Ishq Mubarak -shivika part 3

Hii i am back tommorrow is my exam please wish me for best of luck and i m back with 3rd part and i think i cant post 10 days more so i post two episode and if i get time then i will surely update and please wish me good luck

Part 3

Anika is in her room

Anika pov

Kya thi meri zindagi aur Aaj kya ho gayi kal tak mai Anika just Anika but today i become Anika khurana The khurana heir Anika khurana i donot want anything but today i am happy atleast in this cruel world where pepole respect pepole for his sirname no his work thoughts i also got my sirname today i come to know who i am my parents my sister my brother sister in law i am the most happiest person but i am not because i lost something most importent my billu whome i love soo much but he never love me and he become only shivaay singh oberoi he never respect me if he respect me then he never believe on that cheap daksh but he believe him he believe him not me is he more importent to him then me why shivaay why you do this to me i pray to god please he never come infront of me because i cant face him

Secne 2

Shivaay pov

Anika i donot know what i do with you i donot know why i do this why i am feeling this much helpless please forgive me anika please come back Anika i cant leave without you i donot know what is it but i miss you so much today i cant meet my eyes to myself please atlest come infront of me for once

Secne 3

Pinky is exited so much

Pinky : today i am so much exited i am going to meet my daughters my mahi
Jhanvi : yeah pinky i am also you are right after so much we can see mahi

Dadi : my daughter is away from his faimly so much time she is feeling very bad i jus cant tell you all how i miss my big daughter of this house

Rudra : O mai dii ko sab bataunga tumne mujhe kitna pareshaan kiya o and your stupid shayari
Shivaay jus smile from far

Oberoi left for khurana

Oberoi reach khurana mansion

Oberoi door bell ring then Anika ask mala to open the door

But mala isn’t there so Anika herself go and open door

She is shocked to see whole oberoi faimly standing there and oberoi also shocked to see Anika in khurana mansion

Then suddenly someone scream from inside Anika come out of shock and move back and see mahi on floor and Anika shout bhabhi (mahi is pregnent from 8 month )

Anika run to mahi and shout bhabhi all oberoi also run to see mahi

Pinky is shocked to see mahi on floor and cry jhanvi and dadi also shiomru also shocked Anika is also cry first she shocked to see oberoi cry but then she shout bhayia Anya but no response come then see realise all go outside

Shivaay : dii ko hospital lai jaana hoga
Anika : someone call the doctor damn .

Shivaay call Anika is crying uncontrolly and pinky jhanvi dadi also

They take mahi hospital all oberoi and Anika take mahi to hospital

In car
Anika : why the hell karan not attend call

Karan: hello anika what happen why are you crying

Anika : vo vo karan
Shivaay snatch phone from Anika

Shivaay : dii fell from stair we are taking her city hospital come fast

Karan cut call and run from there to reach hospital

In car .

All are worried for mahi ( sab ko mahi ki tension thi to vo sab bhul gaye ki Anika khurana mansion mai kya kar rahi hai )

They reach hospital
Doctor take mahi inside

Karan come there running and see Whole oberoi faimly there he go to Anika

Karan : dii what happen to mahi is everything is all right baby and mahi is okey
Anika : karan donot worry everything will be allright
Karan is crying like everything is destroyed and he cant accpect the fact that mahi fell from stair Anika cant see his bhai to cry shivaay see Anika

Oberoi and shivaay also very much tense
Jhanvi dadi and pinky is crying
Anika is confuse to see oberoi and oberoi and shivaay also confuse to see Anika there

Doctor come out

Karan : doctor is baby and mahi is okey nothing is serious na tell me .

Doctor : donot worry everything is alright and congratulation Mr . Khurana you become dad the baby is girl

Karan is happy so much he hug Anika and cant utter a word

Anika : doctor can we see baby

Doctor : yeah after some hour because baby is weak delivery time isnt come but we have to do early

Anika okk

Anika hug karan

Anika : see karan i become bua and you dad

Karan happy and smile

Karan go to dadi and touch her feet and hug her

Karan : dadi i am so happy to see you all here mahi is really need all of you

Dadi : yes beta now forget past

Karan : yeah

He go to pinky and jhanvi touch her feet they bless him then he go to om he hug om and rudra

Then he go to shivaay hug him he congratulation him for his marrige

Karan : so congratulation shivaay for marrige and you become mama also and i am sorry we cant come for your marrige you know

Shivaay see Anika marrige name mention

Shivaay : yeah donot worry i know everything

Anika phone ring

Anika : hello Anya where are you come to city hospital as soon as possible

Anya : are you alright dii

Anika : i am okey come fast

Anika cut call shivaay looking at Anika with painfull look but Anika give him plain look

Karan come to Anika

Karan : dadi i want to meet you all to my sister

Karan come to Anika he introduce her to all oberoi

Karan : she is my sister Anika khurana who lost when we are small we meet her some days ago in Orphange

Karan : she is our lucky charm when she come in our life our life become so happy and you know mahi love her so much

Dadi come to Anika and hug her and all khurana i mean Anya and raj (Anika dad also come)

Dadi (in scolding tone) : where you go cant you tell me once atleast tell me i found you everywhere .
Anika : dadi i m sorry

Khurana is confuse

Dadi tell khurana about shivika marrige

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