Ishq Subhan Allah 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara and Kabir not divorced

Ishq Subhan Allah 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir says to Zara that lets get freedom from this relationship, I Kabir Ahmed gives you divorce.. divorce.. divorce.. He throws money bag at her feet. Zara is in tears. She looks on his eyes and recalls their moments, their intimate memories. Kabir glares at her. Ayesha is tensed but grabs Kabir and slaps him hard. Ayesha says I am ashamed to call myself your mother. Kabir is shocked. Ayesha cries and kisses Zara’s hand, she says you were daughter in law thats why you were my daughter but from today, you are only my daughter, if you can then.. please. Se breakdowns and leaves from there. Kabir glares at Zara, says bye and starts leaving, he looks at her one last time and leaves. Zara is in shock and tries to control herself. Irfan and Salma weeps.

Ayesha is waking in

rain. She recalls Kabir giving divorce to Zara. Kabir comes there and tries to stop her. Its raining heavily. Kabir asks her to come with him, I will listen to you at home. Ayesha says stop it, you broke relation with Zara after giving her divorce but you broke relation with your mother too, you broke it, she leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zara is sadly sitting in lounge. Salma says to Irfan that I was dreading this day, I was afraid to see this day.. it was in our daughter’s fate. Salma grabs Zara and slaps her hard. Salma says you loved to become leader of women, you became a leader but are you Zara Kabir Ahmed or Zara Siddiqui? you lost your husband because of all this, how will you live your life now? what will you do? till when your parents be with you? till when we will live for you? what we will do now? how will we meet people? Irfan is in shock, he holds heart and faints. All rush to him. Salma goes to bring water. Salma asks Zara to stay away from him, we dont need you. Salma makes Irfan drink water.

Alina is making a welcome poster with roses for Zara. Zeenat says food is ready. Alina says can we wait for Kabir and Zara. Zeenat says food will be cold. Alina says just wait a little bit more. They see Ayesha coming in house in a disheveled state, all soaked in rain, she stumbles.. Shahbaz rushes to her. Hamdan covers her with shawl. Ayesha pushes them away and says nothing is right, what never happened in our family, that was done by our son. Shahbaz asks what did he do? Ayesha says Kabir has given divorce to Zara. All are stunned. Kabir comes there. Ayesha says ask him why did he do that? Kabir says what about me? you think she is innocent? she is stubborn, she just wants to live as per her own but what about me? Kabir says do you know your son’s condition? from the moment I met her, y life have been a storm, I have gone mad, I took a right decision and I will follow it. Innocent my foot, dont take my and her name together in this house from now on, he leaves. Ayesha breakdowns.

Zara recalls how Kabir divorced her, she cries. Reema comes there. Zara hugs her and cries. Reema makes her sit down and says you dont look good crying, I know what happened was not nice. Zara says I misunderstood Kabir, I thought he loved me. Reema says he loves you a lot but.. Zara says no, if he loved me then he wouldnt have done this, love makes relation but he broke all relations a blink, that is not love. Reema says he might have misunderstanding. Zara says men can have misunderstanding but women will tagged with divorce thorn, this is a justice of this society? Zara says I am not like that, I wont let anyone play with my life even if its Kabir. Zara leaves from there.

Imran says to Kabir that how dare you do that? I am ashamed to call you my friend. Kabir says I did what I thought was right, I am not in mood to hear all that. Imran says I feel pity for you, truth is that you dont deserve to be Zara’s husband. Kabir says you might think that Zara is a very nice girl but we were not compatible, we were married under pressure, this relation had to break so it broke, Imran says this is wrong. Kabir says if you want to be on Zara’s side like mom then do it. Imran says what are you saying? Kabir says I cant do anything else. Miraj comes there and says you might have separated Zara from yourself but she is still a part of our project, what we will do about that? Kabir gets angry and goes to washroom. Miraj smirks.

Shahbaz comes to Irfan’s doctor and says I feel ill, I have my doctor but he is on leave so can you check me? Doctor checks his blood pressure and says Irfan had to come here today, he got heart attack, his blood pressure fluctuates a lot. Shahbaz says oh, please take care of him. Doctor checks him and says you are fine.

