Ishq Subhan Allah 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara and Kabir miss each other

Ishq Subhan Allah 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to herself that Kabir doesnt know me fully, I wont leave till Kabir comes to take me.
Kabir says to himself that Zara is so stubborn, she always go against me but not anymore, I will break her ego.

Zara looks around her room and recalls her moments with Kabir in their bedroom, she smiles, Ae dil hai mushkil plays, Zara smiles recalling their mornings, moments.
Kabir is in his room, he looks at an empty bed, he sees Zara’s nightie in cupboard and recalls how she wore it for him. He smiles looking at it.
Zara rushes to her phone. Kabir takes his phone and calls Zara but Zara is calling him too, both get busy tone. Kabir recalls Zara arguing with him that men dont allow rights to women. Zara recalls how Kabir blamed her for becoming a leader and

left her at her parents house. Zara throws away her phone. Kabir puts his phone back, he throws her nightie in cupboard and goes to sleep.

Nilofar calls Ruksaar. Ruksaar says where were you? you know my body is here but my mind is there. Nilofar says you were waiting for a news and it happened today, you know Kabir threw Zara out of house. Ruksaar says really? Nilofar says yes, Ruksaar hears a noise and ends calls. Nilofar turns and sees Zeenat standing there, Nilofar asks if she can call her sister? Zeenat says yes, you are like a sister to me, she hugs her and says I remember Ruksaar seeing you. Nilofar says I will make everyone remember Ruksaar here, my face will show reflection of Ruksaar to these people.

Salma says to Irfan that so much happened infront of you, your daughter made a mess in city and said so much to her husband and you remained silent, either made her explain with love or scold her. Irfan says you are saying I should have told her that she is right but should remain silent. Salma says you are saying that Zara was right? Irfan says yes, whatever Zara said was totally true. Salma says your daughters walks on path which no one wants to walk on but I wont let her do what she wants, she leaves. Irfan says Zara cant bear wrongdoings so Salma you cant stop her.

In morning, Zara offers prayers. Salma comes to her and prays that God give some sense to my daughter, give power to her to choose the right path, bring love between her and her husband, save her home. Zara says God bless. Zara hugs Salma and says dont worry about home, my and Kabir’s relation is not that weak. Salma says try to understand, men look good praying in mosques and women in houses. Zara says I dont go against women praying in houses, I just want women to have same right as men to pray in mosques and then they can decide what they want, I will make sharia board agree to this today, she leaves. Salma says I wont let her go to sharia board.

Ayesha says to Kabir that I didnt expect this from you, you are educated, husband and wife have fights but you cant leave her at her home like this, you could have solved things with her, there are so many fights happening between you both. Kabir says its not that about, Zara’s mind is very clever but she gets very emotional and doesnt think before acting on her thoughts, thats all. Ayesha says its good that you understand your wife.

Kabir and Zara do their research for sharia board.

Irfan is getting ready for board meeting. Zara makes him wear his gown. Irfan says you are trying to bribe me? but I will do justice in board meeting. Zara says I want justice only, justice for women. Salma comes there and says you can leave later, there is still time for meeting, Irfan says some guests are company who are important so I have to go early, Zara says I will come later, Irfan nods and leaves. Zara goes to get ready. Salma looks on.

Scene 2
Kabir is leaving for board meeting, Nilofar stops him and says can I come with you? he asks why? she says today its about women in board meeting so I want to hear about their decision. Ayesha comes there and says if she wants to go then take her, Nilofar goes to get ready. Kabir is confused. Ayesha says its okay, whatever happens, you win or not, I want you to return with my daughter in law today. Kabir smiles and nods, he leaves with Nilofar.

Zara is getting ready to leave for board meeting but Salma comes to her room and locks it from outside. Zara sees her room’s door locked and tries to open it, she asks Salma why she locked it? Salma says I dont want you to go to board meeting, this case will be dismissed if you dont go then you wont argue with Kabir. Zara says you think that date will not be extended if I dont go today? if date gets extended then I will have to stay here for more days, do you want me to stay here for more days away from Kabir? Salma gets tensed and thinks about it, she unlocks the door and comes inside. Zara hugs her and says you should know that your daughter thinks ahead, driver will take my things, I will go back with Kabir. Salma says no bring Kabir here and have iftar here, Zara smiles, nods and leaves.

