Ishq Subhan Allah 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir worried about Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shahbaz says to investor on call that dont talk to me like that, I will return your 550 crore, he ends call. He says to Kashan that do something to get this money and we can get zakat from sharia board. Irfan comes there with Zara and says today decision will be made. All look on. Shahbaz says lower your voice first, this is house of respectable people. Irfan shouts and says your son made my daughter beg in dargah infront of all, all are stunned. Zeenat smirks. Irfan says I wont bear this insult, today we will decide. Shahbaz says you want decision? first take action on your daughter, she is doing drama of being poor. Kabir comes there. Irfan says you people are doing drama by making my daughter beg with beggars and destroyed her honor. Kabir is stunned and recalls Shahbaz’s

words that Irfan is worried about his head position. Kabir says head priest I was just fulfilling your daughter’s wishes, she said that if I dont give her money then she would beg, I just wanted to show that I am not scared as I am Kabir Ahmed, Zara is a woman whom I loved after God and Prophet most, you thought I liked seeing here there? I died too with you but I was tired, she argues over everything, fights over small things, puts me down, I know why she was doing it, you are elder in position and age, I accept that what happened with Zara today was wrong. Irfan says I thought you are leader of people who can work for nation but if you cant handle your wife then how can you handle the nation? I am taking my daughter and she will comeback when you start earning. Zara stops him recalling Shahbaz’s words and says I have your house and money but I want to try here, I will beg if Kabir wants me to but I will make my husband win. Irfan says they dont deserve to win, what I saw today shouldnt be seen by any father, they will make your life hell. Zara says when I married Kabir, I used to cry that why did I marry him whom I hate? but I know why I united with Kabir, our Prophet had to bear a lot as he was on truth path and I will do same, I will stay here and follow path of truth. She leaves. Ayesha takes Kabir from there.

Ayesha says to Kabir that you have hurt me too, I called Zara my daughter, what if Alina’s husband takes her to beg? Kabir glares and says I got angry. Ayesha says what happened that made you so angry? Kabir actually Zara and Irfan.. Shahbaz thinks that Kabir cant tell anyone the story I told him, he comes inside and says I will talk to him.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you did what takes guts from a husband. Kabir says I was wrong. Shahbaz says you showed her that you are not scared, this Irfan and Zara are doing drama, I talked to dargah people and they said that Irfan hinted at Zara to sit in police van, she did it to insult, they didnt let you go in police station. Flashback shows Irfan stopped Kabir from going inside police station and asked him to leave Zara alone. Shahbaz says he did it as he knew that you could easily free Zara from jail but he called news persons there to make it an issue, Zara said that she freed herself but I called police inspector and asked them to free her, he shows him call log and says I just want to say that dont be emotional, they are clever and fake. Kabir angrily looks on.

Scene 2
Zara offers namaz and says I am fighting against a person who is very clever, I will be disrespected but I will do everything for my husband.
Kabir recalls Shahbaz’s words and Zara’s words. His image says that you always listen to your father, why? did you ever try to find out otherside of coin? Kabir looks on.
Kabir comes to his room and sees Zara standing there. He says you here in my room? why? Zara closes door and says I just want you to answer a question, in any case, a husband taking her wife to dargah and asking her to beg is difficult, did you feel guilt or regret after that? Kabir thinks that I am so guilty for life and I can never think to do it. He recalls Shahbaz’s words that they planned to insult him. He glares at her. Zara asks if he is guilty? He shakes his head. Zara is hurt. Kabir stops her and says I want to ask one thing too, did police leave you or you requested it? Zara says police left me? Kabir thinks it means Shahbaz was right, he freed her. Zara puts his hand on her head and asks if he didnt regret for a minute? Kabir moves away and says I dont want to promise. Zara smiles. Kabir says why are you smiling? Zara says if you said it then I would have gone to my father’s house but you proved that you still love me, Kabir says I loved you but not anymore. Zara says you still love me, I will prove that you cant see a worry line on my forehead, she leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zara comes to her house and sees cold winds and woods empty. She feels cold.
Ayesha brings warm clothes for everyone, Kabir checks news that its cold night today. Shahbaz says take care of Amaan and Ruksaar. Ayesha says its very cold outside. Kabir thinks how will Zara survive out there?
Zara is trying to close windows but it breaks due to winds. She is shivering.
Shahbaz asks Kabir if he is fine? Zeenat says he is must be worried about Zara, what she will do in outhouse? Ayesha says I brought blankets for her but she wont take it. Zeenat says last year our servant died in outhouse due to cold, what if Zara dies.. Kabir looks and thinks she wont be able to survive cold, I have to do something.

PRECAP- Alina brings warm clothes for Zara but Zara says I am sorry my rules cant let me take all this.
Kabir says to Ayesha that Zara is so stubborn, she cant bear cold but wont take warm clothes.
Zara shivers and says if something happens to me then who will take care of Kabir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    oh Zara beti, how soft is ur heart of gold 😍 not thinking about yourself but saddened by the woes that face your husband 😭 I truly hope Kabeer comes to his senses and sees Shahbaz for the worm that he is …

  2. “For the life of me”, I cannot understand why these serials always let the villains continues to cause problems in others lives, I need to see they be given a dose of their own medicine

  3. Kabir has joined the club of men who never grew up to be a men but remained in the stages of childhood.. How else do we explain Kabir’s inability to recognize what is really wrong as opposed to be dangled like a puppet who is incapable of making adult decisions? Only boys think like Kabir and Abhi (KKB)…. As for Zara, how fricking hard is it for her to confide in her parents what Shabaaz’s aim is in the first place? Why do these writers continue you show us what we already know exist..why not show us what it could really be like when a man like Shabaaz could be so deceptive but get exposed in no time? Why can’t they show us that ppl like Zeenat could actually become good after all the wrongs committed by them? Change is hard to come by in these serials, good things take forever to happen and ppl are just downright evil, as if that’s the best thing to do… So, here we have Zara, going through so much stress, for what? Just to prove that Shabaaz is a greedy old man? Let Shabaaz steal as me let the authorities deal with him!! Why does Zara put up with so much …Zeenat doesn’t care, maybe if Zara was evil like Zeenat, things would be less stressful for her!

  4. Leisa s morris

    Kabir kabir kabir, yes I know shabaaz is ur father but for d length of time u’ve known zara not once has she ever been selfish. She has taken more than her share of abuse yet not once has she hurt anyone else. Even after u married ruksaar she forgave u and even after ruksaar tried to kill u and ended up with “amnesia” she took her responsibility. Dhe stands and fight for uevery chabnce sh gts.Does dat sound like a woman who will plot against u? Time to start thinkin for urself kabir if u want to teach d nations children.

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