Irfan is sleeping, Salma takes his calls and says he is sleeping. Salma opens TV.

Shahbaz gets a call and turns on TV.

Reporter says that Zara stood up for instant divorce and now her husband gave her divorce and Kabir proved that religion is above every relation. Salma is watching it on TV, Irfan wakes up so she turns off. Reporter Zara raised voice against women not given right to pray in mosque and now we have to see if Zara will stand up for her rights or not. Shahbaz and family sees report, Ayesha says see filth thrown from us is now a national news. Nilofar recalls how she had sold out the news and gave money to reporter to exploit it.
Zara says to Reema that how do media get to know about our family issues? Zara thinks about it. Kabir sees report too. Reporter says that when instant divorce is banned in islam then why is it still practiced? Zara thinks and looks on.

Zara says to Salma and Irfan that Kabir and I didnt have divorce because instant divorce cant happen as per rules now, she shows them memorandum and their nikah. Zara says Kabir is still my husband and smiles.

PRECAP- Zara comes to Kabir’s house with her stuff, all are shocked. Zara says to Kabir that you souldnt have given me instant divorce. She shows him their nikah papers. Kabir is stunned.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yes Zara…you go girl….Kabir needs a dose of reality and their marriage contract has the correct solution ….good episode and just as I’ve said, Nilofer is too confident and too much isn’t rewarding.. and thank goodness we have a woman like Zara whose brain thinks further than Kabir’s…I knew she would smell a rat, i thought that kabir would have but there must be someone who’s giving up to date and personal information so quickly and they have to be living in the same house. Now her detective nose will go for the kill and just like how she cracked the Kashmir case, so too she do that here. Go Zara go….

  2. Sister, I imagine that the heated conversation with Salma, Irfan and Zara would evoke some unpleasant memories for you….be happy that you know your worth.

    1. Thank You Naz, for your kind words.

  3. You see girls, a contact is a contact. Even Allah said, what ever is in the contact. You have to follow. It a promise!
    Remember how I told you guy about my divorce. The kaji told me, that I am not divorced. Also when I filed divorce, that my ex can challenge it. It work both way. Kabir should have waited for 3 mouth, because in the Islamic law 3 mouth is to check if the wife is pregnant. Of course kabir is not that type of Muslim. I don’t know what type of Muslim he is.
    I hate Zara mother, I feel sorry for Zara. I feel sorry for kabir mother, to have a son and husband like that.

    I hope Zara show kabir hell, this is what he deserves. But I don’t want Zara to feel sorry for kabir. Also what she did before. You know I have to please kabir. Because Zara won’t get any where. This is no time to play nice Zara, you have given kabir the most support in this marriage. Yes kabir defends you against goons. But when it came to marriage, it his way or the high way.
    But I hope Zara get her own back at him.
    I still think Zara should leave kabir.

  4. Leisa s morris

    It would b greatly satisfying if after giving her talak zara now owns everyting of kabir due to their nikah. Afterall he went against d legally binding decision dey made at d time of nikah and he should b punished and shabazz should see d results of his plotting and end up with nothing cause now kabir should b permanently banned on bein head priest until zara wished/willed it. Im waitin to c nxt episode I so luv zara she is a complete opposite to these other characters in serials. Yes she luvs her husband but she stands for wat is right despite d consequences. Kabir needs to realized how much of an egotistical jack–s he is and stop usin religion as he understands it.

  5. Men can take the liberty to divorce their wives nonchalantly because they hardly have much to loose. Us women feel the pain, rejection, shame, disgrace and criticism. Here Zara has to swallow her pride and dignity to force herself back in a home where she was rejected by her husband. If your husband can shame you by dragging you out of your married house and degrade your dignity to bring you back to your parents house is someone of no class. If The writers wants to portray a story of this caliber I think they should not use a respectable family as Kabirs to stoop this low. Kabir was brought up in a respectable home and his actions does not suit that of his upbringing and furthermore he is headed to become a man of god where people will have to ask for his advise etc. . We need to love Kabir not hate him :). Sure… I know the writers want to portray that this type of thing happens in rich and poor families. Male dominance is prevalent in every culture be it if its a respectable or non respectable family. Men feel that their manhood will shrivel if the woman makes a decision for the home and they were not included. Marriage is a partnership not a war. Zara needs to uphold her dignity in order for Kabir to respect her. She should not grovel at his feet.

