Ishq Subhan Allah 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar gets married

Ishq Subhan Allah 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahe-Sangam with Aapke Aa Jane Se

Scene 1
Priest asks Ruksaar again if she accepts this nikah? Ruksaar doesnt answer. Kabir and Zara are tensed. All look on. Ruksaar says Qubool hai(I do). Priest asks again, she says I do, he asks again, she says I do. All smile and pray. Zeenat kisses her forehead. Alina hugs her. Priest asks Hamdan if he accepts this marriage? he says I do three times. All clap. Zara hugs Alina. Kabir gives a hug to Hamdan. Zara says congratulations to Ruksaar. Kabir smiles at her. Some woman enters venue and says this is wrong Ruksaar, you accepted nikah without me? all look on. Woman enters house, she is a young girl. All are confused. She greets everyone and hugs Ruksaar, she says you look so pretty, congratulations. Zara asks who is she? She says I am Nilofar,

Ruksaar’s friend and Miraj’s sister. All greet her. Kashan says lets prepare for iftar. They all go. Miraj glares at Ruksaar and Nilofar.
They all sit for Iftar. Ruksaar is about to break her fast but Zara says one minute, Ruksaar this is a special occasion, Hamdan should break your fast. Hamdan makes her eat. Kabir offers a date to Zara, Zara breaks her fast, Zara offers him a date and they break fast together, Ishq subhannallah plays, Kabir is mesmerized by her. Ruksaar glares at them.

Ruksaar comes to her room. Nilofar comes to her and laughs. Nilofar says I am a good actress, did you see Miraj’s face when he saw a sister coming out of nowhere. Ruksaar says you were always a good actress since our college days, your work will start when I leave this house, I did the biggest mistake by bringing Miraj here, you have to keep an eye on Miraj, keep an on everything he does, where he goes, whom he talks to and you have to stop him from my hurting my Kabir. Nilofar says what if tries to hurt Zara? Ruksaar says you just have to protect Kabir but I would like if Zara stays away from Kabir, you have to protect my Kabir. Nilofar says thats all good but lets talk about business, Ruksaar gives her 50lacs cheque and says this is half amount of my mahar. Nilofar takes it and says now you dont worry, I will play this chess game with Kabir, Zara and miraj now.

Zara brings Kabir to nikah stage, he asks what she is doing? Zara says earlier we got married like this but that time our hearts and mind was not aligned but now I want you to ask me the same question, Kabir jokes what will be the mahar money now? Zara says 1crore is fine but if you want to give 2crore then.. Kabir says no 1crore is fine. Kabir starts their nikah and says Zara Siddiqui do you accept Kabir Ahmed as your husband? she says I do, I do, I do. She asks if he accepts Zara Siddiqui as his wife? he says I do, I do, I do. They both stare at each other with love. In lamhon ke daman mein plays. Ayesha comes there and teases them. Kabir stammers and says lets go for Ruksaar’s bidai. Ayesha says Kabir I want you to send Ruksaar with respect from this house instead of Shahbaz.

Nilofar asks Ruksaar if she regrets leaving this house? Ruksaar says house is not about walls and windows, there is nothing in this house except Kabir. Miraj comes there and glares at Ruksaar. Nilofar says brother you should know the manners of knocking before coming in a room. Miraj says to Ruksaar that what is all this? when there was no friend of yours who introduced us then how is this Nilofar my friend? ruksaar is about to answer but Kabir and Zara comes there. Zara gives Ruksaar an envelope and says this is your marriage gift from me and Kabir, Ruksaar asks what is this? Zara says its the amount which you would have had when you were share holder of Kabir’s project for 25%, its for your honeymoon. Ruksaar is hurt and looks at Kabir. Ruksaar says I want to give my 25% share of this project to Nilofar, she will handle it now. Miraj is angry.

Ruksaar’s farewell ceremony starts. Zeenat and Aline brings her to lounge, Zeenat cries and kisses her hand. Ruksaar pulls her in a hug and cries. All are emotional. Amaan shows a photo collage with Ruksaar to her, Ruksaar sobs and kisses his forehead. Ayesha cups her face and says God may bless you, you always remain happy. Zara brings Quran there and says this is God’s pious book, it will guide you. Ruksaar kisses it, Zara hugs her and whispers to her that your new life is starting so you live your life and I will live mine, she wipes Ruksaar’s tears, Ruksaar looks on. Kabir asks Hamdan to take care of Ruksaar, he nods.

