him or he isn’t interested or shunning your efforts to heal the relationship!!! How do you handle such a situation? I think I’d die inside, I wouldn’t be able to see, sleep, think, breathe properly and worse yet if I’m in such close confines of the bedroom, I could try something na…I’d surely seduce him, something’s gotta work…however, it’s not a nice feeling to be in love with a man with Kabir’s temperament, I’d be walking on egg shells and that’s not a good thing, that’s a killer situation.

    1. Hi Naz,
      Need to ask you a question?
      The three mouths thing, when you become a divorcee. You have to stay at your parents home, you can’t show your face to anyone.
      Well when I got divorce, I didn’t stay at home for 3 mouth. The first thing I did, I was angry at my mother. You know that I have parents issues. Well I went out and got some sweetmeats. I told the neighbour in the street to come out. Because I got some good news for them. So I give each a sweetmeat. I told them to eat it, because it good news. Which they did. Then one of them asked what is the good news. I said that the good news is that I divorced my husband.
      They where shocked, then I asked them would they like another one.
      I didn’t do the 3 mouth thingy, because some say. You can go our and do your job or whatever. But for 3 mouth you can’t marry.
      No one told me to stay at home, I think I would have had an heart attack. The thought of staying at home with my mother.
      What did you do?

      1. Sister, my case went like this… I had filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. My mother was very supportive of my decision because I reminded her that I did protest against marrying the husband they give to me, before the marriage. I do have my own house so I didn’t go anywhere, he was free to leave. When the divorce was filed, the lawyer for the Islamic divorce council paid us a home visit to serve him procedural documents and when he left, I had to deal with a man who possessed traits like Kabir’s… it was bad but I wasn’t budging on my decision. We had 3 months to try working things out but I had had enough and desired my freedom. The day of the divorce he didn’t even turn up to defend himself from my concerns and I was granted the divorce in seconds because the judge was irate that he didn’t have the courtesy to represent himself on such an important issue. I became a divorced woman and I was one of the happiest woman alive…. The triple talak law wasn’t applied to my case, the law of the land which recognises this Islamic proceedings and because I was lawfully wedded, solved the issue of triple talak. However, there are those in our community who only marry off their children through the nikkah ceremony and don’t think it’s required to register the marriage, resort to the triple talak to divorce themselves of the marriage. In my view, they are the ones who have made a mockery of the institution of marriage because in a couple months or weeks, they remarry…what nonsense is that huh!!! I wouldn’t allow any of my children to marry using the nikkah law alone, they have to be lawfully wedded according to the law of the land, in my humble opinion. Yesterday, one viewer spoke about divorced women in her country and said that they weren’t discriminated or shunned in any way or something to that effect, and here it’s the same fact for reasons I won’t explain, I believe that the majority of divorced women do come across as desirable to other men. The world’s thinking have changed to some extent in this regard and divorced women do get it right second time around, not all though….but in regressive thinking societies, they are shunned and are treated most horribly. Thank goodness, in my country it’s not a bad thing. If you need any more clarifications, I’m willing to exchange thoughts.

      2. The 3 mouth staying at home, not showing your face it like degrading women.
        I never heard it. Why can’t women go out and continue with her life.
        It like your a divorcee, you have bought shame to the family.
        If this show wants to be forward thinking. I know that there are who feel like shame has happened to them. But it not for all, I was happy, you where happy. I just hope that the writers do see these comment. Take the show in a better direction.
        Thank you for replying.

  5. Nina

    An instant divorce method available only to men is clear discrimination of women. One more time Zara has shown her love for Kabir. But he doesn’t understand that nobody will love him so much.

  6. How can zeenat treat Zara so badly
    There is no support for Zara.
    Even motherin law is controlled by her husband.

  7. Everyone have made great point.
    Zara think that if she be sweet to kabir, it won’t work.
    I am glad that they show that marriage isn’t all happy ending.
    But I would like them to keep it real life.
    If this show is about women right, then show women right. I don’t know any women’s that is a divorcee, went back to their ex.

  8. What the hell has happened to Kabir……??

  9. OK I really like Zara now I didn’t watched as I have my exams but plz???don’t make this show like beinteha it doesn’t make any sense by copying other shows I hope writers don’t spoil kabir character hope to see zabir together soon

  10. Used to like kabir.. But now he is nothing but an egoistic bastard. Can’t let a women have her freedom and identity…. Is this what islam is all about.. Zara should fight against the divorce and make him realize he is surrounded by wrong people including his father and later he should try and woo Zara, but Zara should not forgive him

  11. In all serials they show women as superpower lady can take n number of problems on head and solve them…the big joke is they can’t handle their husband only…if she is expecting that he has to accept her as she is then y can’t she accept him how he is…if she can do what she wants he also can do what he wants…respect should be between both rather then expecting from husband only…n Kabir’s mother I just don’t understand her if she has 2 daughter in law she has to see both of them equally giving more importance to one n insulting other will lead a major clash in family…

    1. Exactly, she should try to understand Kabir since he’s a mulvi. Ruksar understood him. Before he found out about Ruksar’s evil deeds, he said that Hamdan is lucky to have a wife like her. I thought that I was the only one to observe Kabir mom’s behavior towards the 2 daughters- in-law. I like what Shabaaz told her, when she was busy cooking dum biriyani. But I don’t think Kabir will divorce Zara, he knows it is a sin, unless she really really ticks him off. Saying things like, l can file a case on you. She already testified against him, hurting his feelings.

