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Actually told u that 8 9 will be maha episodes bt as a punishment of late uploading part 7 and this episode u r gonna have a dhamaka….some more ill come to know that anika is alive…..


Shivaay’s room in oberoi mansion…
He is working on his laptop and then suddenly he hears ishana and om fighting woth each other down in the living room
Down in the living room
Om: out of ur senses
Ishana: o pls stay quiet for godsake
Shivaay hurriedly closes him laptop and rushes down
down in the living room om and ishana are fighting
everyone has gathered and hatred is clearly visible in their eyes
om’s pov: yeh ishana ko kya hua? Y is she doing all far as I know she cant do this….
Ishana’s pov: om I hope u understand…..that im helpless to all this….
Shivaay comes down
Shivaay looks at the person standing there
Shivaay: tum? What the hell r u doing here?
Ridhima: actually shivaay..i saw ishana today and went to apologise to her….she said she will forgive me only if I stay here for some days…along with u all
Ishana is about to protest as this is not true but ridhima signs with her eyes to stay ishana stays silent helpless

Jhanvi: kuch bhi ho..ishana bought u here but the elders of this house must accept u
Tej: yes..jhanvi is right…ishana bought u here..but v wont accept u even for a its better u leave or else..shivaay…dhakke marke nikalo
Ishana’s pov: thank god.. papa and maa have spoken..abhi thodi der keliye yeh chali jaayegi….thank god
But all her happiness is crushed down when ridhima signs her to do something
Ishana: papa maa aap meri decisions ko izzat nahi karthe ho na?
Om’s pov: what the vuck..ab yeh kya bol rahi hai..soemthing is seriously wrong with her…..
Dadi: ishana..putthar what r u saying…v always respected u and ur decisions…how can u speak like that beta?
Shivaay: dadi..pls relax..ill handle this
Ishana stay quiet for sometime
He turns to ridhima
Ridhima tum bolo..kya kiya tumne..ishana would never do this…
He raises his hand to slap her
But ishana holds it
Ishana: shivaay singh oberoi… I brought ridhima here…. Any problem..and om is there anything left in our relationship? So I just don’t care…and ridhima u can stay here as long as u want…om don’t u dare misbehave with her
Om: ishana..u have changed…u r not the one whim I loved…u have changed..and as u said nothing is left in our relation……and ya ridhima yaha reh sakthi hai…I don’t have any problem…. Mai mantha hu ki she tried to speerate us..leki us wakt ishana didn’t believe me and a relation cant sustain with love bhi utna hi zaroori hai….so ya ridhima can live here as long as she wants….
Om’s words hit ishana like a 100v shock..jhatka
Ishana’s pov: om..i thought u would understand what something is wrong but no..u didn’t…chi…I am mad to expect this from u…
In tht angr she speaks
Ishana: good that u have accepted it..and ya ridhima u go and use rudra’s music room..ill ocme to afterwards…
Ridhima leaves
She continues
as om said he loved me so that means he doesn’t loves me now…and I ha I have decided…ill leave om once my delivery happens….. even he wants this….we will file for a divorce…..
Dadi: what ru saying putthar? No divorce has happened in this house till now..and tej aur jhanvi ka hi relation lelo..kitna uljhi hui thi…even they wanted for a divorce lekin dekha..tru love never fails..tej bhaagke aagaya wapas jhanvi ke paas…..
Om: dadi..she is right…lets go for a divorce ishana…
Tej: om will u shut up… v r ur parents and v r alive…hum abhi bhi zinda hai and u cant take all such decisions in a haste

Shivaay is not able to speak anything as he didn’t expect ishana to take such a step
Jhanvi: ha tej is right..abhi bhi hum zinda hai and what r u guys going to do..paagal ho apna zindagi spoil math karo…..ishana tum…I didn’t expect this from u….i thought u r mature enough to handle u weak relation…I thought ur mature enough to handle om and his anger..but no even u have destroyed my faith and my expectations….
Tej: im ashamed to call u as my son om..and ishana am ashamed to call u as my daughter….. u guys wont even fit to be called as an oberoi…because of this cheap gal u r going to end ur relation..baut pachtaaoge baad mein
Saying this he leaves
Tej: maa chalo…let them go to hell…let them do whatever they want
Jhanvi also leaves
Shakthi: baccho.. I don’t agree with wht bhaisaab said…u r mature enough to handle all the ups and downs….u were together for 5 years….. ab suddenly devorce? Kya hai yeh? Anyways jo bhi ho..ek baar u sit and sort things out..this is all I can say
He also leaves
Here ishkaara and shivaay have become lifeless
Om’s pov: I know something is seriously wrong ishana… mai tumse sirf naaraz hu nafrath nahi kartha ai tumse..and u also very well know this..and whatever u spoke now u did it in a moment of rage… don’t worry il mae everything fine
Ishana’s pov: I don’t know what to do forced to ths this and main bata nahi sakthi ki mai kya feel kar rahi hu yeh sab karne ke baad.i hate myself… I can do is pray to god that u will ujderstand my situation
Om leaves
Ishana comes to ishivaay
Ishana: shivaay..u wont speak anything
Shivaay turns that side
Shivaay: bolne keliye kuch bacha hai kya?
He leaves