At sharia board, people are chanting for Kabir. Men chants for him, Nilofar goes in board room with him.
Zara is on her way to board meeting, she is getting late.
Irfan makes Kabir meet members of board. Kabir thinks where is Zara?
Zara is on her way and thinks that I cant be late.
Khalid says to Irfan that see what is happening infront of you, your own daughter is late, we couldnt find a solution for instant divorce and now this. Kabir asks him to focus on himself for now. Khalid says but where is your wife? One priest says that we dont have time for this, the woman who wanted to talk about this case is not even here. One board member says seems like Zara have taken her case back, she is not going to come, Khalid says I think we should dismiss this case. Kabir looks on. Nilofar says to Kabir that you should be happy, case will be dismissed now and you will win. Kabir says this is not winning, winning is about justice. One woman whispers to other that did we do a mistake by trusting Zara? she is not even here, we should leave. Irfan says if you all thinks like this then I am dismissing this case.. Zara is running to sharia board. She comes inside and says it will not be dismissed. All look on. One priest says this girl will argue with us? papers drop from Zara’s hands. Kabir comes to her and says first late and now in this condition? Khalid says enjoy husband-wife fight. Zara sits down and says I am ready. Irfan asks to start the argument. Zara says women of this city wants to pray in mosques and its their right too but I was told that there is no place for women in mosques so its not possible so we went there and showed how we can both pray in mosques so where is will, there is a way. Kabir says you are right but why should we cut out on our traditions? are the culture made by our ancestors not enough? Zara says I just want to ask you all if its allowed for women to pray in mosque or not?

PRECAP- One woman says to Zara that circumstances can be anyway but husband and wife cant stay away, other woman says you have to make us believe that you will stay away from your husband till this case is going on. Zara says okay, I promise to you all that till this case is not finalized, Zara and Kabir will not live like husband and wife. Irfan and Kabir are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Zara ego, what about your ego, kabir.
    Zara mother, how could you, which side are you on.
    I am glad, that Zara well stay away from kabir. Until the matter is finished.

    1. I hope that you liked the episode?

  2. Well…. Zeenat it seems hasn’t learnt any lesson from the Rukhsar’s fiasco and thinks that Rukhsar will be redeemed by the presence of Niolfer in the house… A good dose of absence makes the heart grow fonder seems to be the cure for Kabir and Zara’s separation.

  3. Thank goodness, in my country, women are allowed to pray at the mosques. Who says that women shouldn’t pray at the mosque, are regressive thinking people. Go Zara go… Fight for equality, women are nuturers and shapers of today’s society, we don’t argue reading namaaz separately from men’s presence or at the back of congregation, but women should be able to pray just like the males in the Islamic faith.

  4. Yes Naz, thank god that we do live in a free country where women are free to pray in any religious site be it a temple, a mosque a church etc. I have been refraining from commenting because I wanted to see the direction this show was headed in, quite frankly I find Kabeer to be very rigid when it comes to Zara by that I mean that he will stick to his beliefs but when it comes to the vamps, Rukshar and now Nilofer I realise that he’s not so rigid in his views, he can forgive Rukshar citing obsession but when Zara opposes him in any way he hits the roof, just imagine your husband humiliating you in front of your in-laws by dragging you out of the house and then proceeded to leave you at your parent’s house. There’s an upcoming scene where his family all went to Zara’s house and he is at home breaking fast with none other than Nilofer, this to me defys logic, did he and his family not learn from the Rukshar fiasco, and what’s the reason for Nilofer remaining at home alone with a married man or is someone else there besides Zara’s maid that brought the food. Also I thought that I would get a break from Rukshar only to find out that she’s returning, hoping it’s false news, i didn’t even get a break from one vamp before another entered, lord grant me patience. I also wish that Zara would take a step back and stop being so clingy and let Kabeer make the first move, she’s always the one to initiate touching between them. Now we have two vamps and Miraj, that should be a love triangle lol. What I’ve always wanted to see and never did was the lead couple staying together, even though they may fight with each other, they will stand united against their enemies, hopefully I’ll see it in this show.