In Aapke Aa Jane Se, Shruti says I am ready to marry him, all congratulate each other, they leave. Mom congratulates Badi Amma. Vaidika asks Shruti why she is doing this? you told me you dont want to marry before getting to know the guy then why did you say yes? Badi Amma says enough, we have told you to not involve in our matters. Sahil says Vaidika is worried about Shruti, he asks Shruti why she wants to marry? Shruti says I dont know why Vaidika doesnt want me to marry Prerit, I am doing this marriage with my will, I am happy Badi Amma. Flashback shows Shruti trying to talk to Prerit alone but Puneesh, messages her intimate photos, she calls him and asks him what is all this? Puneesh asks her to marry Prerit otherwise he will leak her photos, shruti looks on. Flashback ends. Mom asks Vaidika to not tarnish their happiness. Vaidika says you people can curse as much as you want but look at Shruti, she seems scared and worried. Shruti says I am happy and I am doing this marriage on my will. Sahil asks Vaidika why she is doubting her answer? Vaidika says I understand you think Shruti accepts this but.. Badi Amma asks her to stop it. Vaidika thinks there is something fishy, Shruti tell us what is wrong.

Puneesh says to himself that there will be trouble in Agarwals lives and I will destroy them. Prerit says I did as you said, proposal is confirmed now. Puneesh says just do as I say, keep doing your thing, those Agarwals dont know what is going to happen with them, he recalls how Sahil had beat him, he says I will take revenge from them in such way that they wont be able to ever recover.

Scene 2
Manjila brings her guests to Sahil’s house, she shows them around and brags about the palace. They come to dining table, Manjila sees all continental, italian food, she says what insect food is this? Badi Amma comes there and says this is foreign food, Manjila serve them. Manjila tries to pick spaghetti from hands but Badi Amma says you pick it from fork and first you have to start with appetizer soup, guest says Manjila you should learn rich living from Badi Amma. Manjila gets angry and throws soup on Badi Amma’s face, Badi Amma is angry.

Rest of the update in Aapka Aa Jane Se section

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ok what the show people, have to remember, for both show, to much evil is bad. Dragging is also bad for any show.

    Now there is new baddie in ishq subhan allah. Ruksaar hasn’t changed. Of which I am not surprised. But a new baddie, really, isn’t two enough. The writer must not keep dragging with ruksaar, miraj and new comers. I want quality not quantity. Or the show well be boring.
    There too much evil on the other show, no wonder the viewing is low. You can’t keep up. I still don’t understand what is going on. I am still won’t watch this show, even after this week is finished.
    Writers of this show, listen to what I have said. Find another way or your show well come to it end.

    1. Cathy

      I really like this show, and very happy with the developing feelings between Zara and Kabir and i hope it grows more, i think you have a point with shows always having the evil characters, i personally don’t think it’s necessary to always have the bad guys fore front in the story, i would rather see Zara and Kabir’s story and the coming together of their views on religion and maybe more social issues and less on jealous family members and crazy outsiders that try to separate Zara and Kabir.

      1. I guess you will like the upcoming track then.

    2. Wait for the upcoming track which will be on air from today. You won’t be disappoint. But try to understand one thing that we can’t only show goody goody things in the episodes because without any conflict show will become boring. If you are following Ishq subhanallah from beginning then you must have been noticed that we don’t overuse the villains, at the end it’s the story of Zara Kabeer. our story is moving very fast, there are lots of twist and turns and still if you are finding it boring then we can’t do anything about this.

    3. Nina

      Agree with you, if a degree of evil goes up will be an attenuation of spectators attention.

  2. Nina

    Well, three days I have watched two series from different serials because anyone had made that union. Everybody has theories about what the show is about, which is great One of the beautiful things cinema can do: You can go into that world later and get more. Aap Ke Aa Jane Se. I get interested in the story relationships of two strong convincing characters.

