Ishq Subhan Allah 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir goes against sharia board

Ishq Subhan Allah 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara comes to mosque and sees separation for women but no woman is there except one, woman says nobody allowed their women to come here. Ayesha and Nilofar comes there. Kabir comes there. Men ask Kabir whats the instruction? just tell us. Khalid says Irfan is not feeling well so Kabir will lead the prayers. Kabir says I wont lead it, I have come to pray not to lead it, I think what sharia board have decided is wrong and incorrect so I am sorry. Zara stops Kabir, she looks at him through curtain and says why you are doing this? are women and men not equal in God’s eyes? then why you are so miffed when we talk about women rights? Kabir glares at her and walks away. All men leave from there. Zara is tensed. Ayesha says dont be hopeless, change doesnt come in a night, atleast you

tried, one day you will surely see result, we will pray here. Zara says no, our prayers will be finished when vice priest leads it. Ayesha says I pray that day comes fast. Zara hugs her and says you have done favor for me, you are my mother in law but you came here and did what even my mother didnt do. Ayesha says your fight is for women, I am a woman too so wont I be with the girl who is fighting for us? Zara hugs her and thanks her, she turns to go but Ayesha asks if she is not coming home? Zara says for sure, I cant stay away from a mother like you but just wait some more. Ayesha kisses her forehead and leaves with Nilofar. Zara looks on.

Kabir is leaving mosque, media asks why he didnt lead the prayers? Kabir says because I am against sharia board decision and dont agree to it. Media says but you are vice priest of board. Kabir says that doesnt mean I should accept that thought, I wont accept women coming to mosques. Zara comes there and says when all arguments are against you then why dont you agree with it? Kabir says our elders have made some rules for structure of this society and I wont break it, I am against this decision, he leaves. Media asks Zara how they will pray now? Zara says we women can pray in house, this fight is about right to pray in mosques and I will keep fighting for it till we get that right. Media asks if this fight is going on then will she return to her husband Kabir’s house? Zara says no personal question and leaves. Irfan sees all this on Tv. Shahbaz in car and sees media report too. He thinks that I am with Zara, priest’s daughter should be like that, he calls Khalid and gives him some instructions.

Irfan says to Salma that Kabir didnt do right today, he shouldnt have gone against sharia board, he did a big mistake. Salma says this fire has been started by your daughter, if she didnt take up this case then this wouldnt have happened. Khalid and some other men come there.

Irfan does meeting with Khalid and other men. Khalid says to Irfan that we need to arrange a meeting, we want to bring a no-confidence bill against Kabir, the person who doesnt agree with board decision, he doesnt have right to be vice president of this board. Salma hears it. Irfan is shocked.

Amaan’s kite gets stuck on terrace. Miraj asks him to leave it but Amaan says I want it, Miraj says you are like your uncle Kabir, stubborn, I will help you. He lifts Amaan in air so he can get his kite back. Zeenat comes there and thinks Miraj is throwing Amaan from terrace. She runs to Miraj and asks him to leave Amaan, she asks Amaan to go to his room, Amaan leaves. Zeenat says to Miraj that if you try to go near my son again.. Miraj says one minute, I am not as bad as you think, he leaves. Zeenat recalls how Miraj warned her that if she tried to spoil his plan then he wont spare Amaan. Nilofar comes there and asks what happened? Zeenat tells her how Miraj was lifting Amaan in air, Nilofar says dont worry, I know how to treat my Miraj brother, dont worry about Amaan. Zeenat says thank you, I was so worried. Nilofar says dont worry, I wont let anything happen to Amaan but you know every work has a pay, Zeenat says what do you mean? Nilofar says we say that give money and watch show. Zeenat gives her gold bracelet to Nilofar and says please save me and my son from this devil Miraj. Nilofar says just assume that you are safe from Miraj, he will think 100 times before coming near you and Amaan.