      1. I meant Kabir will not divorce Zara.

  12. I just want to know if the latest spoilers are true, apparently Kabeer will want to get married to Nilofer just to stop Zara and prove that she means nothing to him and from the clip that I have seen, he’s packing his things to move out of his room and Zara was trying to stop him. I was so looking forward to see how they would handle staying in the same room but if this show is going down the getting married to another person for both of them track, then it will be like all the other serials on Zee and that is what I didn’t want to see, wanted to see something different in this serial, but will wait and hopefully the spoilers will be wrong and the writers will surprise me.

    1. By right, Kabir needs Zara’s permission before he takes another wife.

    2. Topaz, the spoilers are drving me a little crazy, They are predicting everything from Zara leaving and returning after a leap with Kabir’s baby to her marrying Marij. I think the clip you saw was Kabir packing because he does not want to share the bedroom with Zara while he tries to divorce her. However she will manage to use his own ego against him and he agrees to stay.

  13. What really is Kabir’s attraction? He is insulting, insensitive and warped in his thinking. It seems as if he has taken Zara for a ride, appearing to agree with her views initially, seeming to develop feelings of love but now completely reversing those initial leanings. As if he was simply playing her along. Really Zara he does not deserve you. His thinking is too deepseated, too ingrained. He would crush your spirit. Indeed Zara is much better of without him.

  14. If Kabir is standing up for her principles, why is it so wrong if Zara does? I thought Kabir respected women. So sorry to say we still have such egoistical people in our society. If I was in Zara’s situation, I would marry a person who would respect her the way she is. Kabir should have married Rukhsar, someone who would be a puppet in his hands.

  15. Seriously, Kabir needs a tight slap on the face..he thinks he’s right and perfect that others’ opinions dont matter and not right..c’mon, wake up that thick skull of yours and try to realize that you’re not right either..easier for him to point Zara’s mistake but not his in the world did Zara ever end up with a guy like him? Zara you’re just too nice..hope your angry husband will realize that asap.

  16. I fail to see how Kabir’s temperament, decisions and actions can be justified by some, this is condoning such behavior. He wanted a submissive wife, he didn’t marry one, he should blame his dad who played chess with his son’s life all because of status ,and egotistical men thrive on women like this, this is how to stroke their manly pride. They say opposites attract, yes, but here it’s a different case, here Kabir believe that Zara should always agree and bend backwards to accept his wishes…agreeing with everything doesn’t make it right, whatever happened to Zara being an individual and having ideas of her own? If the world had men of Kabir’s thinking alone, women would never progress in life we’d forever be doormats, housekeepers and baby making machines. If I remember correctly, Zeenat has always been subtly sarcastic and insulting to Ayesha since the beginning and it became discernible when Zara entered the picture because she wanted her sister to marry Kabir and both of them would rule the roost. It took the advent of Kabira’s marriage, to uncover the emotional traits of the psycho Rukhsar, nothing stays hidden for long. Rukhsar doesn’t have brain damage of sort, she’s fully aware that he’s married but desired to have s*xual relations with him without marital status, only a whore does that..pardon my French… It’s true that Zeenat is treated unfairly by Ayesha but she isn’t Ms Submissive either…why does she have opinions when it suits her when it comes to issues around Zara? She’s unable to contain her mouth and words but she has a problem with Zara expressing her own ideas!! What prejudice!! Sigh….Rukhsar’s plans should come back to haunt her, if Nilofer is married to Kabir, Rukhsar and Nilofer will cancel each other out because Rukhsar at the moment cannot bear to see Kabir with another woman…much less the woman she hired. Point to be taken also…Zeenat has been an enabler and instigator in Rukhsar’s criminal deeds all along, who can forget the planning and financial aid Zeenat gave to Rukhsar to kill Zara in Kashmir? Who thinks Ayesha has forgotten that? Does a good daughter in law partake of such atrocities? Before castigating Ayesha…Zeenat isn’t smelling like roses either… Both sisters are crazy loonies and Ohhh, whatever happened to the threat to Zeenat’s son’s life by Miraj? Has she forgotten?, she should give her husband some attention and affection, he’s almost nonexistent…

  17. Rukhsar is a reflection of her sister and her upbringing….after all, Zeenat nurtured Rukhsar from a tender age and took it for granted that Kabir will marry her sister. If two children grow up in such close proximity, shouldn’t that relationship be considered as a brother/ sister one?? As it turned out….this little girl grew up at the hands of a sister, to fantasize about bagging Kabir as a husband…??

  18. so agree with you Naz, Zeenat is deserving of the way Ayeasha has been treating her with her behaviour from the very first episode when she laughed at Zara’s mother when she became upset with at the condition Zara arrived home in. The way she treated Ayeasha after Zara and Kabir’s marriage was fixed. the person she should have been insulting is Shabbaz but she wouldnt dare so that. Then there was that stunt she pulled with the Quran when Zara first entered the house. Not to mention that she almost killed her son forcing him to fast. No wonder Ayeasha shows a preference for Zara.

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