Ishq Subhan Allah 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir divorces Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ayesha says to Shahbaz that Kabir and Zara should be enjoying life but they fight like elders, Kabir doesnt even listen to me, I asked to bring her back but he didnt listen. Shahbaz asks if she needs anything from him? Ayesha says I want your permission to handle this issue and bring Zara back with hope to settle things down. Shahbaz says do what you want.

In morning, Kabir brings a bag to lounge. Ayesha brings her bag. Kabir asks where she is going? Ayesha says I am going to my daughter in law’s house, I kept asking you to bring my daughter in law here again and again but you didnt listen so if Zara cannot come here then I can go to her.. Kabir is stunned. Ayesha says if you want to meet me then you have to come to Zara’s house, bye. All are shocked. Alina tries

to stop her but Ayesha leaves. Kabir asks Shahbaz to make her listen. Zeenat says I am not shocked, dont know what magic Zara has done on her that she listens to her only, she went to mosque behind Zara, she is standing against you today, your mother is against you to be with her daughter Zara, I didnt see it happen before, dont know what else we will see now, she leaves. Shahbaz gets a call and says I am coming, yes stay there, he ends call and says I have a business meeting, I am leaving, he leaves. Kabir looks on.

Ayesha comes to Zara’s house. Salma hugs her and says you came here without informing us but you have made us so happy. Zara runs and hugs her. Ayesha asks how is she? Zara says great, I am happy to see you here. Ayesha asks her servant to put her things in a room. Servant asks in which room? Ayesha says put it in my daughter’s room, I have left my son to live with my daughter if you dont mind Salma. Salma says we can never deny happiness, you did today as a mother in law that I couldnt do as a mother. Ayesha says daughters are a shadow of mothers and your daughter is so nice that can make relations with anyone. Zara hugs Salma and Ayesha and says I am so lucky to have two mother. She takes Ayesha to her room. Irfan asks Salma if she is happy now? if a mother in law cant stay away from her daughter in law then Kabir cant stay away too.

Imran says to Kabir that now Ayesha is involved in this too, you should forget all this and end this matter. Kabir glares at him. Imran says wives are a pride of husbands, this is your chance to bring your wife back as your mother is there too, bring her here and talk to her here. Miraj says no Kabir, men have respect too, think if you go there then you will have no respect, I think Zara should bow down this time. Kabir says I am not going there to bring her back, I will not wait for her to return, I have thought something else, he leaves. Miraj smirks.

Zara says to Ayesha that your respect have increased in my eyes, you are the only mother in law who cares about her daughter in law more than her son, Ayesha says you are an ideal woman, I want to make Alina like you. Zara says I will cry. Ayesha says you and Kabir both are parts of my heart so you both cant stay away like this, you are waiting for Kabir but see I have come to take you so should we go back? Zara says my heart says that Kabir will come to take me, we can wait till today, if Kabir doesnt come then we will go tomorrow, just wait till today. Ayesha says I pray that you both get together and you give me a nice, beautiful and thoughtful grand-daughter like you.

Irfan calls Shahbaz and says a lot happened in these days, Ayesha is here so I wanted to invite you, family and Kabir over a dinner. Shahbaz says I can come but I am not sure about Kabir, I will tell later, he ends call. Irfan says to Salma that he didnt answer properly, seems like they dont want to come.

Kabir is in his room, he recalls his fights with Zara, Zara’s arguments over islam against him, her asking if he has to choose divorce way then which way he will choose? Kabir saying instant divorce.. then after their marriage, Zara going against him, giving statement against him.. he gets angry and falls down. He lies on floor and says everything is clear now, storm is gone, what I have thought is just and right. He smirks, takes out money bag and looks on.

Kabir is knocking on Miraj’s door. Miraj asks him to come in, he asks if everything is fine.. Kabir says I want money, Miraj says why? Kabir says I cant tell you the reason but I want money. Miraj says okay, gives him the money bag. Kabir thanks him. Miraj asks where are you going with this money? Kabir says to rectify a mistake, he leaves.

Kabir is leaving house, alina asks where he is going? Kabir says to Zara’s house, he leaves. Alina calls Zara and says Kabir is coming to your house. Zara says really? alina says he must be coming to pacify you. Zara says to Ayesha and Salma that Kabir is coming to take me. Ayesha says I pray you both have happiness, Salma prays to God. Ayesha says to Salma that I was thinking to make Zara bride of Kabir again and take her from here. Salma says you are right, I will not cry in her bidai this time. Zara hugs them both.