Scene 2
Kabir comes home. Miraj comes to him and says what I am hearing? Kabir says life is not always flowers, you get pricked from thorns too. Miraj says dont worry, you have following in younger generation, they are tired of old people and they like that someone is fighting for them, it can affect our project but people are with you. Kabir says all are with me and till I have majority with me then project wont be in trouble. Nilofar comes there and says no, you did wrong Kabir, what would have happened if you had fulfilled women’s wish? I saw how much Zara wanted that for women, I am with Zara on this. Ayesha comes there and says yes, I am trying to tell this to my son but he doesnt listen. Kabir says its not about small or big problem, we cant go against religious teachings. Shahbaz comes there and says you are right Kabir, all young men agree with you. Ayesha greets him and says you have started taking Kabir’s side. Shahbaz says this is not a house matter so dont get involved in that. Ayesha says he has left my daughter in law at her house and this is a house matter so tell him that I want my daughter in law back till evening, she leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zara goes to houses of women. She says to women that till when you will keep taking side of wrong? voice yourselves to get your rights. Woman says since media got involved in this case, our husbands have asked us to stay away from this matter, Zara says till when we will let men take decisions for us? we are humans and God will take answers from us if we did right or wrong, its not wrong to raise voice for ourselves, women nod and leave. Reema says these women are not listening. Zara says when you will get married then you will know much pressure you have, you have to answer your inlaws for everything but I have to change that thought.

Irfan asks Salma where is Zaraa? she says dont know, cant you delay this meeting for today? Irfan says committee wants to remove Kabir from board, I have to go there. Salma says just make sure injustice doesnt happen with Kabir, he is our son in law, Irfan leaves.

Irfan says to committee that Khalid wants to issue bill of no-confidence against Kabir, why? Khalid says as per the rules of board, no member can go against decisions taken by the board, they can never defy board like that and Kabir did that, he is not eligible to keep the position of vice priest. Irfan asks who are in favor of this bill? Khalid and others raise hands, he asks who is against it? few men raise their hands. Khalid says its clear, bill have more votes. Irfan says give notice to Kabir. Member says call Zara and other women who were witness to Kabir’s words, Irfan nods.

Irfan comes home. Irfan says to Salma that case will pursue against Kabir and Zara will be witness. Salma says what? you will do that with your son in law? Irfan says I have responsibility as a priest, Salma says yes but you dont care about your daughter who is sitting here leaving her husband. Salma says to Irfan that you always focused on sharia board, you keep caring for it, just sharia board and their decisions, when will you become father? because of all this, my Zara and Kabir are separating, you will stay away from house matter now, I will do something, we are going now, he asks where? she says take Zara with us.

PRECAP- Kabir and Miraj are leaving house but Ayesha stops them and says Kabir you cant leave today, he asks why? Shahbaz says someone is coming, she is not letting me go too. Zara and her family arrives at Kabir’s house. Kabir glares at Zara. Zara is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  2. Nina

    Now I take an interest in the plot much more. What will be sacrificed to principle? Probably love and marriage also kinship will able to become those victims.

  3. Kabir you are so boring and you making the show so boring. I don’t like your character and thank God no muslim men are like you. You are so disrespectful

    1. Jodha, Kabir’s character are true examples of men who are like this. I’m a Muslim and I can unequivocally say that this is a true depiction of a percentage of men in the Islamic faith. I was married to one…once upon a time!! In my country it goes even further, hijabis form cliques, they think no one is like them…too much to complain about…nevertheless, we here enjoy freedom of religious beliefs………….and women do pray at the mosques. Thanks to the writers for exposing this hidden inequality….but don’t beat Kabir too much, he’s exposing what had been hidden for too long…

      1. Where are you from? Some Muslim’s will act like this but Islam allows women to pray at mosque. They want to take this right away but some men are truly clueless and think they are following Islam. Lool. Anyway don’t bash all hijabis cause some people are like that. Some of them are really nice people

  4. This story is misleading. Actually in Islam women are allowed to pray i masjids for eid festivals and also prayers during ramadan. Its highly recommended for woman to pray in their houses.
    You can witness that every masjid had a separate section for woman to pray. That is for this very reason that while travelling woman can stop and perform their prayers.

    This doesnt mean that the woman are allowrd to pray 5 times a day in the masjid like the men.

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