Ishq Subhan Allah 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir plans to make Zara’s day special

Ishq Subhan Allah 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Irfan says to Kabir that can you do what I want? Kabir says yes, I will do anything, I will ask forgiveness from Zara too. Irfan says you have showed your low thinking, you have insulted your position, will you be able to remove the stain from your character? Kabir asks him to sit. Zara sits Kabir. Kabir says to Irfan that I will remove all your complaints, please forgive me. Irfan says your eyes are promising but I am not sure about your intentions, God bless you. Reema comes there and says you both should have another honeymoon, look at Kabir’s shining eyes. Zara says he made breakfast for me, Kabir says for both. Reema says priest have fallen for you again, Kabir smiles. Zara says only 25 days are left for divorce? Kabir makes Irfan wear hat and says Zara I know what I have

to do.

Nilofar comes back to Ayesha’s house. She greets everyone. Kabir comes there and says to Miraj that we should go for work. Shahbaz says you should take rest. Kabir says I am fine now, work needs my attention. Ayesha says you should stay at home. Zara comes there. Shahbaz says if he wants to go then let him go but I want to ask where did you go in morning? Kabir says to Irfan’s house. Shahbaz says you are ill, what was the need to go there? nobody stopped you? especially people who show that they care so much about you, person whom you call as wife, didnt she stop you? Kabir says it was not about Zara, I wanted to go there. Shahbaz says why? Kabir says Irfan was insulted in inauguration, I hurt him so I went there to ask for forgiveness. Shahbaz says now you will ignore your father but your wife’s father is more important than your own father? Kabir says its not like that, I know you are my father, you made me learn to walk but I dont need anyone’s support now. Ayesha says Kabir. Kabir says no I am not a kid anymore, I will take my decisions now. He leaves from there but Zara stops him. He asks her to move aside. She says please, Ayesha is stopping you, I am stopping you, please dont go, dont be angry, you are not well, please stay.. for me. He looks in her eyes and shakes his head. Ayesha makes him sit down.

Reema says to Imran that I feel Kabir and Zara are fine now, I saw Kabir taking Zara’s side and Zara taking his side, maybe he gave divorce in anger. Imran says I know Kabir, he must have thought a lot before divorce, did Kabir say that he will take divorce back? she says no. Imran says then their relation still have trouble.

Zara says to Kabir that you shouldnt have talked like that to your father. Kabir says he doesnt understand that I have only 25 days left, I want to make them beautiful for you, you know I wanted to go with Miraj, do all the work so I could spend time with you. Zara says we have only 25 days left? Kabir says yes. He makes her sit and says I thought a lot before breaking this relation thats why I gave you divorce. Zara says I pray that God shows you the right path, your decision will define our future, I know you thought about divorce but can I ask you two questions? he says yes. Zara says first question is why did you divorce me? She sadly looks at him. Kabir says what is the second question? if you dont realize why I gave you the divorce then its of no use, I will tell you the reason when I give you second divorce. Zara says who gave you mahar’s 1 crore? Kabir says I dont like to answer that. Zara says you are not answering me, then how will you make my days special? you could ask me anything. Kabir leaves from there. Zara thinks Kabir is hiding something, I have to find out.

Scene 2
Zara comes to Ayesha in kitchen. She asks if she can do one work? I dont know how to say it but I have to find out.. she tells her something (which is muted). Ayesha says okay I will find out, dont worry. Zara thanks her and leaves.

Kabir is reading files in his room. Zara comes there and smiles at him. Kabir points at Miraj and sits with him. Zara looks on. Miraj sees Zara standing there and stares at her. Zara comes there. Miraj stands up closer to her. She gets flustered. Zara says to Kabir that you promised me and staying here? you didnt plan any surprise for me? you were doing something special for me. Kabir says what do you want? Zara says come with me. She takes him from there. Miraj looks at her and says Zara’s magic is working on me too, I will get this divorce done and make her mine too, darling Miraj.

Zara says to family that Kabir wants to do something special for me so I thought that all husbands of this house should do something special for their wives. Zeenat asks Kabir are you going do it? Kabir says yes, making wife is not a mistake. Zeenat asks Kashan to hear from his brother. Amaan says I will do something for Alina. Ayesha says to Shahbaz that tell your kids that you are no less. Shahbaz says tell us, I will gift you. Zara says you cant buy a gift, its a condition that no husband will bring a gift for his wife, you have to do something different.
Miraj comes to Nilofar and says come, I will make your day special. Nilofar says its impossible brother. Miraj says just give me chance. She smirks at him.

Kabir says to Zara that I am not answering your questions. Zara says you have to answer one day, tell me how you will make my day special? Kabir thinks about it… oh you are a priest, you cant dance, sing or after first divorce.. you cant even touch me. She comes closer to him. Kabir stares at her and looks away composing himself. Zara laughs and says think about it, its not easy to be a husband. Kabir acts like thinking, Zara mimics him.

