It was a weekly routine..all the oberoi brothers accompanied their sweet dadi to the shiv Mandir…Shivaay leaves all his meetings.omkara will pull off his sculpture work and Rudra will have a day out of gym.all the three handsome man went along with their dadi to the shiv Mandir. Today was a special and auspicious was the day all Kumari girls will do pooJA to shiv to get a loving husband. DADI”” putter…all three of you keep your eyes open and might get your life partner today””. SHIVAAY:””oh no dadi…I have many deal to look out””. RUDRA”” moreover dadi…all the gals coming here are sooo fat..I can’t afford a parathaa eating gal””. Omkara”” yes the name of pooJA these gals are pouring milk on the shiv idol..till now I haven’t found even one gal who has the point of view of giving the milk to the needy”. DADI””..haa..well..we’l see weather you will find some one like that”” saying this dadi went to do her weekly pooJA.

The three oberoi Heirs Were busy with their O BRO moment. Omkara’s new shiv idol was being taken for the temple.. suddenly it began to slip..but two delicate and soft but yet strong hands prevented it from rudra and shivaay felt sudden relief that the statue didn’t fall. “”Areee BHAIYAA…be careful..this idol is someone’s hard work… we have to pay respect to that hard work and sincerity first!”” Said the gal. Omkara felt a sudden joy .. everyone used to praise the shiv statue only..nobody even bothered to consider his hard work even once.

The gal took her bowl of milk and ran towards the shiv Mandir..she pulled her ears gently and said “” sorry shiv Jii..I can’t neglect those needy people…they are in need of this milk.sorry I can’t shed this over you” omkara Rudra and shivaay was shocked..all these years they never saw a gal like her..the gal ran towards the poor people and gave them the milk..a smile of satisfaction and happiness was in her angelic face. ANIKAAAA..

suddenly a voice called from behind..the angelic gal turned around and ran towards the voice..her dupatta slowly streamed over Om ‘s face.. “”kya ladki hai yaar”” turned his face towards her..she was talking to prinku..her lovable voice was echoing in his ears…her smile was just felt his heart slipping from its position…his heart murmured””ishq Pe hoga Yakeenn ishq ho Jaane ke baadh””..

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  4. Also, please continue…. Hope this is not the end….

  5. Hey its interesting…but i wanna know whether is it all about omika…or shivika at the end

  6. Awesome….. But it’s anika or gouri????

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  9. Please pair shivay and anika. It was nice.

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  13. Even I need Anika to be paired with Shivay but u know something that even I want to see om and Anika together I like and live Thier off screen bond and I jus love if u pair Anika and om and others readers am sry but I felt so and told her….

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