Ishq Subhan Allah 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar tries to molest Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara comes home but suddenly lights go off. Zara switches on her phone’s light and looks around, she calls out for family members but no one is there. Servant comes there and says seems like fuse went off, nobody is home except Zeenat, they have gone to dargha, Zara nods, servant leaves. Zara recalls how Reema asked her to find Ruksaar’s laptop’s IP address somehow, she thinks Ruksaar is not home, its time to see her IP.

In restaurant, Miraj says to Ruksaar seems like you dont want to go home, if it was not ramadan, I could have taken you to show movie. Ruksaar says did Siraj call you? we have to kill Zara before she tells truth to Zara. Miraj says you could have killed Zara then why asking Siraj? Ruksaar says I did try to kill her but Kabir saved her. Miraj

says dont worry, Siraj will take your side, he will kill Zara for you as he got to meet such a nice girl Zara because of you. Ruksaar looks on. Miraj says lets ask some questions. Miraj says you were messaging Siraj from Zara’s fake profile right? she says yes I faked as Zara because I wanted to throw Zara out of Kabir’s life. Miraj gets angry, he breaks glass in his hand. He wipes his hand from tissue. Miraj says come let me show you our plan.

Zara comes to Ruksaar’s room and finds her laptop, she sees its password protected, she enters ‘I love you Kabir’ but its wrong, she enters ‘Kabir my life’ and it opens. Zara smirks and notes her laptop’s profile. She is about to turn off her laptop but sees Siraj’s messages on Ruksaar’s profile, she is about to reads their messages but hears someone coming there. Zeenat is coming there. Zara takes Ruksaar’s laptop and hides behind curtain. Zeenat comes there and looks for Ruksaar, she says this girl goes anywhere without telling anyone. Zeenat turns to leave but looks at curtain. Zara is tensed. Zeenat starts coming near curtain but Amaan calls out to her and says I am hungry. Zeenat says I should open her windows, its humid here, Amaan keeps calling her so Zeenat leaves. Zara comes out from hiding and opens her laptop again, battery is low. Zara takes her laptop, charger and leaves.

Zara comes to her room and takes a deep breath. Zara is trying to call Kabir but its not reachable. Zara thinks I have to tell Ruksaar’s truth to Kabir.

Scene 2
Ruksaar and Miraj are on road, Miraj asks what if Zara showed Kabir Kashmir’s pictures? she says Kabir isnt home. Miraj calls Kabir and asks if he can come to meet him? Kabir says sorry but I am married so I have to listen to my wife, I am going home, you can come there. Miraj says I just need your few minutes, please meet me, he tells him address, Kabir says okay I am coming, he ends call. Miraj says to Ruksaar that I will keep Kabir busy, you know what you have to do. Ruksaar nods and leaves.

Reema calls Zara and says Imran got some information against Ruksaar, you come to your mother’s house, we are coming there, Zara takes Ruksaar’s laptop and leaves.

Kabir comes to meet Miraj. Miraj says I am sorry to say this but I have to tell you, my sister wanted me to gift Ruksaar on her wedding so I called Ruksaar for shopping, she seemed very tensed so after asking a lot she told me she is not happy with this wedding. Kabir looks on.

Ruksaar comes to her room and takes out nightie. Zeenat comes there and asks what is this? Ruksaar says this is a reward against all lights spent alone, tonight Zara will lose and I will win. Zeenat asks what are you going to do tonight? Ruksaar tells her plan (which is muted).

Miraj says to Kabir that Ruksaar doesnt want to do this marriage, she can do anything but you explain to her then she might stop, please stop her.

Zeenat shouts at Ruksaar and says are you in senses? you are going to do all this? this is a big sin, who is this is Siraj? this family will throw you out if they find out and they will throw me out too, I dont know what your mind is thinking but this is wrong.

Miraj asks Kabir to stop her, we have a press conference near Eid and reporters can ask many questions so I dont want any trouble from Ruksaar’s side. Kabir is worried. Miraj gives him a spiked drink and says drink it. He takes his phone, Kabir drinks spiked juice. Miraj silently turns off his phone. Zara’s car passesby that road but she doesnt see Kabir. Kabir and Miraj leaves too.

Zeenat says to Ruksaar that nobody cares for you in this house except me, this is all madness, dont do it. Ruksaar evilly laughs and says we cant do a big thing without madness, before Zara fill Kabir’s mind against me, I have to send Kabir to that place where he cant even look at Zara from. Zeenat is stunned.

Miraj is sitting in his room, he recalls how Siraj was arrested, he recalls how Ruksaar agreed that she messaged from Zara’s fake profile, he says Ruksaar plotted and Siraj got hurt, now I will plot and three people will be hurt.

Kabir comes to his room and looks around for Zara. He feels dizzy and drinks juice which Miraj gave to him, he faints. Ruksaar comes to his room wearing a nightie. She opens its strings and hovers over Kabir, she caresses his face and opens his shirts buttons, she takes off his shirt.
Miraj comes to Kabir’s washroom from backside, he puts a silencer on his gun.
Ruksaar is molesting Kabir, Kabir holds her hand in dizziness. Zara opens her room door and shocked. She screams Ruksaar! Ruksaar looks up. Zara rushes to her and grabs her, she pushes her away from Kabir and says what were you doing? Ruksaar says Kabir called me here. Zara says stop saying rubbish, how dare you come near my Kabir? Ruksaar says Kabir is not yours, he is mine. Miraj opens washroom door and comes in Zara’s room, he points gun at them. Zara’s face is towards him.