    1. I believe that the writers are giving us it straight, this is how a percentage of the Muslim community views women, all in the name of religion although I think it’s more of wanting us to take a backseat while they stroke their manly egos. As long as no boundaries are potentially crossed, we demand equal treatment per women’s capacity. Topaz, I’m from the Muslim community as you know, so I can talk and there are many practices I have an aversion to. These men prefers us to use the niqaab or the hijab in this hot climate, climate aside, they think other men out there would cast their eyes on us and that’s a problem but they blatantly watch other women and that’s ok..we should remember that they are men after all, so do you think they would watch elsewhere? Men are ruled by a visual brain, whatever appeals to their eyes but women are ruled by the heart. When Zara is thinking, she uses logic and her heart to solve issues, whereas Kabir is the typical male who thinks that his wife’s opinions shouldn’t be discussed and doesn’t matter at all….I’ve been in that position when I was married….I made him live to regret it!! Anyways..I want to know if Shabaaz’s house is a hotel now..first came Miraj, who has enough money to invest in a multimillion rupee project but can’t find a hotel to live in while his hotel is under renovations ..he could still do his crimes while there…then came Nilofer, so just like that she’s staying there…like whattt!!! You see how its ok for Kabir to spend his time with an unmarried woman and his wife’s not there, but i wonder if he would be ok with her in similar situation? For every little thing, Zara would bend backwards to please Kabir..pardon the pun…but Kabir doesn’t appreciate her efforts at all…and like how you think that Zara is too clingy, I think the same, she needs to make him long for her…but Topaz, do you think that Nilofer will try to sleep with Kabir? I think she’ll think that it would be better if she can have him instead of Rukhsar…I’d like to see a catfight…. I also don’t like how Kabir dragged Zara out the house..I could have given him a tight slap…?????…coming back to home, I’m happy that we have many liberties in our country…and I say, all who have thinking like Kabir across here, should go live in the middle East where it’s normal and acceptable to treat wives and women as inconsequential beings, where they can have their women cloaked up in black so that no men can watch them. ..let’s hope that the new vamp doesn’t prey on Kabir because Rukhsar already has Zara to tango with and she wouldn’t appreciate Nilofer trying to jump in bed with Kabir when she couldn’t do it…

  5. Hi Friends,

    Forgive my absence I have been down with world cup fever these past few days and not able to focus on much else but the games. I just want to say that I am glad that the writers are not just focusing on using negative characters to move the story forward. I have long since felt that issues, thinking and relationships should also have some kind of focus. Topaz I so agree with your last statement. Both Zara and Kabeer are wrong here (Kabir most so), no matter what differences of opinion that a couple has on an external issue they should stay together and work it out. I had been hoping to see some greater level of understanding between them, now that Kabir is finally coming to terms with his feeling for Zara. The precap also has me concerned. Zara should not be letting those women instigate her into staying away from her husband especially as things were in process of being resolved.

    1. Hey Allybrew…you were indeed missing in action…i too am suffering from World Cup fever ..and I’m missing the Italian hunks on the field, while I enjoy football, I also enjoy seeing the handsome stars on the field….coming to the serial, I wonder if the women are paid by Rukhsar and Nilofer to come up with that absurd idea to keep Zara away from Kabir??? I don’t appreciate how Kabir was all lovey dovey and all of a sudden he’s so angry and displaying foolish behavior now. If Zara’s smart as we think, she should remember the last unmarried woman around her husband and try not to let this one get in their way.

      1. Hey Naz, it warms my heart to meet another supporter of my boys in blue. I too have been seriously missing my Italian hunks on the field. But I love the game so much that once the play is good I am there. As to your question if the women were paid, I think I saw something along those lines in one of the spoilers. So this just might be a ploy by Nilofer. As for Kabir I am going to be optimistic that say that he is really reacting to his fear that Zara may be in danger from taking up this fight. We all know how men react when we woman go against tradition. But because he’s not willing to admit to himself how much he really loves her, he is reverting behind his stern facade

  6. Agreed Naz, I too believe that there is more to these women that meets the eye. Also like you I kept wondering how Nilofer could just start living there along with Miraj. And like many men Kabeer’s ego gets in the way. And when I look at some of the Muslin women in this country, l couldn’t understand why they would dress from head to toe in black in this climate, while the men dress any which way they want. I also like the Drama/Comedy that is Kaleerein, and absolutely love the bubbly Meera and irritable Vivian, their chemistry is just awesome, I tend to watch it after ISA as it is not as Intense and there’s always something to laugh about and forget about ISA’ tension. I haven’t commented yet on that forum but I guess I will do so soon. BTW Naz, i hope that you are enjoying our Labour Day Holiday today even though it’s a rainy one and Allybrew I do understand about the World Cup fever.

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