Ishana just collapses on the couch and keeps on thinking
Ishana’s pov: I broke everyones trust…the strong ishana has become a weak ishana…..papa maa..dadi sab logon ko mere oopar jo vishwaas tha usko maine tooth diya aaj….sabse omp toh shivaay..he didn’t even want to looks at my face….ideserve hatrd..only hatred…I broke my house with my own hands….i hate myself
Just then she feels a tap on her soulder
Its pinky..she has come with a glass of milk
She immediately hugs her and cries…pinky also keeps the glass asde and reciprocates
Pinky: ishana I know something is definitely wrongs…nahi toh u woud never do something like that’s…I understand u r forced to do this…. But at the same time I still have faith in u that u will make everything fine..mera beta omkaara itna na samajhdaar nahi hai..he definitely understood ur situation and that’s y he allowed that cheapde ladki to stay here…..u both will make everything fine…u can handle everything….abhi tak mera vishwaas aap dono par tooti nahi sab kuch theek kardo aap dono….ek baat meri baat suno..abhi jaao om ke with him…tab bhi kuch nahi hua na toh mujhe bulao…ill make u both understand in my own common drink this milk and go to om…..
Ishana: choti maa…will u pls stay here for sometime….
Pinky: ok common now drinks the milk
Ishana takes the glass with shaking hands
Pinky: ruko…..stop shaking u r hands…u r not at fault an dat this stage u cant fall weak…aao mai pilaathi hu
She makes her drink the milk
Pinky: ab jaao om ke paas..ill take care of ridhima…aap logo ke paas nahi hogi voh
Ishana: are u sure choti maa?
Pinky: are jaaogi nahi toh do maroongi
Ishana: nahi going
Pinky kisses her on her forehead and elaves
Ishana leaves towards om
Rumya who have come home by then understand wverything….
Soumya: rudra..something is definitely wrong
Rudra falls on his knees and cries
Rudra: sumo..eveerything is so wrong over here….i just felt that I got 3 more lifelines you ishana didi and anika didi… ek toh paas hoke bhi sabse door hai and ishana didi bhi chali jaayegi and now tmrw even u ll leave me and go
Soumya hugs him tightly
Soumya: rudra…me leaving u is not gonna wid u ad will always be…. Hum milke sab kuch theek karenge
She forwards he hand
He puts it on hers

Soumya: but u have to promise me that ull never get weak..coz even ill fall weak by seeing u like this
Rudra: hum milke sab kuch theek karenge…chalo room mai chalke plan karenge ki kya karna hai
They getup to leave but meanwhile pinky comes
Pinky: u r backs…enjoy kiya?
They remember the party
Prinku: anika..tu zinda ho?
Ranveer: guys,,ek sec..u know ach other?
Rudra: ranveer she is my sister…..
He gets shocked. Anika I just dumbstruck
Prinku comes forward and slaps anika
Prinku: what do u think of urself anika? U have no idea how much v suffered these 5 yrs thinking u are dead…. But u are alive…rudra bhaiyya u know this…I dint expect this from u….and soumya? Tumse yeh umeed nahi thi..and anika im not happy seeing u alive
She leaves
Ranveer: u don’t worry ill explain her….
He goes behind her
Rudra huga anika
Rudra: hum bhi chalthe didi…tc..bye
Soumya: bye
They also leave
Pinky: oh help..kaha khoye hue ho.. I aksed u something
Rudra: chotim aa the party was awesome..damn n=enjoy kiya humne
Piny: good..baut der hogay hai..sojaao
They leave
Rudra comes back and kisses her
Rudra: gn..he runs away
Pinky smiles

Scene 3
Anika’s residence
Aryan: fine
Anika am fine..what happened to me?
Aira: mumma..will u take us somewhere tomorrow….camp bhi nahi hai
Anika: chalo..where shall v go
Aryan: movie
Aira: lunch
They start fighting
Anika: don’t fight…we wll go for lunch and then watch a that ok?
Aryan: ok
Anika: abhi sojaao
They hug her
Anika kisses them and they leave..anika sleeps on the couch thinking what happened sometime before…..she also falls asleep

