Ishq Subhan Allah 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar demands for money

Ishq Subhan Allah 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maha-episode with Aapke Aa Jane Se

Scene 1
Zara and Kabir meets Hamdan. Zara says to Hamdan that Ruksaar wanted to marry Kabir since childhood, I didnt want you to get to know it from somewhere else so we told you, Kabir says last decision will be yours.

Kabir and Zara comes back home, they see Ayesha preparing to go to Hamdan’s house for haldi ceremony. She asks Zeenat, Kabir and Zara to go with her. They are surprised that Hamdan and his family accepted the proposal even after everything.

Ayesha is leaving house with family. She is tensed to leave Ruksaar home alone but Kabir says she will be fine. Ruksaar comes out of her room and sees family members going for haldi ceremony.

Zara and family comes to Hamdan’s house for mehndi. Zara greets his mother.

Zeenat comes there and sees Hamdan smiling at people, she thinks Hamdan is no less than Kabir. Zara comes to her and says you are thinking right, he is a nice guy. Zeenat looks on and smiles being satisfied for her sister.

Ruksaar is in her room, she goes hysteric recalling how Zara and Kabir confirmed her marriage, she break things and cries, she says no Kabir dont do this with me.

Ruksaar comes to lounge, there is no one home but she feels like someone is following her.

Hamdan’s haldi ceremony starts, alina applies haldi to him. Ayesha applies it and says I hope you and Ruksaar remain happy.

Ruksaar takes knife and stands on balcony railing, she starts walking on thin railing. Shahbaz comes home and sees her. He asks what she is doing? you want to jump down? I would suggest you to not jump, height is not much, you wont die only bones will break. He holds her hand and brings her down. They hear heavy storm outside, Shahbaz says life is not a game that you keep putting it on risk, its a treasure that you should use everyday with cleverness. Ruksaar says I used to think same but someone snatched my treasure. Shahbaz says you dont understand anything but keep crying over a moon, where can I get you a moon? I have taken you as a daughter and I would suggest that even still we can mend things, forget everything, we will forget too, your new life is waiting for you, get married to Hamdan and enjoy your new life. Ruksaar you want me to leave Zara and Kabir’s life and go to Dubai to live my life? He says yes. Ruksaar says okay I will do it as you say but I will do it my way, I have a condition, I want one crore rupees to go from here, you gave 1 crore to Zara in mehar, you take me as your daughter so give 1 crore as dowry to me. Shahbaz says what will you do with that money? Ruksaar says I will go away from my Zara and Kabir’s life, I will live my life in Dubai, I will spend my life with Kabir’s memories but I will not marry Hamdan. Kabir comes home and hears all that. Ruksaar and Shahbaz doesnt see him but he heard Ruksaar’s condition.

Zara applies haldi to Hamdan and says congrats and thank you. Hamdan thinks that even after meeting me, if Ruksaar thinks about Kabir then to hell with me. Zara asks what he is thinking? he says I trust you and Kabir, I will keep Ruksaar happy. Zara jokes that Ruksaar’s magic is working.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar and says what are you saying? you want the money? what will you do? you will start a business in Dubai? you know about it? a wife’s life revolves around husband, she should build a life with him, stop this stubbornnes, your life is not with me, you should be with Hamdan, start your life with him, make a new life there. Shahbaz says Kabir is right, you should move on in your life, as promised I will give you 1 crore rupees but you will get it only on marriage day with Hamdan, stop thinking that you are not getting married, when you marry Hamdan then you will get the money, he leaves. Kabir says to Ruksaar that I know dreaming is good but losing yourself in it is bad, you know me and Zara didnt want to marry each other but we compromised, you do it, maybe you will start living happily with your partner one day. He leaves from there. Ruksaar is in tears.

Scene 2
In Aapke Ajane Se, Nidhi is talking on call and says yes Puneesh. Vaidika comes there and says Punees? Nidhi says I was talking to my friend Puneet, you think even after so much I will talk to that Puneesh, you people keep blaming me for everything, first Sahil and now you blame me, why should I listen to you? Sahil comes there and says shut up Nidhi, say sorry to Vaidika, she says why should I say sorry? I wont say it, she leaves. Vaidika says to Sahil why you are doing it? I didnt feel bad about her words, Sahil says thats your problem, you dont feel bad about anything, Vaidika says it was not a big deal, she leaves. Sahil thinks that this Nidhi is clever, I will have to teach her lesson my way.

Nidhi comes to Sahil’s room and calls out to him, he is not there. Suddenly ceiling fan falls from roof. Nidhi screams. Vaidika hears her scream, she rushes to her room, she sees a man leaving from there. She rushes to Nidhi and is shocked.

Doctor checks Nidhi and says to family that baby is fine but if it happens again then she could lose baby, she gives medicines and leaves. Bua says this fan didnt fall, it was someone’s plot to throw that fan. Sahil says it must be Nidhi’s plan to trap someone. Nidhi says it might be your plan because you dont want this baby, you messaged me to come here but when I came then this fan fell on me, you dont take me as your wife, you dont accept this baby and you keep blaming me for everything, you started shouting when I was talking to Vaidika, you would want me to die the most and would want this baby to not come in this world. Sahil says shut up, when did I message you? Nidhi says you messaged me, you blamed me somedays back that I tried to kill Vaidika, maybe it was your plan and Vaidika was involved in this plan too. She says to Badi Amma that from the time Vaidika has come in this house, Sahil have been trying to closer to her to have affair with her, Sahil charges at her, Vaidika stops him. Sahil says you think I did this too? She says no, I know you can never hurt someone. Vaidika says to Nidhi that I understand this happened with you but Sahil can never think of hurting someone. Nidhi says you dont have to talk between us. Badi Amma says enough, Vaidika is right, Sahil cant do this. Nidhi thinks me and Yash attacked Vaidika but who could attack me?

