Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 1

Hello guys this is aliha I am a big fan of Ishq mein marjawan so I thought why I don’t try to make a fan fiction

Note:It is followed by the events by the curent story 

Deep:Why Tara is acting weird all of sudden? (while talking to himself)

Deep:I have to find out(he sleeps)

In the morning he takes Arohi disguised as Tara to hospital to check is she really pregnant

suddenly deep gets a phone call he attends it

Deep:Why didn’t you tell me before he is suffering from fever ok bring him to the hospital where I am taking arohi

Arohi:I have to find where is deep upto

They both reach the hospital and meets the doctor the doctor says deep he must go out of the room the doctor is about to check arohi suddenly arohi takes out a knife

Arohi takes out a gun and tells the doctor to make fake report first the doctor doesn’t agree but then arohi tells the doctor if he don’t make fake reports she will kill his wife and children the doctor agrees 

After some time deep enters the room and ask doctor about the reports the doctor gives the fake reports to deep

Deep is shocked to see that Tara is not faking pregnancy

Arohi leaves the room and when she is about to leave she hears a sound and goes back

She looks in the room where deep is hugging a child that is none other then Nikku she also sees her bhabi and is shocked to see that they are alive

Deep comes out of room and sees Tara

Arohi:What is this deep?how are these two are still alive ?

Deep:Tara let’s go home I’ll explain you everything 

Arohi:I will kill you and these two also you are cheater you love arohI

Deep tried to tackle her but in vain the doctor gave her injection to make her unconscious

It is night at the raichand mansion Arohi wakes up and sees deep holding a photo with a piece of cloth

Deep with teary eyes holding a photo of arohi and the cloth with  

Deep:I tried everything to forget you but I can’t I thought you will be save in jail but I didn’t know that you will die 


Precap:Arohi heard all the things deep said and think about the moments they both spend with teary eyes

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  1. Salley145

    Awesome, very good according to first try…do continue soon, oh n read my ffs too

  2. Sanaa.khan

    Great start Aliha…I wish the serial turned out as u mentioned. Pls continue dear.

    1. Mee too want that to happen in the episode as well.The FF is awesome.Continue and update ASAP.

  3. Sapnabhat

    Awesome update.
    Awesome start.
    Pls continue soon.

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