Kabir is going to Zara’s home. Zara gets dressed as a bride. She hears a car honk. Salma and Ayesha brings Zara to lounge. Kabir enters Zara’s house. Servant greets him. Irfan comes there and hugs him. Kabir is in a daze. He sees Zara coming down as a bride. Zara smiles at him and greets him. Kabir comes to Ayesha and says lets go. Ayesha says Zara will go with us. Kabir says no only you come with us. Ayesha says Zara became bride for you. Kabir says I am requesting you to come with me, dont be stubborn, I have come to take you only. All are stunned. Kabir starts leaving with Ayesha but Ayesha jerks her hand back. Ayesha says to Kabir that I am not changing my decision because you are here, if I am going then Zara is going with me. Kabir says okay I wanted to talk to Zara alone but I will talk infront of all now, I am coming. He brings money bag and comes to Zara. Kabir says listen to me carefully, he holds her hand. Kabir asks Zara if she can change her thinking, her ways, her rules for him? think about it. All look on. Salma hints her to nod yes. Zara shakes her head. Kabir says from the time we met, we only agreed on one thing that we shouldnt marry. Kabir says to Zara that the relation which doesnt make you or me happy then we should get freedom from it. I, Kabir Ahmed gives divorce to Zara Ahmed. all are shocked. Irfan whimpers Kabir.. Kabir opens money bag and it has Zara’s mahar amount. Kabir says I give you divorce, divorce, divorce. Zara is in daze.

PRECAP- Zara says to Reema that divorce can be stamped on a woman’s face, this is men’s justice? Reema says forget about what happened, move on. Zara says no, I cannot sit silently and let others do what they want with my life, I will take charge or it even if its Kabir on the other end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So it’s just an another show ,with only a women to be strong n brainy always ,n the man just an egoistic person ,,,,loved this serial due to the concept but not from now on..kabir is a person who can woo any girl only with his looks n nothing more ,he’s just an another normal egoistic man,,,,,am not insulting any men in reality ,just the men in serials are always conveyed to b egoistic n am just against it.

    1. Totally agree and i think this show should have been other way around. kabir should have been portrayed as supportive husband and fought it with Zara for all women’s rights including triple talak. The writer should have shown how Kabir is supporting Zara and sent a message of women empowerment. Kabir has too much ego, angry and not in favour of women at all. Father seems to be playing games and the other ladies who are totally evil, Rukhsara and the sister.

  2. so this how a Muslim society works…i hope people still watch this show to change their perspective about men… matter how much time a women had spent giving all his life to one man but she never know she can end up being the most disrespectful women in this society ( a divorcee) at any time by a man…through this show i got to learn a lot Thanks to ISA team and zee to create such an amazing content…Thumbs up

  3. Zara, Kabir is not worth your love and tears. Fight for women. Wrong message to audience. Writer is wrong writing in this day and age this kind of script where women’s right are being fought and this fight of Zara should have been supported by Kabir to show the audience we need to change our mindset.

  4. But in islam 3 divorce means never again for couple until woman remarry other men then divorce her .then kkabir and Zara could marry

    1. In islam 3 divorce cant be tell at once. After once they have to stay together for at least 3 months then only he can say second

      1. Yes that is true, Zara can challenge this. Because in her marriage contract. Which said that they both have to agree with the divorce.

        I agree with Zara friend, it is best to move on.

    2. Totally agree and i think this show should have been other way around. kabir should have been portrayed as supportive husband and fought it with Zara for all women’s rights including triple talak. The writer should have shown how Kabir is supporting Zara and sent a message of women empowerment. Kabir has too much ego, angry and not in favour of women at all. Father seems to be playing games and the other ladies who are totally evil, Rukhsara and the sister.

  5. By the time Kabir realises the truth of this situation, it’ll be too late because now divorce has happened and the conspiracy between Shabaaz and Miraj (remember that meeting they had together in the cafe in which the conversation was muted) to allow Kabir to ascend the head Qazi’s chair…Shabaaz’s only objective, has come to fruition. What is left now is a divorced Zara who cannot remarry Kabir as per Islamic law, unless she marries another man post divorce…so Miraj most likely would offer marriage and I want to see how Kabir handles this now, by now the conspiracy will start to divulge it’s signs and become visible ,enough to allow Kabir to smell a rat or maybe Zara will discover this first, in her fight to reclaim her lost marriage.