Yash comes to his room and smirks, he looks at screw driver with which he had tempered with the fan that fell on Nidhi. He says to hell with that Vaidika, today Sahil could have got the blame but she stopped it, I got one thing from all this though.

Sahil is drunk and sitting on stairs at night alone. He keeps blabbering to himself. Vaidika comes there and tries to hold him but he falls in her arms, Vaidika is tensed. Sahil lies on sofa, Vaidika tucks him, he holds her hand in sleep, Vaidika goes and brings blanket for him, she puts it on him and leaves. Mom sees all this and says God what a fate, Sahil will spend a life with woman twice her age which I wont be able to bear then why do you keep bringing them closer? just get Yash and Vaidika married soon.

Badi Amma thinks that its good Yash and Vaidika are marrying, I will crush them, I will use law and get all property and money back then Nidhi will be left, I will shrug her off from Nidhi’s life like a dust. Leela comes there and says tell me the truth, your memory loss is a drama, you tried to kill Vaidika? Badi Amma asks her to stop it, I wont spare you. Leela says dont this drama otherwise I will get you beaten from my son in law, you should go to sleep. She says today I will sleep in this room so get lost, she pushes Badi Amma out of her room and locks door. Badi Amma is hurt and says I am bearing this humiliation because of Leela, I will destroy her son.

Rest in Aapka Aa Jane Se section

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today I feel so sorry for Hamdan. I don’t know why he said yes to marry Ruksaar.
    I agree with Kabir, when he said to ruksaar, it okay to dream, but to lose yourself to it, is bad.
    I loved Zara and kabir cuteness together. I just wish they didn’t do a mash up. I don’t watch the other show. I didn’t understand what was going on.
    I felt ishq subhan allah, has lost itself somewhere. I don’t know what kabir father said to miraj. If only they did just 45 minutes on ishq subhan allah. Maybe I would have understood today episode better.
    I am sure the fans of the other show would agree.

    1. I agree with you that it was quite annoying to watch this mix up. Sorry to say but this mix up will continue this whole week. Do one thing, watch first 15 min and then ignore 15 min then continue with another 15 minutes.And for your confusion let me clear you that Kabeer’s father was asking Meraj a favor to agree Humdan on something which will disclose later that what he wants from Humdan.
      Again I m really sorry, we wrote such interesting episodes but channel did this mix up just to promote another show.

      1. Thank for letting me know. This is really disappointing to hear it a mashup. This all week.

    2. yes we agree that the two shows mix up is very disappointing.
      zee is simply forcing viewers to watch the other show,

  2. Yes I agree with you sister.

  3. Hey request zee not to mix the two shows in this mahasangam. it is a personal choice to which show we would like to see. yesterday for forced to watch the other aap……….
    right now, ishqbaaz, yeh dino ki baat…. and ishq subhan allah – all at the same time. it is do difficult to give full justice and all happen to be my favourite shows.
    for the time i am going with the ishq subhan allah, the freshness the newness and the fabulous chemistry of kabir and zara. and was disappointed with the mix of the two shows. there is no connection between the two either.
    rukshar did evil all her life and now the family all set to send her beautifully married. yet she is misbehaving.
    looking forward to kabir and zara cute moments, but the same seems to be getting cut off, which is very disappointing.
    and here fans are awaiting the eid celebration with zara and kabir and the promo is very sad with their disputes and differences.
    only hope that every twist or drama or a challenge or an evil plan of the enemy result in bringing zara and kabir closer to each other and stronger in love.
    it seems from the episode yesterday, kabir is not yet aware that he is in love with zara or did he reframe himself from sharing with rukshar or does he not want to tell anyone. but atleast to zara he can share his feelings for her. with such a beautiful wife, kabir act is dumb.
    or does kabir not know that he has fallen in love with his wife.
    if he looks back, he had fallen for zara the moment his eyes met hers in episode 1.
    anyways, hope he gets to this beautiful realisation.
    and looking forward to the cute moments of kabir and zara together

  4. Now, I don’t appreciate mahaepisode unless it deals with the subject at hand but even though I do watch the other serial, I’d have preferred to see Kabira separate from Sadika….but as it is, I’m enjoying ISA to high heavens. I just didn’t imagine that this serial would have been such great success and entertaining, as it’s on Islamic topic, coming from a Muslim community, I know what and what not are frowned upon. Friends…as it’s Ramadan and nearing the end, I’ve been swamped with work and preparations, that’s why I’ve not been so often on the forum but after all festivities have gone, I can hardly wait to comment in my usual way.

  5. MY goodness…I’ve seen some YouTube videos and im spellbound by the upcoming episodes. The upcoming Eid celebrations looks fantastic , too super duper to express myself….but it’s going to be worth our wait.. it’s amazing, this journey of Kabir and Zara, hating each other from the beginning as so they would like to believe, to falling in love with each other…it’s rightly said that there’s a fine line between love and hate and this couple has proven it. As for Rukhsar, I’ve seen few videos which tells me that she’ll be married to Hamdan…poor guy, to take a wife like Rukhsar is a helluva sacrifice. I really do like him though… one more thing, Zeetv needs to understand that we don’t appreciate mahaepisode unless it concerns the serial we are watching, it would be so wonderful to be able to see one hour episodes….

  6. Gosh….i really do feel some shame for Zeenat…she’s been a bad sibling to her sister, she put her up a tree and cut the thing down…only real family members do that and im happy it was highlighted here. As for Rukhsar, she’s one shameless woman, to ask for money as inducement to disappear? We need her to make herself scarce ..from near Kabir and Zara. After all this family has done for her…SMH…thank goodness Kabir heard her….I wonder what tricks Miraj has up his sleeves…..

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