Scene 3
Back to OM
Om’s room
Ishana goes in
And knoks the door
Ishana: can I come in
Om: tera hi permission required
She realizes what he said and goes to him
Hugs him tightly
He also reciprocates…..its after 5 years that they are embracing each other like that
Ishana: ill explain everything to u lter..usse pehle kya ma tumko aur thodi der keiye hug kar sakthi hu..its been really long om
Om: ur wish baby..afterall am all urs…..
She keeps on crying and he keeps on wiping his tears
After a while she composes herself and is about to speak
Om: yaha nahi….we will go out
Ishana: ridhima..
Om: kuch nai hoga…I already locked her room from out and all the servants must be sleping…koi nahi dekhegaa
They leave slowly
Rumya see this
Rudra: sumo I think this is the right time
Soumya: let them talk to each other first and then we will go to them…
Rudra: so before that lets also go out..and spend time..its been a while since we spent time together

Scene 3
Shivaay’s room
Shivaay is not able to sleep and is continuously moving on his bed
He finally wakes up and says
Shivaay: neend hi nahi aa raha…ill go out for a while and refresh myself…then ill get al the energy to sort out all the problems
Even he leaves

Scene 4
Prinku and ranveer are still out only…prinku hasn’t returned home..
Prinku and ranveer r sitting on a bench and prinky is hgging rnaveer
Rnveer is stroking her strands
Om and ishana also go towards the same place…..rumya too and shivaay also
Scene 4
Anika’s house
Anika suddenly wakes up in her sleep
Anika: ill go out for sometime… go and have an icecream… kar raha hai….
Meahwile Aryan and aira also come out
Anika: mera bachha..u guys didn’t sleep
Aira: mamma neend nahi aa lahi hai..baahal chale?
Aryan: ha mumma…ice cleam khana hai..leke jaao na plss…
Anika: ok ok..leke jaaungi……this Is not correct..sleeping late..abhi keliye lekejaa rahi time I wont
They go out and she locs the door
…… she leaves in her car along with aryana n aira

Scene 5
Rumya are walking on the orad
Soumya: rudra..lets go back and get our car…mujhe ice cream khana hai..leke jaaoge?
Rudra: chalo tk..ill take u….they go back to get their car…..
Soumya: anika didi ke ghar ke paas ek ice cream parlour hai..waha accha hotha hai ice cream…24 hrs open hai
rudra: ok lets go there….
They drive towards the parlour

Scene 6
Ishana and om are walking on the road
Om is holding ishana..and she is still upset
om: ishana… hum baithke baat karenge ok…I know u r not at fault..infact I misunderstood u 5 yrs back….all thanks to rudra for his stupid patch up plan..that we got drunk and u became pregnant the next day….

Scene 7
Ranveer and priyanka in the park
Prinku: I misunderstood my best friend ranveer..i can never forgive myself fr that
Ranveer wipes her tears
Renveer: ur best friend is very understaning..kal jaake milo unse and talk to her…everything will be fie priyanka
Prinku: yeah..ur right mayb…..but did shivaay bhaiyya really did that….i wont believe it..he cant do such a thing

Parallelly om and ishana on the road
Om: am sorry ishana…bahut kuch suna diya maine tujhe in 5 yrs mein…I misunderstood that u ownt trust me….am sorry…..
Ishana: om..its ok… lucky to have u….. u understood me that’s enough….i love u I love u to the core and will ove u even after m death
Om:I love u too ishana…. Ill love u forever and ever…now u don’t worry..ill sort everything out…. Am with u….
Ishana: chale ab..thodi der keloye lets sit in th e park and refresh our memories….

Shivaay is also walking in the same way but he is far behind them
Shivaay: yeh ho kya raha hai hamaari ghar mei…probs problems and problems..anika..jabse tu gayi hai..sab kuch galath hi ho raha hai….u should not have don that anika…..

Scene 8
Anika and Aryan and aira come to the parlour
Anika: kya chaahiye bolo..kaunsa flavor
Aryan: mom I want buttel scotch
Aryan: and I will eat chocolate
Anika: bhaiyya one chocolate on butter scotch and one
Before she says
Some one from behind says
Person: and one mango
She turns behind and gets surprised
Person: this is only ur fav na didi
They r rumya
Anika: u guys..aapko bhi neend nahi aa rahi hai kya
Rudra: ha didi..soumya wanted to eat ice cream
Soumya bhaiyya ek butter scotch and one choco chip
Anika: aajao baithke khaayenge
Rudra gos to Aryan and aira
Rudra: hey my lil champs
They go and hug him
Aryan: mumma told us that u r oul hello chaachu
Aira: cleam khaane keliye aaye ho
rudrA: ha
meanwhile icec ream comes and tey all eat together
soumya messages rudra
soumya: rudra..lets take them along wid us to the bhiayya and ishaana didi bhi wahi par hai
rudra messages back
u r right..good idea sumo….

Precap: shivaay meets anika…and the youngsters reconcile

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