    1. Are you trying to say that Miraj will try to marry Zara? But Why?

      1. Tejas, don’t ask me why this rule exists OK, all I know is that in Islam one cannot remarry a spouse immediately after a divorce, the individual has to marry another and if it does or doesn’t work out if he or she would prefer to remarry original spouse, they would then require to divorce the 2nd spouse before remarrying the first. Does this make sense? Although I’m a Muslim, I fail to see the logic in this practice. That’s why it’s not wise to make such decisions in haste without thinking of the ramifications of such a deed. A marriage should be irretrievably broken down or there must be a platform where there’s irreconcilable differences before decisions like divorce is done. What Kabir is doing here comes across more like his inflated ego, pride and misogyny are doing the talking and I’m still hoping that this is his plan.

    2. Yes, that is right. Zara has to marry to someone else. But I hope that Zara doesn’t marry miraj. Kabir is an idiot, his ego is the problem.
      But it also our woman fault as well. We always put son, husband, before our own needs. We let them to walk over us.
      We treat our daughter like if they are burden.
      Look what happened today Zara made herself pretty for kabir. Kabir throw right at her face.
      It doesn’t matter what religion you are. Our culture is the problem!

      The fight has to start from somewhere. If we woman don’t do this, more girls well suffer.
      Do you know what, I don’t want Zara to be with kabir or any other men. Divorce is a blessing, especially for me. I thanks Allah for divorce. For giving us the right to walk away from a heartless marriage.

      I know many Hindu girls who can’t divorce, because their religion don’t allow them to. It the country law that allows them to do this.
      Yes instant divorce is bad, but it shows us. Is this man worthy of us, for me no!
      Why would anyone want to be with someone like that.
      Naz, you are a divorcee, just like me. We have shown the world. That we are fighters! We made it threw the other side. We don’t need a husband to feed us, to cloth us. To protect us. As long we are in Allah grace, that is all we need.
      Allah help everyone, no Matter what religion they are. Allah never let anyone fall. If someone dose fall, Allah help them to get up.
      This is marriage, it take two to make it work. I agree with someone that said this yesterday.
      There are many ways to get back with your first husband. One the marriage contract. 2 if you said it in anger, but you realised that you made a mistake.
      3. If you can prove a third party that cause you to divorce your wife. I am not going to lie. This is going to hard to prove. It what zeenat, ruksaar, miraj, and kabir dad is doing.
      4. If your wife is pregnant, you can’t divorce a pregnant woman in Islam.
      I hope that you all see this comment

      1. Sister, many thanks for points that negate a divorce in Islam. For me you just opened the door to number of ways the writers can take Zara and Kabir’s story forward.

  6. I know I’ve said this before but I’m happy that this serial is exposing what happens in the Islamic community. Majority of the menfolk think the women’s opinions don’t matter when it comes to any decisions to be taken and we must keep our minds occupied with pleasing their husbands, minding the house and taking care of the children. In my experience in observing Hindu families in my country, the men pride themselves in giving the women the upper hand in decision making, although they don’t bestow all responsibilities on their shoulders, they treat them like the Lakshmi in the home where their opinions mean very much and the sanctity of the marriage rituals are powerful which should take them through an entire lifetime and beyond. Divorce is common in Islamic marriage while the heads of the Hindu organizations frown upon divorces although it does occur in pertinent situations. The young men and women in the Islamic community here, marry very early in life and before they are 30yrs old, they are remarried twice already because it’s so easy to say talak thrice and the divorce has taken place. Some of them perform nikkah ceremony only and don’t register it according to the law of the land, while others do both. If you have a young couple trying to get to know each other, they say it’s best to nikkah to prevent sins but with hormones raging in the youths, getting to know each other goes to another level and somewhere down the road one of them realises that things aren’t the same as it was I’m the beginning so they part ways and by this time, the honey has already left the moon!!! Is this right practice?? I say NO!! I’m happy to see what is happening here now… The public is being sensitised as to some of the inequalities in the Islamic community… Thanks to the creative team…

    1. Vekariya Pinal ratilal

      I agree with you

      1. Thanks.. I try to give credit where it’s due and when I believe that something is not right doesn’t matter if you are close to me or not, I’ll poin’t it out to you but that doesn’t mean that I’ll not speak to you after…this is what I refer to as agreeing to disagree without being offensive but saying it how I see it. I’ve always believed that this is a way to healthy discussions providing the individual doesn’t have a mindset like Kabir, because nothing will be resolved.