    1. I agree with you. Zara is a bit too dominant. I just wonder how much she loves Kabir, how could she testify against him. Perhaps Kabir is hanafi suni, and being a mulvi he has to follow the rules. Women do not go to the mosque on Eid and Jummah days, they go for jalsa, Prophet’s birthday etc. another thing is Zara won because her dad is qazi. (Nepotism) she should think more about her husband’s feelings. I don’t know what writers want to portray. But so far Kabir and Zara is like day and night.

    2. Fatima Mohammed Bello

      In my country, a divorced woman has nothing to feel ashamed about. In fact, almost immediately you will find someone willing to marry her. There is no stigma attached to divorce. It’s not the woman’s fault.

  6. Lakshmi, just this morning I was thinking that we haven’t touched base for a week or so and then I saw your comment. Even though I think I know much, I really don’t. You used one word …”privilege ” in your comment and a revelation hit me and truth be told, some things are hiding in plain sight but still escape the mind…this triple talak law has it’s positive side too..and you reminded me of it, I believe that I was only looking at the negative side to it all this time. Then I read HALIMA’S reply to another comment and truth be told one has ever explained it so succinctly, deftly, accurately and clear to me so that I could see it’s logic, as she had. We certainly have logically women on our forum… I’m happy to see more viewers commenting on this forum, they do have so much to offer those who don’t understand some things pertaining to the Islamic religion…also, i do agree with your perspective concerning the similarities in the Hindu and Islamic religion. One thing I’ve noticed in all the serials, whenever ther are controversial issues rearing its head in the story, it garners a lot of discussion and viewers comments…I think this is what the creative teams thrive on, they throw out something and we all have to say our piece so we take to the forums to vent our frustration, hence the greater number of move huh… btw, I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of ZKM season 2 and it’s interesting, however, I’ll not be commenting there, the discussion is too far off for me to join in, I know you’ll understand..

  7. Smart move Zara, give Kabir one hell of a life… and Nilofer, better watch it girl because truth always triumphs. You can try all you want to destroy Zara’s life, but she will always win.

  8. I think that Zara has more power now and it’s going to be satisfying to see Kabir come down his high horse…egotistical man!!! I’d love to see Shabaaz, Nilofer, Zeenat Miraj and most of all.. Rukhsar’s faces when they hear that the divorce can’t take place but I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see episode. The love Ayesha has for Zara is mesmerizing, what a MIL…awesome lady…and she loves her so much, she can bequeath all her wealth to her… What a shock for Kabir meah..

  9. Nina

    What a pity two mothers how much tears and pain they are got out of the beloved children

  10. Well this is my take on this, Kabeer is too smart not to remember that he cannot divorce Zara using triple talaq therefore i think he was testing Zara’s commitment to him and their marriage, he wanted to see if she would fight for him and their marriage with the same passion that she has opposed him publicly on certain issues. And it got her back home without him having to back down therefore am eagerly awaiting their clashes as both needs a wake-up call but i gotta love Ayesha.

    1. Topaz, I also think that Kabir could be testing Zara because after the decision in the mosque, he told her he would rather die than testify against him so he could be wanting to see of she’ll fight for him pretty her marriage with the same gusto, expect clashes while they move about the house. As for Zeenat, she needs to mind her damn business, pushes her mouth in anything concerning Zara she needs to have conversations with her husband, he’s almost insignificant and I can’t remember what his voice sounds like….

  11. how can a doctor discuss confidential matters about a patient to someone else? Ridiculous

    where is zeenat’s husband ?

  12. Lakshmi you are right about men regardless of religion, education, rich, or poor are all egoistic. marriage is not all that it is portrayed to be. a lot of men cannot or do not know how to deal with strong women.

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