HEY guys ananya back here….hope u all r liking my ff and thanks for the protein shake..oops i mean the comments..luv u all…guys lemme tell u something…rumya fans pls dont get upset as rumya’s story is not been shown..pls..dnt get upset…they are the heart and soul of my story..infact the story moves forward only because of them… as u all understood shivika got eperated and they play the majooooorrr role in bringing her back to shivaay…so pls dont get upset that they r not been given a love story….ill show thei cute nok jhok, simple love scenes….

here u go part 3 for u all

scene 1
in OM
panditji walks in
pinky greets him
pinky: namashkaar panditji..aap yaha
panditji: ji voh..
shivaay comes from behind and says
shivaay: namashkaar i called him
pinky: but shivaay y?
shivaay: mom u always wanted me to move on i have decided ill get married to tia
pinky: shivaay r u serious? oh my mata..

jhanvi comes from behind
jhanvi: hivaay did u think before taking such a big decision?
shivaay: ofcourse badi maa..tia bhi mere liye chaar saal se wait kar rahi thi..i dont want to make her wait more
pinky: but shivaay..anika..
shivaay interrupts her
shivaay: mom its true that i luv her..she made me realise about love..she is watching all of us from there
and he shows his finger up
and even she wants this
he gets tears from his eyes
pinky wipes them and hugs him
pinky: shivaay am glads ki god chose me as ur moms
jhanvi also hugs him
jhanvi: shivaay..if ur really happy with this decision then am surely with u
shivaay: thanks bdi maa
pinky: panditji ill go and get their kundlis..aap zara dekhiye
he nods and she leaves
scene 2
ishana is reading a novel and om is in the rest room
she gets a call and picks it up
the other person ays something and she just leaves her phone down and sits on the bed n shock
om comes from the rest room and sees her
om: ishana..pls…stop ur drama and im not gonna fall in ur trap this time
ishana stays mum and doesnt says anything
om snaps his finger ifront of her and she comes out of her thoughts
ishana: om esa nahi ho saktha
om; stop ur drama ishana..plsss

ishana: om just liste to me once
om: ishana i listened to u long back…lekin kya hua
ishana slaps him
ishaa: chup ek dum chup..cant u even shut ur mouth for a second..papa and chote papa met with an accident..they r admitted incity hospital… im going there.. believe it or not am going htere
she leaves and om stands there in shock
he then rushes behind her
he holds her wrist to stop her and every1 in the living room get happy seeing them
ishana: shivaay..i have an imp work..ill leve
om: u seem busy..ill drop her

everyone get happy an they leave
after they leave
panditji: according to theirkundlis..there is nice muhurat after 2 weeks
pinky: oh my hafthe..but there r alot of arrangements..
jhanvi: dont worry pinky..hojayega
shivaay: thank you panditji
panditji: ji ab mai chaltha hu..namashkaar
he leaves and shivaay gts thinking
pinky and jhanvi start disscussing something
shivaay: mom..iss baar mai sagaai kuch nahi karoongi…only sangeet and shaadi hogi..sirf close membere honge..aftr this there will be a grnad reception for both the families..pls understand mom
pinky: ok shivaay..jaisa tum chaho

they start leaving and leave
after leaving shivaay gets om’s call
om: shivaay..jaldi baahar aao…
shivaay: what happened?
om: u just come…ill tell u
eveything afterwards
shivaay cuts the phone and rushes out..after going out ishana tells him everything and they rush towads city hospitals

scene 2
anika, aira and aryan are waiting at the bus stop…
anika: ill e bac in a sec..u stay here only
aryan: ok mumma….dont wolly
anika turns that side and makes a call
after she turns this side she doesnt find aryana nd airashe gets damn tensed
anika: omg…where did these two go..
she starts searching for them and she shows ther pics and asks people
anika: bhaiyya did u see them anywhere…
he nds as a no

she keeps her hand on her forehead and tears roll
down her eyes
anika: where did these both go..omg..pls help me out.what should i do..kuch samajh mei nahi aa raha..omg
she again starts searching for them
she shows their pic to another person and asks about them
person: ji i didnt see them..but a few moments before ana ccident happened here..ji ha..they r admitted to city hospitals and aap ek baar vaha check kijiye
he leaves
she collapses and bresks down
anika: nothing should happen to them..pls god
she gets her car and leaves towards city hospitals
a traffic signal comes by and anika and shivaay’s cars stop beside each other
anika is continuously horning and shivaay is about to see her but just then…..the green signal comes and anika drives off…he also drives off as the other vehicls behind him horn
they go to the same city hospital but anika reaches first
she goes to the reception
anika: excuse me..ek accident case aaya tha thodi der pehle..
nurse: ju they are in icu
she thanks ehr and moves towards the ICU
she starts walking towards the ICU…. and she is continuouslypraying that it musnt be aryana nd aira
she peeps in from out and gets shocked to see tej ad shakthi
she immediately goes in
anika: tej uncle…shakthi uncle
tears roll down from her eyes immediately
tej is semi concious and sees her face
she goes to them and hugs them
she remembers all their moments
how they used to pamper they used to help her in her business by giving tips……
ANIKA’S POV: now that sso will also come here..before any1 ees me i should leave
she starts going towards the door but already shivaay om and ishana are there
shivaay pulls the door and comes in and gt shocked
anika hides behind the door and when they move forward she goes off
while walking
anika: looks like om and ishana are married and ishana is i should go to the police station and file a missing complaint

scene 3
rudra and soumya are in the car
soumya: rudra..goes fast…..
rudra: sumo..dontworry..kuch nahi hoga papa aur chote papa ko…a d moreover city hospitals is not far..just a left and a right
suddenly aryan and aira come infront of their car
soumya: nooooo..
rudra: oh shit..
he applies the brakes and the car stops

rumya get down
rudra: baccho..what r ur names..aur aap paagal hai kya agar cho lag jti toh
soumya: baccho..where r ur parents? mamma papa kaha hai
aira: aunty…we dont have a dad..hamaali mamma hammaali sab kuch hai
rumya look at each other and get sad
aryan: and oul mamma is somewhel alound hele…..
rudra: u just dont worry..u just sit here and makes them sit o the car and we will search for her
soumya: whats her name?
aira: she is an..
meanwhile anika comes from behind and says
anika: aryan and aira mere baccho..where did u go off like that
she hugs them and kisses them

meanwhile rudra and soumya here her voice and turn this side
aira: mamma..v saw a balloon and came behind of it…v lost oul way
anika: pls dont do like this again
they get shocked as they refer to anika as their mamma
aryan: mamma..this uncle and aunty blought us here
she turns back and looks art them

to be continued
precap:rumya reconcile with aika and she tells them the truth

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