Ishq Subhan Allah 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update : Rukhsar burns their childhood wedding photos

Ishq Subhan Allah 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer takes on Zara. She covers them with her dupatta asking if it’s a responsibility or love. He replies Love! They share some intimate moments together when Rukhsar comes in. Both parts away. Rukhsar wanted to show them some childhood photos to them, she sits to share some memories with them and insists to spend some time with her. They sit with her. Rukhsar tells Zara she is here since the age of six. She shows had a pile of her photos with Kabeer going to school, their birthdays, their mischievousness, and their games. She was saddened by all the pinching memories and how Kabeer had asked her to leave the house today. She finally puts all these photos on fire. Zara holds hand with Kabeer and advices Rukhsar to spill poison on the album in her heart; it will automatically make her future life

Rukhsar runs to her bedroom and cries there. Miraj comes into the room then holding a knife. Rukhsar runs for life as he attempts to stab her. Zeenat comes hearing the screams, but no one was there inside the room. Rukhsar was being proven as lunatic. Zeenat suggests Rukhsar to marry Hamdan, this is the best way left to her. Hamdan is no less than Kabeer in any way. She is her elder sister and wants the best for her, in her opinion Rukhsar should marry Hamdan. After Hamdan has left, Rukhsar finds a note on side table, with Nilofer mentioned on it. She opens to find honeymoon tickets inside and understands it was Miraj.
Outside, everyone was busy with wedding preparations. Zara had a flu. Ammi was concerned for her. Kabeer teases that he could hear some sounds from the roof last night, and she was in a single dupatta last night when she returned to the room. Zara denies even going to the roof. Rukhsar comes to the hall with Zeenat. Alina complements that she looks as beautiful as Zara did. Miraj passed by. Rukhsar comes to speak to him, and questions what this is. Miraj replies this is the gift from his sister Nilofer. Rukhsar questions how it is possible when a person isn’t present. Miraj replies it’s similar to how Siraj was present in Zara’s case. Rukhsar says she has nothing to lose now, everyone knows about her truth here. Miraj warns no one will trust her. She wanted to test it, but Miraj pulls her to a wall. He warns her against the life of Ayaan (Zeenat’s son), what would happen to Zeenat then. Shehbaz just came out of a door. Miraj straightens up and gifts Rukhsar the honeymoon gift from Nilofer. Shehbaz tells Rukhsar to take the gift.
Zara was getting ready in the room when Kabeer comes from behind and says he recalls the blessings of Allah watching her. He gives her a balm to be applied behind the ear and on neck because of fasting to relieve her flue. She signals him to apply it. He cautiously looks around, then applies it.
In Aap ke aap jane se, Anjana shares with Bari Amma a proposal for Shruti. Vaidika hears about it. Anjana was concerned that they are prohibited to go towards the kitchen, how can they invited them to the house. Vaidika tells Anjana to invited them home, no one would stop them from coming towards the kitchen as it’s about Shruti’s proposal. Vaidika was making arrangements in the kitchen. Nani had objections. Yash comes there and asks if Vaidika loves Sahil, because she has been with him and his family. It feels unjust to him how she is always with him and his family. Vaidika says she stands with Yash in this fight because he stands with everyone who has suffered in life. What’s Anjana or Shruti’s mistake in all this? Shruti has suffered in life, and if a proposal can improve her life; why she should create hurdle in it. She is a mother and can’t see someone else’s daughter in any trouble. There was a door bell, the guests were served well.
Shruti was completely unaware of the guests as she come to the hall. Anjana introduces to Prerit and his family. Shruti clarifies she doesn’t want to marry and leaves the hall. Prerit’s family was about to leave but Vaidika interferes. She requests them to be a little calm, she is nervous of marriage. She will speak to her and goes inside. She signals Sahil who speaks to Prerit. Anjana and Prachi also go inside. Sahil again serves the guests. Prerit’s mother appreciates the food made by their daughter in law. They were aware of Sahil’s radio love story as well, and thought Vaidika as their daughter in law appreciating. Nidhi had just come to the hall and disliked this. Nani comes to accompany the guests and clarifies and says this Nidhi is Sahil’s wife. Prerit’s mother asks how Vaidika lives here? Nani says Vaidika is the owner of this house?
In the room, Prachi was insulting Shruti and scolded her. Shruti resisted and clarified she doesn’t want to marry. She says it was Puneesh who said he wasn’t happy with his married. Prachi couldn’t keep her husband happy. Prachi slaps Shruti and calls Shruti as ill mannered. Vaidika saves Shruti and blames Puneesh. She tells Anjana that she must have asked Shruti before invited any guests. Prachi wasn’t ready to give Vaidika any space to her as an outsider. Vaidika didn’t let Prachi force Shruti outside, she instead takes Shruti outside. Anjana stops Prachi from going behind them.

Remaining part in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se Section

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nina

    There was the romantic scene Zara&Kabeer but, I have a question to the cameraman.There was the bad lighting of the video frame, the color spots were sparkling and the shadows were shaking. Give me, please, to see the favorite heroes with better lighting.

