Ishq Subhan Allah 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara gets kidnapped

Ishq Subhan Allah 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir recalls Zara going to maidan and says she is going to goons’ area, she is stubborn, if she wants to die then fine, I dont care about her anymore.

Zara comes to maidan and sees men glaring at her. She mistakenly falls. A goon eyes her and smirks. Zara is tensed.

Kabir recalls Zeenat’s words that its dangerous there. He is tensed.

Zara thinks that this is bad place but I am sure Kabir will come behind me.

Kabir calls Imran and says Zara is in maidan, go behind her. Imran says I am in Kanpur, its bad place, go to her soon. Kabir ends call and cancels his meeting to go behind Zara.

Zara sees a huge line for kerosene buying. She stands in line, all people are fighting, women are getting eve-teased. Zara is tensed. She sees goon smirking

at her. Goon calls his boss and says we have a good parcel. His Boss says I am coming. Zara thinks that did I do a mistake?

Kabir says its my duty, thats why I am going to her, she is not my responsibility.

Zara thinks that Kabir didnt come, he doesnt care for me, I should leave. She turns to leave. Mob Boss comes there but Zara is gone from line. Zara is walking back but is stopped by boss. He eyes her and says sister this place is dangerous, I am on duty here from special cell, if you want kerosene then come with me.

Ayesha calls Kabir and says Zara didnt come till now. Kabir says I am going to bring her back. Ayesha says her phone is switched off. Kabir says I will call you once I have her.

Kabir comes to maidan and looks around for Zara. He sees people fighting over kerosene and checks line but doesnt find Zara there. People ask him to get lost. Kabir thinks that I did a mistake by letting her come here alone, its dangerous. He tries to call her but her phone is off. Kabir sits in car and prays for Zara.

Shahbaz calls Kabir and says I am sure Zara is fine, she is making you worry for nothing, comeback home. Kabir ends call and says I wont return till I get my Zara.
Kabir gets call from Zara’s number, goon says give us 5 lac, its nothing for you, just give it for coming to maidan. Zara is in Goon’s car, she sees Kabir’s car nearby but gun is at her head. Goon says to Kabir that my other boss is very bad, I am on duty till 5:30PM so try to arrange money before that, he ends call. Kabir thinks that I have only 1.5Lacs.

Kabir calls Shahbaz and asks for money. Shahbaz says Zara is lying, she wants money from you, I am not giving you any money, go to police, he ends call. Kabir is tensed. Zara hears azaan and says its one and half left only. Kabir thinks how to arrange money?
Zara asks goons if they can go down from car as she has to offer namaz? Goon says arent you scared of us? Zara says I am scared of you people, my husband loves me a lot and can take life for me, or give it for me, please let me offer namaz here. Goons get down while Zara offers namaz. One goon says she has solid faith in God and her husband. Zara prays that I am sure my husband will save me.

Kabir prays to God and says Zara is my duty, she is my wife, I did wrong with her, let me find a path to save her.

Kabir gets call and says 5lacs is arranged but I can give it tomorrow. Kabir says no I need it urgently, he ends call. Ayesha calls Kabir. Kabir tells her everything. She ends call and comes to Shahbaz, she says give 5 lacs. Shahbaz says Zara is doing drama, she will comeback soon, Ayesha says what if she is really kidnapped? Shshbaz says I am busy so let me be and dont give money to Kabir otherwise I will be angry with you. Ayesha leaves. Kashan says what if Kabir is really kidnapped? if Kabir knows that you didnt let Ayesha give him money then he will be away from you. Shahbaz says no Kabir will always be in my hands.

Scene 2
Zara’s kidnappers car passesby Kabir’s car. Zara tries to knock on window to get Kabir’s attention but he doesnt see her. Kabir calls Ayesha and says dont worry. Kabir says to Kabir that I will bring Zara back at any cost. He ends call. Ayesha says I have money but still I cant help them.

Goon calls Kabir and says you have only half an hour left. Zara thinks that Shahbaz might not be giving money to Kabir, how will he get money?
Kabir says I will free Kabir at any cost.
Kabir meet goons and sees Zara in their custody in veil. Shahbaz calls his man who is keeping an eye on Zara. Shahbaz tells him to do as he said.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    So dis is shabazz plan to take kabir from zara by makin him feel she planned d whole ting. Hope it backfires big time

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