hey guys ananya sorry for not replying to ur comments…… my heartfelt thanks to all those who commented and kept on encouraging me from the beginning…what do u think? who is gonna meet anika in this episode? and ya i forgot to type my will get them in this episode at the end..pls do read and answer….and silent readers hop u r liking it..btw episdoes 8 9 and 10 would be maha episodes…..
please comment more guys..ur comments gimme pls

here u go part 6 for u all

scene 1
ishana comes to that place
she thinks: yaha pe toh koi bhi nahi hai
meanwhile someone comes from behind and frightens her
person: boo
she turns this side with a jerk and gets shocked seeing that person
ishna: tum?

person: ha mai
iishana: y ru disturbing me..whats ur problem
person: i already told u that om ismine…but no u didnt listen to me…u snatched him from me,,,and now did u c..u r paying for iit
ishana: ridhima..lemme make one thing clear to u…i accept that v r going through a rough phase in our relationship…..but that doesnt he hates me…om mujhse naraz hai..sirf naraz…he still luvs me..nafrat nahi kartha voh mujhse
she is ridhima….she is one of the 2 reasons y om and ishana got seperated and now she is back and wants om back and she is using om and isahna’s weak relationship as a weapon

ridhima: u still say u wont leave him..evn after seeing this
she shows her a vide in which a personis aiming at om outside om
ishana: no no..ill do as u say..please..nothing is more imp to me than om’s safety
ridhima: so will u help me in getting back om
ishana is cryign and nods as a yes

good. ab mujhe oberoi mansion mei vapas aane keliye help karo.taki tuhara baccha hone se pehle mai aur om ek ho jayenge and ya u hould change ur attitude towards om..create such an image that u dont luv him…..ill use this situation and go back to him…..nahi toh om kisi ka nahi hoga…na meri aur na teri
ishana: ok…details message karo..kab aaoge aur kaise aaogi
she leaves crying

scene 2
anika is busy doing something
meanwhile someone from behind says bhoo
she turns this side and says
anika: paagal..tu hai
person: ha mai hu
he hugs her

anika: so back from camp ha
person: yeah..just becaus eu said u will make me meet rudra and soumya
anika: voh sab chodo..acp ranveer singh randhawa u said ull make me meet ur gf… remmeber it?
rnveer: oh hello..fix math hoja ki voh meri gf hai..ill proceed only if u say yes..u know me more than myself

anika: tera choice hai..accha hi hga..naam toh batao
ranveer: u have to wait til the evenng
anika: accha tk..keep this in the kitchen
ranveer: ok
he leaves

scene 3
oberoi mansion
rudra comes to saumya’s room…
rudra: sumo
she doesnt rspond
she doesnt respnds

sumo: ha rdra..kya hua
rudra: (taunting): tum bolo..what were u thinking?
soumya: wahi jo anika didi ne bataya
rudra: waise listen anika didi invited us for a party…we should go there..a small get together
soumya: yeah..ill be ready
they sit and have a small chat

scene 4
shivaay’s room
shivaay: jya mai sahi kar rahi hu? i hope yes. tia se shaadi karna/…kya yeh sahi hai…i never thought such a situation would come to me
fb begins
police come to om
police: mr.shivaay…anika rathod ko aap jante ho na?
shivaay: ji ha kyu
ins: kaka..come here
a man comes in

ins: tell him what u saw
kaka: actually..i have a paan shop at the bottom of the cliff….every day at some or the other time ill go there and sit for a while..aaj yeh madam aaya tha…she started talking something to herself and suddenly she jumped..i got frightened and i came to infoem the police immediately
shivaay felt a 100v electric shock..jhatka
he just collapsed onto the couch

rudra and om support him
om: shivaay..smabhalo
rudra: bhaiyya….
shivaay shows him anika’s photo
shiaay: jara dhyaan se dekhiye..kya voh yehi hai
kaka: ji ha..yeh vohi hai
shivaay: no this cant this
he goes to his room and locks the door

rudra is about to go behind him
om: leave him alone for a while..rudra
ins: v r searching for her body…we will come back once v find her
rudra: body? mind ur language ins..she is my anika super woman…’o’ please tell them to mind his language
the cops leave
everyone r in a shock
pinky: yeh shivaay itni upsets kyu hai?
(guys as i told u noone except knows about their relationship)

dadi: pinky..u[set toh hoga na..anika unki bestfriend hai
om: dadi..ab chupke kya faida?
rudra: om sahi keh raha hai..lets tell them the truth
tej: kaunsa truth?
rudra: papa..voh anika didi and shiaay bhaiyya love eachother lot
pinky: oh my mata..tia yeh baat janthi hai
ishana: ha choti maa..tia knws this and even she supporte them
shakthi: y to hide this..v would have been the happuest for this

they get shocked as they didnt expect this from them…such a positive reaction
everyone r still having a positive hope that anika might return
pinky: abji abhi mujhe in logon ke baare mei pata chala hai.pls mata rani send our anika back to us..plsss
there in his room shivaay just fa;;s on his knees on the floor and reminds all his moments with anika…their first meeting, her naughty mischief…ther first date and the day he proposed her..the first time when he slept with her..
shivaay: no anika..u cant leave me..u promised to be with me forever so u cnt leave me…
he falls on the ground asleep while crying
fb ends

