Ishq Subhan Allah 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shahbaz plans Kabir and Zara’s divorce

Ishq Subhan Allah 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir recalls Irfan’s words that Zara will be witness against Kabir. Zara questioning him why he needs money? Shahbaz and Ayesha are tensed. Zeenat comes there and says why Zara wants to know that why Kabir wants 1 crore? man is a man, they have work so they can have money. Ayesha says I want to know why you needed 1 crore. Kabir says I wont tell about it before the time. Shahbaz says okay we will not discuss about it till then. Zeenat says we can discuss about Zara being a witness against Kabir, wives shouldnt be giving statements against husbands, Kabir should talk to Zara. Shahbaz says she is right, women shouldnt be playing with respect of house and family, if you dont want then I can talk to Zara. Kabir says no, no one will talk to Zara about it, she is not a kid, she can

take her decisions, let her decide, I want to know too how much she respects our family and me.

Salma asks Zara if she will give statement against Kabir? why are you silent? Zara says when you took me to Kabir’s house, you were silent too. Salma says I took you to your husband’s house, it was the right thing. Zara says you should have thought about that when Kabir dragged me and left me here. Irfan says I want to know too if you will give statement or not. Zara says I dont have answer for that right now.

Khalid says to Shahbaz that I can never understand your tricks, I am your fan. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz asks if he has some work. Kabir says I might resign tomorrow from sharia board, I know its your dream but.. Shahbaz says if you want to give resignation then give it, dream is not bigger than son, fathers want their sons to move ahead in their lives, becoming successful.. you becoming head priest of the city.. you are my pride, I am proud of your decisions, do what you want, I am with you in your decisions. Kabir is stunned but thanks him and leaves. Khalid says to Shahbaz that you want him to become head priest then why this? Shahbaz says understand what I am trying to do, when priest leaves then other will get chance to come for positions. Khalid says I understood your point. Khalid says I thinks Kabir should give divorce to Zara. Shahbaz is shocked. Khalid says this marriage is destroying respect of your family,destroying Kabir’s position in sharia board so it should be broken.. I have a crazy idea in mind if you would allow me. Shahbaz says I am listening. Khalid tells him some idea.

Zara looks at the banners, she reads some quotes. She says my mother is miffed with me so she wont support me but I have another mother. She calls Ayesha. Ayesha takes her call. Zara asks if she is miffed with her? Ayesha says mothers can never be miffed with daughters. Zara says I want to meet you but not at any home, can you come dargha? Ayesha says okay.

At hotel, Nilofar is with NGO women, woman says we got notice from board to give statement against Kabir, what do we have to do? Nilofar says you wont do anything now, she gives them money and airplane ticket, they are happy. Nilofar says I know how to make my persons happy, just leave and go to your places. They leave. Miraj is there and smirks.

Scene 2
Zara is at dargha. Ayesha comes there and hugs her. Ayesha says I never thought that we would have come here to meet each other. Zara says we can never predict life. Zara hugs her and says there is nothing to tell, I just wanted to hug you. Ayesha says dont know where God have brought us, for you there is one side your husband and other side fight for your rights. This is a God’s place, pray here and you will find a way.

Miraj says to Nilofar that you will be beneficial if you stay with me. Nilofar says I am not on any side, I am just on side of money, I will follow the path of money, didnt you hear that girls like money, she leaves. Miraj says those who are with money gets addicted to Miraj.

Ayesha says to Zara that you are my daughter too, I dont know to be on whose side. Zara says dont come to give statement, Kabir will be hurt. Ayesha asks did she find solution? Zara says knowing Kabir, he will never agree with me.

Ayesha and Zara comes out of dargha. Kabir comes there and is shocked to see them hugging.

Ayesha comes home and says to Shahbaz that one side is my daughter and otherside my son, if I go there then Kabir will be hurt and if I dont then daughter might think that I am actually her daughter in law. Shahbaz recalls how Khalid asked him to let Ayesha go to sharia board so Kabir will get more angry on Zara that she took his mom too and he will find more reasons to divorce her. Shahbaz says to Ayesha that we all know you have made Zara as your daughter, for me Zara is just a daughter in law, wife of my son, I might be partial in favor of my son, I will support him on anything but if you call Zara your daughter then ideally you should be with her, I am just saying that you can be blamed to not actually stand with your daughter at the time of help. ,, Ayesha thinks about it. Shahbaz smirks.

Irfan comes to sharia board, all men outside are chanting against him. Kabir arrives there, people chant in favor of him. Sharia board meeting starts, one priest says that no women came till now. All are waiting. Zara comes there and greets everyone. Shahbaz is there too. Zara turns to see Ayesha entering in meeting room, Ayesha takes off her veil, all are shocked to see her. Kabir is hurt.

Zara says to board that I give statement infront of all that Kabir Ahmed denied the decision of board and did not lead prayers in mosque. Kabir stands and says I, Kabir Ahmed resign from vice chairmanship, all are stunned, he leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Since both Zara and Kabir are religious individuals. Show your viewers how a husband and wife can stand in solidarity against all those who questions the Quran’s teachings. Enough of the husband disrespecting, shaming and disbelieving their wives especially from the main characters. Show us how dignified it looks and feel to have a respectful and loving marriage as an example for us to follow.