PRECAP- Miraj shoots Zara. Zara falls on Kabir. Miraj shoots Kabir too. Ruksaar is shocked. Miraj says to Ruksaar that this was your gift from Siraj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. super crazy episode only can happen on zee tv LOL

    1. Kabar you are so right very crazy episode. Only zee can “entertain us this way.?

  2. Ruksaar is such a shameless psycho.. .. The precap is very disturbing.. I hope its not real an somebody is imagination this.. Can’t handle zee killing our leads an having them reincarnate that will just spoil the whole damn show

  3. Confused!
    Both got shoots at the heart. That mean, they should have died.

    1. Cathy

      Sister…it’s a fantasy dream or it’s a plan between Kabir and Zara…i don’t think it’s real.

  4. Madness overloaded…..

  5. Ohhhh goodness…..tension tension tension…..what a rollercoaster episode…I feel dizzy… what sort of sister is Zeenat, to have encouraged and stood by her deranged sister, weakly protesting against her horrendous acts of lusting after a man who is married and in such close confines of a home….Rukhsar should not have been allowed to live in the house after Kabir had brought home his wife, there was bound to be jealousy rearing its head, to see the man Rukhsar coveted to be her husband, but is the husband of such a beautiful woman as Zara…I give Ayesha and Shabaaz wrong for keeping this wretch in the house…..anywhere else would have been better. Rukhsar’s in such an intimate position with Kabir makes my blood boil…???????….and ohhhh lordddddd……the precap is frightening madness….i hope its either a fantasy of Rukhsar or Miraj’s plan to counteract Rukhar’s plan because she had fooled and lied to him big time….I hope Rukhsar rots in a prison after this sickening, insidious and abhorrent act in Kabir and Zara’s bedroom…..

    1. Cathy

      I think it’s a plan as you say Naz, this is getting very exciting.

  6. I do not think it’s real. They cannot die and be reincarnated. It’s not Islam.

  7. Anyway makers are really doing great job to irritating viewers

  8. Nina

    I suppose these were the sick fantasies of Miraj and Ruksaar. They both are villains were dreaming of fulfilling their plans.

  9. oh ho so this is Miraj’s master plan, kill Zara and Kabir and frame Ruskhar for the crime. Brilliant just what she deserves, to rot away in some jail cell knowing she is the reason her obsession is dead. However we know this will not be the case. That preview has be somebody’s dream or fantasy and my money is on Miraj.

    1. Allybrew…I want to just add a little to your suspicion…I’m thinking that probably Miraj who has now realized that Rukhsar has been doublecrossing him all along, indeed set up Rukhsar to expose her murdering intentions and that this is a plan by Kabir, Zara and Miraj to capture her in the act, I think she’ll be doing her evil laugh, or either cry and confess when she sees the object of her desire,obsession and passion, lying down dead because she only wanted Zara dead and not Kabir and this is where she’ll make this fatal mistake and be caught and imprisoned…BUT…….remember that Miraj has vowed to himself that even though Rukhsar had expressed her desire to see Zara dead, HE wanted to be the one to kill both Zara and Kabir because it’s because of them that his brother Siraj is dead….so this plan of exposing Rukhsar is just so that he can be afforded the opportunity to torture and kill this couple by his very own hands…it’s his way of getting Rukhsar out of his way and the only way out was to inform Kabir and help Zara…also remember that few episodes ago even Kabir has agreed that someone is indeed working behind the scenes and that something doesn’t feel right…and that passionate hug Rukhsar gave him and confessed to how much she’s loved him since she was a child is enough for him to be alarmed…Kabir has also begun to be more reciprocative to Zara’s love as well….hell…. he even blushed when he had that convo in his car… yeah, this looks like a plan!!!!!

      1. Yes i know that convo between them in the car was so sweet. I really was hoping for more of a response from Kabir. Although I really don’t expect him to express undying love, something along the lines of liking Zara more than he used too would have been nice. I am not sure if you look at the spoilers but that coming scene really is someone’s dream at least the part with Zara and Zabir getting shot. it seem Zara will arrive in the nick of time to save Kabir from Rukhsar’s clutches. She will be so mad that she drags the little witch through the house and reveals all of her antics to the family members. However Zeenat will rush in and save Rukhsar by claiming that Kabir called her to his room (remember that I am not working with subtitles here) I think that Miraj set it up to look like that is the case as he had Kabir’s phone. However Zara comforts her husband when it seem everyone is ready to believe Zeenat’s story and throws suspicion back on Rukhsar by asking why she went to Kabir’s bedroom in her night clothes. Not sure this is going to factor into Miraj’s plan. Remember he has only now found out about Rukhsar’s involvement in the whole Siraj incident so he will be looking to change some of his previous plans.
        I cant wait for next weeks episodes.

  10. the precap got to be Miraj’s fantasy/plan. but zara reached on time. i wished she had not left her room. anyways this is for the show to go on. seems that ruksar is moving victorious to her plan.
    but finally love always overcomes evil. so Zee better know that and do not drag the stupid drama.
    already enough it is dragging kumkum bhagya so much so the main leads have grown old and dont suit the lead roles anymore.
    so please let it not happen for ishq subhan allah. it is the next best show after ishqbaaaz. and hope it moves on a positive note and does not displease zara and kabir fans.
    and kabir stop acting dumb, his dumbness is creating all the trouble. one way he needs to learn a lesson after knowing the stupid things ruksar has been doing, first she cut her wrist, then she added salt to zara’s kheer, then she falls on him and hugs and holds him, who does like that. kabir such a traditional man does not despise such an act. zara’s dress in the trial room and her modern ideas irkes him. but she is not cheap and wicked like ruksar. yet he has to learn to appreciate and love his wife.
    or i think he does not even know that he is in love with zara
    the problem is there is no continuation of their second kashmir trip.
    request please do not disappoint kabir and zara fans. they rock ishq subhan allah.

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