    1. Cathy

      Yeah the camera angles and lighting are kinda irritating, i get they want to bring a fresh approach to filming but the show doesn’t warrant edgy editing and filters..if it was a spy show or something else i could see it, but on this show it’s just annoying.

  2. Anytime viewers are enjoying a show for example Ishq Subhan Allah somehow the writers will eventually spoil the story line in their attempt to increase the viewership. Trying to give the negative characters more importance always tend to spoil the show in the end.Writers Rukhsar roll is becoming very boring and it has made stop watching this show.

    1. I think this show will eventually have to come off air.

  3. I think that Rukhsar is displaying psycothic behavior….can’t diagnose her because I don’t know the difference between sociopath or psycopath but she in there somewhere!! Her scribbling on a sheet of paper in that crazed behavior, is alarm bells for sure….she needs help because the rate she’s going, she could be a patient for the madhouse… like always, I love the Kabira moments….so ?????

    1. Cathy

      Briefly Psychopaths are without any empathy and have little comprehension of consequence. In varying degrees from mild to severe Sociopaths can meld into society marry have families hold down jobs, they are egomaniacs no one is smarter they they are(in there own minds), the world for them literally revolves around them, you don’t exist other then to benefit the sociopath, the egomanic sociopath will always get caught in lies or crimes because they’re incapable of not wanting praise or recognition..this is not always the case, some sociopaths simply glide through life not bringing attention to themselves…I think Rukshar shows Manic Depressive tendencies, with a dose of tv show psychosis. LOL…i overly simplified as not to lecture everyone. 🙂 And btw, Rukshar makes a great crazy person and i for one will miss her evil laugh if they end her story soon.

      1. Thanks for the lesson Miss Cathy ??..much appreciated but you know something, while reading your explanation, one man comes to mind… the US President ….no joking..that’s him there in the definition of sociopath…

  4. The whole serial is becoming absurd by d day… nothing realistic left anymore. There is a man in d house who wants to kill u but u dont keep quiet wven though u had all d chance to tell on him!!! Instead u both sisters get on with d festivities…n d whole family too. Hello..this is d woman who tried to.kill zara. Who is that forgiving..n how r u gng to explain to hamdans fmly tht rukhsar is never to return n tht d supposed daughter of d famuly is never to be in touch with them! And what kind of friendship do they keep harping about btwn kabir n miraj, do they look or behave like friends..its most formal!!! Why is it that it hasnt occured to anyone..esp zara…tht since he is ruksars friend, there is got to be twist here, but no, suddenly d super smart instinctive woman has gone dumb! Nobody wants to know why is d mayor? of anothr state, was it meerut? staying in Lucknow for no business at all..cant see them working anytime anyways….all d men r suddenly jobless caught in kitchn politics like in evry other serials!! And poor zeenats husband, poor guy doesnt even have a single line to speak…why do they even have him around, i feel bad for him as an actor he has nothing to add to d show. There is a killer in d house for Gods sake!!! And people who know about him like zeenat n ruksaar r going about like nothing is wrong! Who worries about being married off to d wrong guy whn thr is someone who wants to kill u!!! Oh Pete’s sake!!! Exasperating!!!

  5. no yesterday epsd was so good nd the romance of zara and kabir is so cute …. alvida rukasr

  6. and this is my first comment here

  7. am just dislinking the link of the two shows.
    secondly, all zara and kabir scenes are getting cut off. all their cute moments, the much awaited ones, all geting reduced. and more concentration on twist and evil plans of ruksar and miraj
    and agree with the rest that ruksar tried to kill zara and plot badly against her and also tried to defame kabir and has got away so freely and that too rewarded with a 1 crore and getting married.
    here kabir is not worried of his name and status geting tarnished
    but with the innoncent zara she has to face the fumes of angry kabir each time their difference in opinon clashes.
    why is kabir behaving so rudely and stern with zara. he does not even realise that he loves her. or does he.
    the begining of the episode was really good to see that kabir for once said – mohabat and then full stop. so unromantic he is.
    but yes just the few moments of kabir and zara were very much appreciated and looking forward to seeing more of them. kabir to fall deeply in love with his zara.
    also the clash of ideas in their faith, should not spark out any controversy. religion is a very sensitive topic and i believe that there should be no arguments on this, be it any religion for that matter.
    and if people of the same faith begin to contradict, and it is creating such a great clash, this will result in disturbances which would not be good for the show.
    finally at the end of day this is a love story and not a show on caste and religion.
    but no matter what the twist and evil plans – kabir and zara must overcome them victoriously. and grow deeper higher and stronger in love

  8. Miraj and Rukhsar is perfect for each other, don’t know why writers didn’t marry them, they would have cancelled each other out…it’s interesting to see Nilofer’s entry in this mix, but Miraj and his disturbed mind will have to deal with her and she seems confident to carry on being the new villain from Rukhar’s place…maybe this actress is leaving the serial? If she is, I’ll miss her evil laughter …

  9. Naz behave yuh self you saying stuff about that maniac LMAO. Hahahahaha hahahahehehe your definition of him is so damn good that I nearly pee meself . Nothing interesting here so I am moving over to KKB.

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