Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara defies Shahbaz and Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salma says to Irfan that this is all because of your leniency, I will handle it, get ready, we are leaving with Zara to rectify things with Kabir. Zara comes there and shows video of priests talking in favor of women going to mosques. Irfan says listen to everyone but follow Quran only. Salma says we will not talk about work here, she asks Zara to get ready, we have to go somewhere. Zara says I am tired, Salma says get ready, dont be lazy, she says okay and goes. Salma asys I will make everything right.

Shahbaz meets Miraj and asks you here? Miraj says I am staying here for project. Kabir says Miraj and Nilofar are staying here till Eid, we have to leave now. Ayesha says you are not going anywhere, I have some work.

Irfan says to Salma that tell Zara about it, she says

I know what I am doing. Zara comes there. Salma says we are going to my friend’s house.

Kabir says I have important work, Ayesha says you cant leave. Shahbaz says she is not letting me leave too, dont know whats so special. Zara arrives there with Salma and Irfan. All are stunned. Kabir glares at her, Zara recalls how he left her at her house. Zara looks at Salma but Salma brings her to lounge and makes her stand with Kabir. They stares at each other. Ayesha hugs her and smiles. Zara greets her warmly. Ayesha says congrats on coming back. Alina says I missed you a lot. Amaan says we missed you. Shahbaz congrats her for coming back and says you shouldnt be away from your house. They all settle down. Zara tensely looks at Kabir. Ayesha says to Zara that you are home now, I wont let you go back. Salma says she is at her home so she wont go. Ayesha asks her to go and rest in her room, Zara looks at Kabir and leaves.

Scene 2
Nilofar comes to Miraj’s room and says I was missing my brother, he asks her to leave. Nilofar says we have to live here, I think you should leave this house, I have taken money to send you off. Miraj says how much money you got? Nilofar says why you will pay them? Miraj says I will double it, want to earn? Nilofar says what I have to do? Miraj says keep an eye on everyone, I will tell you what to do, she nods and leaves, he laughs evilly.

Zara comes to her room and says husbands can be efficient but cant clean their rooms with wives. She starts cleaning room, she looks at Kabir’s clothes, she smiles and dreams them dancing, agar tum saath ho plays. Kabir comes there and sees her lost in thoughts. He tries to talk to her but Zara turns to him so he looks away. Both are tensed and not talking. Zara is eager to talk to him but keeps avoiding it. Kabir looks at her. Zara says you didnt miss me? Kabir says when did you ask me to miss you? how could you say that? She recalls how she announced that they will not live like husband and wife till case is going on.

Zara comes to lounge. Shahbaz shows a letter and says ask your father what is this. Irfan says sharia board have asked to pass a bill against Kabir’s position in board. Shahbaz says hear more from him. Irfan says board also wants women who were present in mosque when Kabir said no has to be witness. Shahbaz says Zara and Ayesha were present there and now they have to go for statement, sharia board is going to play with our respect now? Zara says you should ask your son because if he was careful then this wouldnt have happened, he went against board. Kabir says if you didnt try to be savior of women then this wouldnt have happened, this is your stubbornness. Zara says this is my right. Irfan says enough, it doesnt matter who said what, motion is against Kabir and I dont like it too, it happened in board but unfortunately board was against him. Shahbaz says whole world is with Kabir but sharia board is against Kabir where you are the head? Zara looks on and says to Irfan that lets go. They start leaving but Zara comes and hugs Ayesha, she says I will return soon. Zara looks around house, wipes her tears and leaves.

PRECAP- In eid special, Zara see Nilofar going to some room and follows her.
In party, Kabir asks media to take pictures of Zara, he says Zara you want to be famous, all will know that you are a daughter of islam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Brilliant update
    Mehek is always trying new dishes like me
    Family moments?
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  2. Meethi….I don’t mean to bash all hijabis…but I understand what you are saying. I’m not bashing my religion either but there are some practices that I don’t agree with and they are the ones that men conveniently use to further their own agendas. As to your question…I’m from the Caribbean.

  3. Nina

    The conflict has now reached down to every level and did the relationship unstable. But Zara’s ideas attracted and inspired people to appreciate their rights, fostered a better understanding of their benefits.

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