shivaay:i never thought u would do this anika…
he wipes his tears
you were the ne who introduced love into my life..u were the only gal yo effect my heaert..but now u only left me…

scene 5
at evening
anika’s house rumya go there
soumya: hell odidi
rudra: didi
he hugs her
anika: u guys r her..comon
she take sthem to the bar (a small one attatched at one corner of the house)
anika: you guys sit her..ill get ranveer…..feel free ok..this is ur house
rudra attacks o those drinks
soumya: tum nahi badloge

meanwhile she gets ranveer
anika: hey ranveer singh randhawa acp and they r rudra nd soumya
rudra and ranveer shake hands’
rudra: hello..rudra singh oberoi
soumya: hello soumya
rnveer: nice meeting u…ranveer
rudra: thanks alot..aapne meri anika didi ko bachaya
he gets a bit emotional

siumya: leave all that bwhind..comon lets enjoy
rudra: ha moti u r right
anika looks at them and gets happy to see them bond well
meanwhile rnaveer gets a call
excuse me
he goes aside
ranveer: hello..tum aagai
the person replies somehing
ruko mai aa raha hu
he cuts the call
he goes and opens the door

ranveer: helo..aajao andar
person: y me ranveer
ranveer: pls dont start it again..kuch nahi hoga..this is my best friend’ house….her name is a..
meanwhile aryan comes
aryan: lanveer uncle..aap aagai
he hugs him

rnaveer: hi aryan..he kisses him
this is aryan her son
person: hello aryan
ranverr: andar aajao
he hold that person’s hand and takes in

scene 2
rudra: where is ranveer?
anika: actually bhaisaab ko pyaar hua..he called her here…shaayad aagai voh isliye lene gay aha
soumya: ohp
meanwhile ranveer comes with her
they r all turning that side

rnaveer: guys.
they turn this side
ranveer: meet my friend ranveer
they all get shocked seeing priyanka
priyanka: anika..
precap: ridhima enters om..priyanka’s reaction seeing her alive…..

guys i want answers to some of my qustions…take time to answer them plss
1. did u understand the plot?
2. y did om and ishana get seperated?
3. y did anika commit suicide?
4. u have any confusions? if yes, what r they?
5. do u feel im giving equal importance to all the pairs? if not then temme who should be given more importance as u feel

6. do u want me to make shivika meet now or take a bit of time?
7. do u want me to highlight any particualr character(s)
now these 3 questions must be answered correctly ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
8. did u like my story?
9. how much would u rate my story out of 10
10. how much would u rate my writing skill out of 10?

pls do answerr
cu in the next episode
luv u all

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  1. Shivika

    Loved it yr…..and about the ques they r many in no……make shivika meet to spice up the story….give importance to all the pairrs equally…..i didnt liked ur story but loved it…..i would give 10 on 10 to the story and of course writing skills deserve more than 10……

  2. JanviSingh

    1-yes dear…
    2-i have a bit confusion regarding this point..
    3-bcoz of some video right… In which Shivay n Tia are getting close to each other…
    4-i have mentioned in the 2 point…
    5-yes dear… Every pair is given equal importance in Ur story…
    6- as u have planned… I okay with both of the options…??
    7-go according to Ur wish…I think a writer should follow his/her instinct…
    8-of course dear… I luv it..???
    N post d next part soon….??

  3. Superbb….loved it…..regarding the questions from 1-5 i dont have any doubt…..
    6-as u have planned….
    7-as ur wish…
    8-love ur story…
    nd nxt part soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Superb

  5. Akshaya

    1. Yep
    2. May be some misunderstanding of Om.
    3. Tia proved anika that shivaay chose her over anika.
    4. Nope.
    5. You are giving equal importance.
    6. I don’t know yaar. It’s your plot and definitely you’ll entertain us . So, it’s your choice.
    7. Nope.
    8. Yep.
    9. 9
    10. 9

  6. Awesome….
    make Shivika meet soon…

  7. Make them. Meet but anika should not easily agree to go with him

  8. 1.yes dear 2.4yrs ago ishana gave idea or plan on something which is firstly refused by shivkara but they agree and ishana said them to not share her idea or plan to Anika 3.shivaay proposed Tia instead of Anika dear 5.gave all pairs to equal importance 6&7.depends on you dear 8 . yes dear 9.8/10 10.8.5/10

  9. Shuklarashi


  10. Sairan

    Wonderful epi..
    Don’t no
    Again don’t no
    No confusion
    U going grt keep it like this only
    Male shivika meet asppppppp
    Loved the story

  11. Wonderful

  12. Fabulous

  13. Vincy

    Pls meet shivika

  14. Shrutika

    Please make Shivika reunite and throw this Tia out. You FF is lovely.

  15. 1-YES
    2-Don’t know
    3-bcuz when anika found out that she was pregnant she wanted shivaye’s luv but unfortunately due to d missunderstanding created by that cheapde tia she committed suicide….
    6-as per ur wish..but pls elaborate the flash back and guilt of shivaye when he finds out the truth
    9- 11/10

  16. Sweetie m hell confused……..nxt post me please pichle saare scenes ka summary aa skta h kya…….jst a short one……..sry if I’m demanding more

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