Ishq Subhan Allah 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir makes Zara get arrested

Ishq Subhan Allah 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir washes hand and recalls Shahbaz’s words that she is doing all that so save her father’s seat, he recalls Zara’s harsh words and how she kept asking him to earn money otherwise she would beg.

Kabir offers namaz and sees Zara trying to pray but Kabir stops and says what are you doing here? you have no right to pray beside me. Zara says what? Kabir says I never doubted your truth but what you did made me lose all respect, you and your father did all this so I dont get head priest seat? you have lost all respect because you are doing all this for your gain.. it turns out to be his dream. Kabir sighs and prays to God that I keep thinking about Zara and broke my prayers for first time today, I have to do something.

Zara is dancing and jumping around.

She says I am happy and dances in 50rs because Kabir asked her to give him 50rs so he can take her home in his car. Zara says maybe he is worried about me getting cold here and come to see me. She sees Kabir coming there and is stunned. Kabir comes to her. Zara says they say when you ask for something from heart then God brings it to you and you are here, how much you will take for romantic drive? Kabir drags her from there.

Shahbaz says to Kashan that this 500 crore debt has become a problem for me. Kashan says we will find a way. He sees Kabir making Zara in car and asks if he is taking her somewhere? Kabir doesnt answer him. Kabir sits in car with Zara and leaves. Shahbaz and Kashan sees it, Shahbaz thinks even after all that, If Kabir is taking Zara out then I am lost.

Zara tries to close the window but Kabir says its romantic winds so let it be. Zara asks where he is taking her? Kabir says it will shock you, just wait.
One man says to sharia board member on dargah that beggars should be checked as there are some thieves too. Irfan says why did Kabir call me here?
Kabir brings Zara to dargah. She says why did you bring me here? Irfan comes there. Kabir throws Zara towards beggars and says you said you would beg if I dont earn then beg now, you said a lot about it. Irfan says what is this? Kabir says your daughter is going to beg here. Irfan says what is this? Kabir says this is between me and my wife so stand on sidelines. Irfan says you know whom you are talking to? Kabir says yes head priest. Irfan raises hand but Kabir holds it. Zara sees Irfan angry and says let it be, its between me and my husband, if he wants me to beg then I will. Kabir says you want to scare me? people have wishes and they are scared about it but I dont have wishes now, I had wishes that Zara would come home soon, we would enjoy then I was scared that what if she is hurt while pretending to be poor? you know I was scared that your stubbornness will make our relation break but I dont have wish to get you back so I am not scared for you anymore, so beg now. He makes her stand with beggars. Zara cries. Irfan is hurt to sees Zara getting food from people. Kabir is hurt but looks away. He leaves from there. Some beggars are standing with her. Police comes there to arrest beggars for people complaining about them. Kabir and Irfan have left. Zara tries to run from there but policewoman stops her and says you are not ashamed of begging? Zara says you are wrong. She arrests her and puts her in van. Irfan comes there and is shocked. Baba says this had to happen, see where your husband left you. Kabir sees it too and is shocked.

PRECAP- Zara hides her face in police station and thinks that I have to protect family’s respect.
Irfan says to Kabir that Zara would never show her face because of your and your family’s honor. Policewoman tries to remove veil from Zara’s face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. The most pathetic serial, showing Islam religion awful treatment towards women is really upsetting. I just read it to see if it will show things in a better light but nope!!!

  2. Leisa s morris

    So kabir believe it is better to humiliate his wife than actually go out and make a living by wrking. Is dis wat his yrs in religion has thought him? Is dis wat he perceives to b a gd husband? Even if wT shabazz told him was true doesnt he have enuff sense to think wat doing dat would do to his family’s reputation. He always act by impulse yet feels he is suited to lead d nation’s children. If dis is how he resolves issues then he dont deserve d head priest position. He dont deserve to teach anyones children as he himself hasnt been able to master d art of an adult living in society. He will pay dearly wen d truth is out bout his father..only hope he can look zara in d eye wen dat time comes

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    It seems as tho Kabeer’s anger gets the better of his common sense… easily sidetracked… no humanity to become a leader 👎 i feel sry for Irfan simply becuz he knows that he taught his daughter correctly and that she would sacrifice her dignity to pacify her husbands uncontrolled ego … smh

    that family is full of jealousy for the simplicity that is Zara … stay strong my dear 💕

  4. This was really a sad episode, I felt badly for Irfan no father should disrespected by a son in law plus see his daughter being treated like that in his presence. I hope Kabir gets the shock of his life when he sees his father for the evil man he truly is. And really beg Zara for forgiveness for treating her the way he does. He has become an egotistic fool.

  5. Kabeer is not fit to be leader nor is he ready for that job spiritually. If this is the way a priest behaves, then who would want to listen to him or emulate him? Where are his morals and values? He is just a narrow-minded, sadistic, egotistical and stubborn Muslim priest who is not in touch with reality. He should never be married. So sorry for Zara that she is in love with him, because Kabeer doesn’t understand what love & marriage are all about. Zara is the one who will have to compromise everything to save her marriage. I am hoping that she doesn’t.

  6. I can’t believe how this show was so nice and now it’s unimaginable,poor pathetic

  7. Bashirah Banu binte abdul qadir mohamed

    whoever makes the script of this show is a pathetic idiot. why is kabir always making zara feel low? like is it because she let’s out her true voice. honestly when zara said “Taras Aati
    mujhe us Larki par jo aane walle Kal me tumhari biwi banegi” she was absolutely correct. ya he saved her life a couple times but he makes her feel like she is wrong all the time. wasn’t this show about women leading and empowering? more like an idiot husband bullying his wife. honestly, siraj was better than kabir. at least he respected zara. this show gives A bad representation of Islam.

  8. Bashirah, sister you are telling d truth. What you said was right I hate this show now.

  9. Amy, I am pretty sure my sister bashirah would agree with you. If she was alive. Sadly bashirah Banu binte Abdul qadir Mohamed passed away on dec 20 at 8:31 pm IST by a car accident. RIP BASHIRAH. We will miss you dearly

  10. Ruqayyah begum binte Abdul qadir Mohamed

    Amy, I am pretty sure my sister bashirah would agree with you. If she was alive. Sadly bashirah Banu binte Abdul qadir Mohamed passed away on dec 20 at 8:31 pm IST by a car accident. RIP BASHIRAH. We will miss you dearly

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