Ishq pe zor nahi… Os

I was reminiscing how my life had changed in these years. The person I loved truely left me alone in this world. I was still not able to come out of that shock of UV leaving me. He loves me but I never cared. And when I realized my love God took him away from me. I am his culprit. That day I called him there….

Fb shows..
Twinkle to call someone. He is none other than UV.
Twinkle: Hello..Yuvraj?
UV: Yeah.. Twinkle
Twinkle: Please come farm house urgently.
And she ended call..

Next scene..
UV is seen driving the car in higher speed. And in order to reach there soon he strokes car in a tree. It is seen that pool of blood is surrounded near him. He was breathing heavily when people surrounded him and took him to the hospital. Twinkle is seen running towards UV while he is taking his last breathe. She holded his hand and tears weren’t stopping to come out. Twinkle is shocked to see him like that. She didn’t have idea that a phase comes in her life when he will see him in this condition.

UV: (he is not about to speak but still he is.) Tw..i..nk..le.. Y…ou.. n.o…t a..t f…  It…is…
De…sti…ne..d.. Pl… ne…ver.. bl….am..e..yo..urs…elf.. A..nd.. ne…ve..r th…ink.. O..f wh…a.t y..ou.. Lo..s..ed.. Al…way…s.. Re…mem…ber.. d..ay y…ou.. W…i..ll.. ga…in… Som..eth…ing.. Mo…re.. S..o st…op..

And he hugged her. Twinkle was in UV embrace when some sounds came cut…

Excellent… Marvelous… Exclaimed a person. His face is seen and he is none other than Kunj.

Kunj: You both were just out of words. Its seems real. Keep it up.

(???? Shocked??)

Yuvi: Really Sir. This movie is going to rock as it will show people that Sometimes we fail to understand our priorities and sometimes the one who gives us priority.. It will make people realize that we’ll not get another chance in life. Life is just one and it depends on us… Whether we use it or waste it..

Twinkle: True Yuvraj. It will show them the reality that no couple in this world is perfect. And there are no fairy tail ending in real life. So we should respect what we have…

And they trio (TWIKURAJ) hugged each other.

Next scene,

Twinkle and Kunj both are seen walking having their hands in hands.

Kunj: Twinkle. I never thought in journey of making the movie I will fall in love with you. In this 2 year you will become that much important to me. You know it is true “Ishq pe zor nahi”…
Twinkle: Really Kunj I also never thought that I will fall for you, khadoos.
Kunj makes face listening to this and moves his face to another side. So twinkle kissed him in his cheek.
Twinkle:  Kunj I love you.
Kunj: I love you more.


Guys I have a message for you…

Stop worrying about what you’ve to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain. Life is like a sport sometimes you loose, sometimes you gain but the game always go on. Don’t force someone to make time for you. If they really want to do they will..

Hii friends…
So anyone?  I am asking do anyone is able to guess who I am? No? Its ok. Continue your guesses I will not tell who I am.
How was the os? Do you liked it or it bored you all? Do tell in comment.
With loads of love..
Unknown ?

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  1. Sohi


  2. Baby

    Yr topsecret again who r u yaar…
    Oe yeh sahi hai matlab itne pyaare stories likho tareef bhi le jao bt hume pata hi naa ho ki aapo kon ho….
    Well srsly too cute n lovely jst luvd it I was shocked wen I read uv n twinkle hehe….well lods of love marvellous fabulous stry…. 🙂

    1. Topsecret

      I told you to guess the unknown and you’re asking me only who am I? I won’t reveal my identity ?
      And Thank you yaar for commenting.

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

    1. Topsecret

      ☺☺Thank you

  4. Seriously super duper shocked amazing yaaar this was great really loved it omg ?? u didn’t see my face while reading I was expressions ki dukan ??❤️

  5. yeh…it’s syappa queen. …so sweet.and cute os

    1. Topsecret

      Let’s see who I am??
      And thanks yaar for commenting.

  6. Simiyy

    Hey Dear
    It was really good
    Who are you?

    1. Topsecret

      Simiyy I have losted my memory. So I don’t know who I am??
      So tell me if you knew my identity…??

  7. Rly yrr i was shocked….:)):)):)):)):))
    amazing fabulous fantastic os…

    1. Topsecret

      ?☺ THank you so much.

  8. Ritzi

    Lover? Hope so I m correct…but whatever it is …such a cute os it was

    1. Topsecret

      May be yes or may be not…?
      Right now I have losted my memory ??
      But thank you for commenting.

  9. Presha

    Hey top secret its a very cute nd an amazing story.. I just loved it nd don’t very I have gussed u who r u .. Nd do tell if u want me to reveal it

    1. Topsecret

      Yes reveal it i am telling this only. ?

  10. Hey I know you are aarohi aka Queen (Haina …..Maybe Queen hi aise pyaree is llkhte hai)???? fabulous oss as always .,..Phele scochk sa laga that??
    Telll me if I am correct …..And reveal the top secret….??

    1. Now I am 100% sure.eee. Beautuuuuuuuutifuuullll OSs Queen aka Aarohi aka Lovett????

      1. Sorry name galt type ho gyaa Queenji ,,, Lover,,,Aarohii

    2. Topsecret

      May be yes or may be no. Keep continue your guesses because I have losted my memory. So I also don’t know who I am…?
      But thank you..?

  11. SidMin23

    It was cute and your arohi right

  12. Fatimaa.

    Heyy it was an amazing os…
    I really loved it…it was short cute and sweet…
    And yeah i think u r siyappa queen….
    I hope so…i m correct????….

  13. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    N I’m bot able to guess u
    As I’m very bad at guessing
    So give me any clue so dat I can try
    Love u keep smiling

  14. Purvi128

    Hey again amazing shocking os..! It was so cute, amazing. Twiraj part..! I was literally very shocked..!
    Yarrr please reveal ur identity..! Stop playing this game..!
    Hehehehe ..! I really don’t know who u are..!
    Plsss reveal soon..! Or else i will die with curiosity..! Curiosity is the worst thing ever..! And i m suffering from it..!???
    Plss soon..!

  15. Purvi128

    Please give some hints yarr..! Please.. hints?.

  16. SidMin

    Loved it …. awesome …. just amazing the first part actually have gave me a shock ….
    Who are you yaar …. bolo na….. give me some hints …. please ….
    Love you keep writing ❤❤❤

  17. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey yrr u wrote such an amazing superb lovely os…
    Firstly I thought ki twiraj are couple but after reading I got to see Twinj are couple…Itni acchi likha h na tune yrr I loved it….
    And I think u are our lover hamari sayari Queen….Tell me if I m right

    Please tell us about your identity Ms. Topsecret and gain your memory back
    ….Warna I will die in this suspense yrr….And next days newspaper headline will be ,”Ms Amaya bhardwaj died due to too much suspense”…
    Aacha laggega tujhe news padh kr…. Hehehe
    Please BTA de na apna naam darling..
    Love you

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