Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 4

Deep takes Arohi inside and make her lay on Bed he removes her sandels and puts blanket on her he kisses her forehead and goes out to see bhabi scared

Bhabi:Why did you bring her here?

Deep:I have all the answers of your questions in this his video

Bhabi sees the video and starts crying with happiness she hugs deep

Bhabi:My arohi is still alive Deep please can I meet her

Deep:Yes we can

They both go inside to see that arohi is coughing badly deep quickly rushes to her and makes her drink water arohi opens her eyes to see bhabi

Arohi:Bhabi you’re still alive

Bhabi:I am alive how could deep kill me

Arohi:Bhabi I am very hungry

Bhabi:Ok iam going to cook something for you

Bhabi leaves the room deep and arohi are alone in the room they both lean forward to hug they hug each other tightly finally after sometime they break the hug

Arohi:Now that you have finally found their reality there is a chip and property papers in the car if you sign the he paper the house will be yours and in the chip there is a video of them confessing their sins

Deep:You don’t have any proof against me

Arohi:I always knew you were innocent your eyes always tell me the truth

Deep:Why did you drink alcohol?

Arohi:To reduse pain when I saw you happy for tara pregnancy

Deep:From that moment I knew something was wrong because I never came that close to tara

They both hug each other when deep sees arohi face he is happy to know that she slept he removes hair from her face kisses her forehead and also sleeps after sometime bhabi came with food but is happy to know that they both are sleeping she turns of the light and leaves the room

Precap : Roma Tara and Virat are arrested tara takes a gun from a officer and shoots

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    Pls continue soon.
    Ugg ye saspense.

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    *ufff ye suspense.
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