Ishq Mubarak -shivika part 1

Hii freinds i am back with new ff thanks for comment

New character
Karanveer khurana Anika brother (played by ravi dubey from jamai raja)

Mahi karanveer khurana Anika bhabhi karan wife and shivaay sister it is revealed later ( played by shiny doshi from jamai raja )

Anya khurana chutki Anika sister (please suggest me Any actress and she is opposite omkara)

Its a same ishqbaaz story when shivaay say Anika you sleep with daksh for 15 lakh and anika left oberoi mansion left from there Then shivaay ce to know from soumya all truth like serial but its too late Anika left with sahil he is guilty he try to find her but she is nowhere he go to her old house but she is not there

After 1 week

Anika live in her old orphange with care taker of orphange

Lady : Anika kya karogi tum tumhare sath bahut kuch hua hai
Anika : i donot know Aunty but kismat mai jo hai ab vahi hoga now i am tired i cant fight alone with this cruel world
Lady : beta i am with you donot worry

Someone come and knock on door Anika left from there

Lady : ji kya kaam hai aapko
Man : i am karanveer khurana

Lady : jii beta batayie

Karanveer : 15 year ago (he show photo ) he come here with a girl name Anika i am her brother actully we meet with an accident and we seprate from each other i am safe with my parents but my sister lost we are searching for her last 15 year some days ago someone told me that A man take a girl from accident spot and left in orphange then we go to that man he told us this orphange name but then he died please she is my sister (he show Anika childhood photo with his parents) please tell me where is she we cant leave without her Anymore…..

Lady : offcourse beta she is here she is very brave girl she see many thing in his life i am happy for her atleast someone come in her life to give her happiness she bear alot when she. Is small when some pepole in our orphange very cruel they beat her and Then someone adopt her after 2 year they also dead in car accident then she have a responsiblity of a child of them and then a bua of that child torture Anika she beat her everyday and ask money from her now she come back here
Karanveer : can you please meet me her

Lady : offcourse beta she is ur sister i will come

She go to Anika and tell everything to her about her past her faimly her brother
Anika is happy but hesitant also she go to him and he hug her and cry Anu where are you you know mom dad miss you so much they always talk about you mumma is very weak she is still in shock Anu come with me in our house

Anika pov
How can i go like that i donot know what he is saying is he say right or wrong i donot know i am confuse i also feel pain to see pain in his eyes i also feel relation with him but my self respect cant allow me to go like this

Anika : but how can i agree with you that you are my brother and i m your sister

Karanveer : here your childhood photo s with mom and dad he is me and if you want more than come with me than we do DNA test then it can prove that you are heir of khurana Anika khurana

Anika : okk but i cant come alone he is my brother sahil he also come with me

Karanveer bend and hug sahil and take him in his lap and they go to khurana mansion

Karanveer and Anika sahil stand in middle than A beautifull girl come she is mahi karanveer wife

Mahi : anika i am your bhabhi
Mahi welcome Anika then her dad come and hug her and cry his heartout

Raj khurana : my daughter you donot know beta how happy i am today my khurana heir come back home today my Anika you know your mom see you she is happy more than me everyone believe that you are not in this world but your brother and your mom never believe on this karan always in search of you

Anika still camt utter a word

Mr. Khurana then hug sahil and take in his lap now my other son also come

The inside A girl come and hug Anika and cry very much my dii you come back you donot know how much i miss you my dii please promish me you never leave me please say dii

Anika cant recognise her

Girl : i am Anya dii your chutki dii
Anika hear a word chutki she hug her tightly
Anika cry and say chutki you are my chutki you know i forget everything but i remember my chutki my i promish i never leave you

Karan : you two forget me i am here alone
Than Anika hug karan mahi and dad Anya

Anika : where is my mom

Karan : she is in coma

Gyez please suggest me Anya khurana role for actress and she is opposite omkara

Oberoi mansion
Pinky cry take name mahi and tej come she is not out part of faimly why are you crying sje cross every limit she make our head bow down in socity
Pinky curse tej

And shivaay see this he go there silently

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  1. Sairan

    It was very nice
    Good start
    I shave always liked the FF in which there is a leap and Anika meets her family
    Plz post the next part soon

  2. it was superb
    but don’t drag shivika separation track

    swadheenta of dehleez
    suman of ek duje k vaste
    vurshika suits best oppsite kunal

  3. Nice ::)

  4. Shivika

    It was fab dear superbbb

  5. Akshaya

    For chutki I suggest Tina dutta ( meethi ) of uttran. I loved this start rithik. Please do go ahead.

  6. Mahi_

    Nice I suggest virushika for chutki she suits more over om

  7. Anmol Sharma

    Swara of swaragini”… Actually in real shw went for the screen test opposite kunal so…

  8. Umama shahnaz

    If it is opposite omkara then virushika i love ishkara pair in ib very much & ur ff is fab

  9. Sat_9492

    Awesome…… Trisha ya vrushika are my suggestion

  10. Ishana is best for om
    Vurushika is the right one➡

  11. Its great…..

  12. Vrushika is best opposite omkara… Amazing episode….

  13. Amazing. . interesting waiting for next …

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