Kashan brings anklet for Zeenat. He makes her wear it. She hugs him.
Amaan gives his video game to Alina.

Shahbaz says to Ayesha that I always gave you what you wanted, I never denied you. Ayesha says you have given me all the happiness but will you answer me honestly today? Shahbaz says I have never lied to you, prayers are witness to it. Ayesha says you know Kabir have given mahar money to Zara, I want to know how Kabir got that money? did you give it? Shahbaz says no I didnt give it, I want to know that too. She asks if he is saying truth? He nods and goes for prayers.

Zara is watching her and Kabir’s pictures. Zara gets Ayesha’s message that Shahbaz didnt give money to Kabir. Zara thinks then who gave it? what did Kabir do?

PRECAP- Miraj says to Nilofar that love is like that, humans fall in fire pit. He pulls her closer and romances with her, he hugs her and gets intimate with her, Nilofar smiles. Zara is passingby their room, she is shocked to see Nilofar and Miraj intimate as she thinks that are sister-brother. Zara runs to Kabir and says I have to tell you something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 5 days ago, Miraj said, ”
    Zara has some magic in her”. He then trips her and holds her in his arms. 3 days ago, Miraj said,” There is no treatment for Zara. I will finish her”. In Today’s episode, in the last scene, he says that Zara will belong to him. This person Miraj is alternating between killing Zara and being obsessed with her. Why is he so fickle-minded and unstable. It just proves that if Zara tries to outwit Miraj in the project, he will become angry enough to kill her. But if she dresses up nicely or if she is alone, he will behave creepily and try to move closer to her.

  2. Also, Miraj romances with Nilofar. He is a womanizer. He had flirted with his ex girlfriend, Zeenat, Rukhsaar, Zara and now Nilofar.

  3. There’s something cooking in masterchefs brain also…’s like a dark secret, can’t guess.
    And this Miraj omg he’s giving his own kind of twist in the kahani

  4. Nina

    A chandelier in the living room rotates with the dangerous speed and restlessly glitters in order to the joy of cameraman. Kabeer doesn’t leave his idea of divorce evidently his decision final. Well so, Zara is deserving of another spouse.

    1. Its going to be interesting…this attraction Miraj has for Zara…and Kabir finding out that Miraj has the hots for his wife is going to be even more interesting…plus, when Kabir realises that Miraj screwed him over with project financing…I’d love to see how betrayal hits him before it sinks in… writers, make this plot juicy and interesting..please!!!

  5. What!!! Zara is back with kabeer? Just like that!! After all tht public humiliation, she spends d night with him and then rewards him with agreeing to stay with him for 26days n that too with no good reason. He stills wants to divorce her n he wants to make those days beautiful only to slap her with another talak… N she agrees with no questions asked. What the hell is happening.. It just gets more n more preposterous. And all my friends here r actually very happy with how the story is going? Why? Just coz zara gave kabeer a good lecture. But whats the point if she is still gng to bow to his wishes. He asks her to go bk.. She goes.. She asks him why he dIvorced her But is OK with no answer, why he wants to make her happy for 26days, whn he stills wants to continue with d divorce, She Gets no answer n is ok with it. And then d whole family pretends like there is nothing wrong N go abt making their wives happy.. Like seriously!!!? And then the two thickheads, father son duo have a forever guest called miraaj in their house letching at their women but dont see it. He is free to threaten them, kill them n now even want them in a s*xual manner. Wonder how come alina is not yet under his radar. She is d only one left out anyways. None of the men have any work except talk about some project tht never rly takes off n they want to do good for the community when they cant even do good to their own wives. But ya looks like kabeer defi has finally sensed some wrong taking plc n so he is probably gng abt unearthing it in such a ridiculous manner where he is hurting both zara n endangering her fathers life too. And hey zeenats husband finally got a line or two to say in this whole time..atlst good for him. Haha. Poor guy. He is d only guy who has all my sympathy. And ya shahbaz rly looks clueless all d time, keeping his mouth crooked N all. Why does zara want a man like kabeer. I cant see one good thing in him. His moms yrs of upbringing didnt change him but one lil lecture frm her d day zara was asked to leave d party suddenly changed him into a caring loving husband who wants her back n wants to even make her happy, only to divorce her again, atlst for now, until we know wht he rly plans to do. Anyways im getting repetitive. Just so mad at d way things r gng. Every few days i come bk to check if things have changed for d better but no such luck!

  6. there never is Sree. The Zee serials all have the same type of family serials, The storylines are all almost alike. Lead actor marries Lead actress. Most of lead actors family members hate lead actress for marrying lead actor and cause problems. All the serials seems to have guests in the family house that never seem to live. family members of lead actor cause problems but the lead actor although living in the same house does not notice anything even facial expressions when villains are looking at each other and smiling away. Marriages are never consummated, Usual the lead actor is the one who is clueless as to the happening in the household and the rest of the family are always keeping secrets The tracks on one villains goes on forever.

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