  7. This is it.. Ladies… Time to dump this serial. They should know tht we r protesting against this terrible urge to show women at mens mercy.. Again n again. Our mistake we thought this time it wl b handled differently but no.. Never… D trp game is d biggest thibf for d makers. They know tht whatever crap they show.. There will be women like us to watch it. Show them.. Girls… Tht we cn shut a serial down if we choose to.. Especially whn they show women like doormats. After all tht drama.. Even if they so come together at some will be in her mind n our mind as to how kabir went about d whole divorce scene…making it so insensitive… He ll never get d same respect. Now it wl b all abt zara… Kabir wl fade as always.. N thr will always b another guy in d corners waiting for d heroine to become single again… Lol. Evrytime u feel d urge to know whats happening.. REmind urselF tht its just a story…fiction.. N tht too its not zara or kabir who takes decisions.. Its d writers who decide things… So shldnt Be hard to stop watching it. They r preparing for their own doom by writing such idiotic stuff…like mny other serials ..this one also will shuT dwn Or Wl change timings Coz they screwed up so badly they dont know wht to show or how to end it properly. Rest in peace.. Ishq shubhn allah.. Thr is certainly no ishq.. No subhan n defi no allah here. Atlst i for one bid adieu to yet another serial. Im proud of myself tht im able to walk away frm such nonsense. Urge u all to do d same if u want better content in d future n if u want writers to respect n in turn give u respectable n inspiring stories. Im sure d actors r also cringing at their role now.

    1. Sree, this serial hits closest to home. While it’s a fictional story, we have to thank the creative team for bringing forth this content to us, they don’t mean to insult anyone or propagate religious practices but it’s contents so far has logic and not fairytale ideas.We also have to thank them for not having the to use any form of CGI in trying to give us entertainment. For too long we’ve had see black magic and other forms of frightening scenes which defy logic, presented as entertainment. I agree with you that in all the serials, women are treated as doormats and it’s abominable and it’s the writers perogative to shape their characters but it’s a fact that women are treated like this all over the world because men think we are inferior to them but it’s women with characteristics which Zara possesses, who helps to change the way men think of us, to fight for a platform for our grieviences,to help us find equal rights to a simple thing as praying in a mosque. What backward thinking these men in the Islamic community holds? Who thinks it’s best to not allow women to pray to their Lord in the house of prayer? Men should stop thinking the way they do, they are the fault, it’s the rotten thing in their minds which tells them to keep us hidden from the eyes of other men, if they had clean minds, this world wouldn’t have bigots and misogynists and rapists and plunderers of women’s fragility. I hope I haven’t offended you, my apologies if I did.

  8. I admire Ayesha for choosing to stand by what she thinks its the truth. If any daughter in law gets a mother in law like her, then no doubt she’d not feel like a stranger in her in-laws’ place. As for Kabeer, you make it sound like that a woman worth a million cash. How would you feel if it was Zara who did that to you? So immature and unreligious. I’m sure your blood would boil with anger, given that you’re very much in love with your ego. Zara, on the other hand, isn’t right either. I agree with your choice to fight for equal rights, but your way has affected both families. We can’t be too selfish to only look at our own happiness knowing in reality that our loved ones are affected by our actions. Whoever is writing this script, please tell us of something positive that will help us improve, not something that will boil our blood and increase our blood pressure…hahaha. Anyways, men and women are equal in the sight of God. Both were born to go hand in hand, side by side, with equal rights and responsibilities. FYI, I hate the word ‘divorce’. If we are married only to be divorced, why marry at all? Good day everyone! Greetings to you from the smallest island on earth but the first to greet a new day every day! TONGA

  9. Well now, my question is simply this, why would Kabir say I divorce you when he fully well knows that because of Zara’s stipulation that is included in the marriage contract, him simply saying it doesn’t mean instant divorce, it is not valid. I’m going by the written update as I haven’t watched the episode. My thanks to Atiba for the great job that you’re doing.