    1. patricia – I agree with you completely. All shows have a great impact on society. and if Ishq subhan allah is showing disagreement, difference in opinion, falling prey to the outside world………. what a negative impact. especially because this show is very strongly connected with the faith and beliefs of religion.
      instead of showing us how kabir and zara stand strongly supporting each other against their faith and teachings, they are adamant and trying to prove each others views – right and wrong.
      if in the same home, between man and wife – if this is the problem…….then what is expected from the outside. surely people will take advantage of their situation and weaken them
      in short – very negative impact and no connection with ishq subhan allah.
      one side they say they love each other – it is only by words….. but not by action.
      love….. their ishq is fake.

  2. Nina

    Zara hadn’t departed from the struggle and decided to go on that ruined his attitude to wife. Kabir one of those persons who never forget the hits to their pride. He receives all deeds of Zara as the betrayal.

  3. I agree with Patricia’s comment fully… No need to add more but I’m just saying that when Kabir divorces Zara, will she be marrying Miraj the second time around and then remarry Kabir all over again after she divorces Miraj? You see friends..this does not look good in our religion of Islam, this portrayal is a glaringly fact of how silly this Islamic rule is…this should not incur your wrath to the writers, they are simply sensitising the viewing audience that this is the way this divorce thing is carried out in the religion. Though I’m a divorcee myself, I have no interest in partaking of this custom, I did it all ony own, whoever said that I couldn’t walk through life without a man by my side, who thinks it’s haram to not have a husband by my side for fear of what the public said. ..i didn’t care!! Everyone’s entitled to happiness and my happiness lied in my own choices….

  4. honestly speaking – i just dislike the law of the talaq… and then marry and remarry.
    who would take his wife back – after knowing she is somebody else.
    why give talaq if you will re marry her.
    and if you want re marry – but why let her marry someone else and then re marry her.

    anyways – its a law. i would not like to debate on the same. but a law of ones faith is not meant to be potratyed and made a big show of it on a TV show

    we are watching a daily soap – a love story….. not a debate of law, procedures of a religion and their beliefs. for this Arnab show is already there.

    in all this, very sad for zara and kabir.

    kabir should have some sense, when ruksar defamed him, Zara stood with him and supported him and trusted him although every one and all things were against him. and she proved him right.

    so kabir knows his wife. the difference of opinions and on faith should be discussed in the four walls of their bedroom or home. not at sharia board and in media

    it is sad that before they began a love story…. it ended….. now of no use…. we have only villians in this show to separate them and with the law of muslim talaq …. starting with kabir’s father, the sharia board members, rukshar and bhabi zeenat. nilofer and miraj and women from NGO.
    with whom all will zara fight with. her own kabir, her mother, her father in law, her bhabi, nilofer, miraj, ruksar, ngo women, shaira board members.

    i was enjoying the show, seeing how kabir and zara amidst all their surroundings, their thoughts, evil and wicked people around them – yet they got married, they fell in love. but falling falling…. they got separated,

    is zara superwoman and kabir immature fool. who cannot support and protect zara

    waste of time

    there is no ishq….. there is no ishq subhan allah

  5. Kabir and Zara’s love was akin to a white lily in a murky pond…last mahasangam episode had massive dark, sinister and conspiratorial undertones, I could actually feel it as I was viewing the episode. Kabir heads the list, he’s organizing talak money for Zara without her knowing his sickening intentions, is this how he loves his wife, by deciding to divorce her because she is fighting for the rights of women to pray at a mosque? Is his ego so massive but fragile? Every single decision Zara takes, she consults Kabir first before acting, so whatever happened to him now, doesn’t he know that diplomacy exists in marriage too and compromise in an important ingredient in a marriage where the ideals and thoughts of two different adults come to the fore…Christie and Patricia…your analyses are so on point, why couldn’t the writers maintain the single beautiful thing about this story which is keeping the love and bond between this couple, above reproach, above the unfair practices of religious beliefs? This is my grouse in every single Indian serial, why is it so hard to keep a couple together for an entire serial to conquer the ills of everything that life throws at them? Why pit them against each other? There are couples in this world who have perfect marriages and never experience negativity in their entire life together, why couldn’t this approach be used? For goodness sake, they both confessed that they do things for each other for love and not duty so what the heck are writers doing to Kabir’s character now?? To tell the truth…im feeling as if I’m Zara and this talak thing is hurting me bad because in my thoughts, if I loved my husband like Zara does and he is planning to divorce me without my knowledge, I’d die inside. My situation was different in the fact that even though I was in an arranged marriage my ex-husband never did much to allow me to fall in love with him, so much so that I was the happiest woman alive when I got my divorce, I thrived even better afterwards. Here, Zara is going to be devastated, she’s going to grieve to touch him, sleep by his side, see his smile, revel in his scent, eat with him or just lie in his embrace and I just hate it… I hope if Shashwat Rai reads our comments today and give our message that those trial non regular writers screwed up our Kabira..big time. They need to beat a quick retreat, we don’t want them, they did irrepairable damage here and we dislike it immensely. I hope Kabir knows that he’ll also die inside if he sees Zara married to another man… Imagine if Miraj is asked to enter into this relationship!!! Right now he obsessing over her, Kabir will be dealing with the devil in the form of Miraj very soon, he just isn’t privy to this notion as yet… I hope he pays dearly for hurting Zara…

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