  3. Cathy

    Naz!! OMG i was glued to the T.V this past Sunday watching the train wreck that was the G-7 and what Donald Dump said…i’m a bit of a news junkie and have most of the major news stations..CBC, CTV. CNN, RT (Russian Times) Al Jazeera a couple of Aussie ones etc..That man is insane and i have been calling him a wanna be Dictator since he took office, most people just rolled their eyes and laughed but the they are not laughing now, this man has access to firing off nuckular weapons i hope to God that someone is making sure he isn’t anywhere near the button as for insulting Canada well we just shrugged our shoulders, and the european union are scratching their heads and the late night comedians are having the time of their lives, and the real Americans that are appalled at Trump have apologised on his behalf, they are embarrassed. But i do find it interesting that Trump is cozying up to Putin and Kim Jong-un…both with severe human rights violations and oppression of their own people…it’s scary. Pray for us please. Oh and if anyone that knows a link to any Indian/english news station please let me know 🙂 Oh and if Admin will allow here is a link that says it all with laughs!!

    1. Cathy, you and I could have a good conversation, I can see that…some minds do think alike…gotta go, have a busy day..tomorrow is Eid-ul-Fitr here …Eid Mubarak to all on this forum and Allah’s blessings to my dear sisters in Islam…and to you too Cathy, all the way in Canada ..have a lovely day, I’ll be back…tonight.

  4. So now we have a new villain in the form of Nilofer, as Rukhsar has passed the baton to her. Miraj will have to tango with her and hopefully both will destroy each other after the dust has settled. I feel sorry for Zeenat but she had this coming, now her little sister is going away from her. I wonder if this actress is leaving the serial, if she is, I’ll miss her evil laughter, she did a good job of her character so much so, that we all hate Rukhsar. Bidaai was touching, even though she’s so bad…and true to my own style, as I always have done for every wedding, in real and on reel, I cried….

  5. I love the clothes worn by the entire cast, especially Zara..her outfits are AWESOME…and the entire set is very beautiful…

  6. Just my views dear friends…personally, I don’t have a problem with this serial so far, in fact I love it just like I love Ap ke aajane se…this serial has a male lead any woman would dream of having as a husband, considering the factor of male dominance in today’s society and I love him to bits…i have to agree with our ISA representative…..nothing in life is filled with entire positivity because life will be boring, humans thrive and are propelled to do good things in life because of the negativity around them. Similarly in these make believe celluloid world, how can there not be some degree of negativity? In my book, as long as we don’t have witchcraft, and fantastic beasts in CGI and the crazy stuff we’ve become used to, I really don’t have a problem with this serial. If everything was lovey dovey all the time, we won’t have much to debate on this serial because everything would just be perfect and life just isn’t so!! So negativity must be conquered by positivity and that it is simply one of the laws of nature and destiny. I’ve read hundreds of books in my years of existence, till I woke up one morning and actually needed a pair of reading glasses and I could tell good storylines and I have a hawks’ eye for details, the only other serial which is close in this regard besides ISA, is first two seasons of ETRETR…..of which I still can’t divorce myself from and will forever be a beloved of mine…but this is just to say, besides the infusion of the religious aspect of this serial, the disclaimer at the start informs us that it’s a love story first of all, everything else falls behind and I don’t think that viewers should castigate the writers on the Islamic perspective, they aren’t promoting the Islamic religion nor trying to convert anyone, if someone feels offended, won’t it be better to switch off or watch less controversial topics to the mind?? As long as you know what you believe in, love what you believe but this forum is for entertainment purposes and not a promoter or basher of the creative team or it’s viewers who are here to enjoy a serial with Muslim based characters…we’ve not had much of this background ever, besides Qubool Hai and Jodha Akbar, all have been Hindu based and I’m yet to see one with a Christian background…in this way, well all feel included and reprented. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, if I did, dear friend, please forgive me, it’s my view and I’m free to express it as far as I know…peace and love…

    1. Thanks Naaz for understanding me. We are not promoting any religion here ,we are just showing the tradition, views, daily life, culture of a particular religion through a beautiful love story. Yes there will be ups and downs in their journey because it’s life… Nothing is perfect here. If we make the characters so perfect then no one can relate to them and we do not want that. We want to make the story as realistic as possible, this is a t.v show so there will be some drama added. Just think for a moment that could Kabeer Zara fallen in love without Rukhsar/Siraj/Meraj ‘s obstacles? With every obstacles they came close to each other. Your feedbacks are important to us so please don’t hesitate to comment anything. Keep watching Ishq Subhanallah. We will try not to disappoint our viewers. Have a good day/Night.

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