  10. Cathy

    So this is either a dream sequence or a twist of some sort that involves Miraj? Hmmmm.

  11. Nina

    Now it’s time for Zara to start fighting against that form of the divorce.

  12. Serial was great in the beginning, now it’s just the usual, men dominated and female lead left. Pathetic if you ask me in these serials but that’s India!!!!!!

  13. The serial is turning out to be boring…
    Kabir can’t give 3divorce to Zara… Zara removed this from nikah nama

  14. This is becoming to be the worse serial. Kabir need to go and take anger management course!!! He is the rudeness person on a serial. I have Muslim relatives and none is towards woman like him. I was hoping it’s some sort of plan but I was wrong. Zara should forget about him and moved on to better things. She deserve someone better. I hate this serial and this is the end for me in watching this nonsense the writers are making up. The story is too confusing. To many villains. I love that her mother in law is supported and loving toward her.

    1. Even I’m hoping this is Kabir’s plan because he’s confessed to Zara recently that everything he is doing now is not for the sake of duty but love. So, can he just turn his love on and off like a tap or is his pride and ego larger than life? We know that this is an instigated issue brought on by Nilofer at the behest of vamp Rukhsar, because she knows all of Kabir’s human traits, she capitalized on the fact that he cannot tolerate any woman upsetting the decisions he makes and that this wounds his masculinity and ego….hit him where it hurts the most without physically hurting him right?? Zara is Rukhsar’s target, she’s probably hoping he’ll come to her to lick his wounds!! However, I was hoping that Kabir is smelling a rat and doing what he’s doing, after all..there’s a stipulation in their marriage contract plus if a man loves a woman like he’s been displaying, he should seek a separation for a while without divorcing her, he should know that in Islam, he can’t remarry her after until the time is right. You have to ask yourself is his ego too huge or is this a plan?

  15. This show is almost like Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji with the different traditions. The men are egoistic in both the show although Tu Sarooj Main just wrapped up. Except in that show the actress was kidnapped married. Both have a villain actress waiting for the main actor at home (Rukshar in this case). In that show there was a divorce and a remarriage.

  16. Vekariya Pinal ratilal

    Zara is dont deserve this.i like Zara’s mother in law. She is very supportive women.

  17. Yes,Naz,thanks to the creative team for exposing the inequalities…but one thing that is common to the women of both religions or for that matter all religions is that men by nature are egoistic and consider themselves superior to their opposite s*x…no man can accept his wife with a seperate identity…she should always be known as Mrs….And if she dares to stand against him and differs with him like Zara,they won’t hesitate to become Kabir Ahmads.How many men can keep on loving their wives having independent views that differ from theirs and how many of them can appreciate that his wife may have different views but loves him the same and wants to spend the rest of her life with him….I say very few…But in other religions they don’t have this privilege of triple talaq ,so the men vent out their frustration and ego in other ways….Men are same everywhere ,irrespective of religion ,country ,education etc ….we will come across this male chauvinistic attitude everywhere in the families ,in the neighbourhood ,in the work areas …To talk about the Indian society,women no longer sit at home to take care of the family ,but how many men share the house hold chores….Sometimes I feel that divorce is the best option when there are irresolvable differences…and if it is quick like Triple talaq,it is better….legal seperations take years to conclude..But it should not be exercised in haste and it should be with mutual consent …Let us see how Zara will sort out Kabir…

  18. But can someone explain the remarry Miraj and then the marry Kabir part that everyone is talking about? Why does Islamic rule says that after divorce you have to marry another person before you can remarry the first person?

    1. Devisha it’s for the women’s protection and a punishment on the husband. Marriage is not a joke and men are supposed to take marriage seriously and think 100 times before divorce. No man would want his ex wife to sleep with someone else. Men are jealous by nature. That thought would deter hkm from divorcing in anger. Besides marriages just to make the wife legal to her ex husband are not valid in islam. In islam a man is supposed to spend on the wedding and not the bride’s father. The girl’s side doesn’t habe to give single penny. Also mahr is given at the time of marriage before the couple lives together and not at the time of divorce. Alimony is different than mahr. People who just put it on paper do wrong. So if the man divorces his wife he loses everything.

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