ishq Mubarak – shivika part 5

Hii i am back with new part

Part 5

Anika stop shivaay held his hand everyone in oberoi faimly see this

Anika : Actually on shivaay wedding tia got kidnapped so shivaay request me to sit on tia place i sit on tia place shivaay is good freind of mine so i cant refuse to him

Oberois look at Anika with shocked reactionand shivaay emotionally look at Anika

Karanveer : Anika how can you do this donot you know marrige mean i know Anika there must be other reasone because ypur word saying diffrent thing but your eyes say diffrent Anika tell me once

Anika : bhayia there is not any reasone he jus request me and i cant refuse to him

Karanveer : okk but if there is something then tell me

Anika : its the only reasone

Karanveer : so what you both thought about your future

Befor Anika say something Shivaay said

Shivaay : i want to give a chance to this marrige

Everyone look at Shivaay with open mouth and Anika look at shivaay shocked

Mahi : wow Anika you become now my bhabhi also so equal equal

Karan : Anika whats your decision

Anika : i want to talk to him in alone

Shivaay knew what Anika want to talk to him

Anika shivaay go another the room

Anika : what the hell shivaay what you think yourself who are you you always decide everything first you blame me sleep with daksh for money now you want give a chance to our marrige why shivaay you know i trust you so much i never trust anyone in this world but you broke my trust how can you shivaay do this to me shivaay

Shivaay : Anika please listen to me once i am sorry daksh plant misunderstanding netween us please Anika fogive me infact he stalk you i donot know but what i do its completely wrong but please forgive me once i never distrust you

Anika : okk shivaay i am ready to give this marrige chance but i cant forgive you right now i want some time

Shivaay : okk Anika but try to forgive me

They both go outside everyone is waiting for them everyone is looking at them like they both are Alien

Shivaay : what

Anika : why are you all looking at us like that

All : what your decision Anika

Anika : i am also ready to give chance

Rudy : wow now my superhero and supergirl is togther dii we both and mahi dii make team togther and suffer them both shivkara

Anika and Mahi : rudy what shivkara

Rudy : disi shivaay ka shiv + omkara ka kara = shivkara samajhe nahi ho yar

Anika : ohh

Om : shut up rudra

Karanveer : but i have one condition

Everyone look at Karan

Karan : i want shivaay anounce in media Anika is his real wife not Tia kapoor

Shivaay : donot worry tommorrow i held a press confrence i will Announce Anika my wife

Karanveer : then i am okey with this

Everyone go to khurana house

Pinky : Karan beta i want to take my bahu Anika and my mahi and baby and you with us for some days in oberoi mansion

Karan : maa i cant come i have some work but mahi and Anika can go with you all gyez

Shivaay : okk then Anika pack you bag

Mahi : ohho someone is so deseprate to take his wife home if you forget we also come

Shivaay smile

Dadi : ishana what you do alone here come with us please beta

Ishu : how can i come dadi i donot know anyone

Rudy : so what didi come with us i introduce you with everyone

Anika : yeah ishu come with us

Mahi also insist ishans

Mahi : now you donot obey you bhabhi words also

Ishu : how can i disobey my bhabhi and dii word okk i am coming

Everyone go to oberoi mansion


Shivaay going to Announce that Anika is his wife but tia come say
Tia : shivaay baby i am pregnent with your child
Shivaay : what the hell
Karan : Anika come with now you cant stay here

Karan : now mahi you have to decide between your husband and brother

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