Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arohi takes Sanaya’s body in the car

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Its a doll. Everyone is shocked. Arohi saus the hand i saw was of real humans. Maya says this was maya’s doll. Deep gave it to her. Deep says why would she bury it? Is it because she is angry at me? I scolded her. Prithvi says we should be happy that she is fine. Deep says she dind’t even call. Arohi says but I saw.. Deep says please you do rest. Lets go in everyone. Prithvi says thank God i changed the dead body with doll.

Maya is scared in her room. Dia come she gets scared. Maya says let me sleep. Dia says how can you sleep? Did Arohi see real hand? have they killed Sanaya? Maya says I feel the same. But we don’t have proofs. We can’t mess with them. They will tell police all the thefts we have done. You should stay here. Dia says no one is safe

here. When Arohi told about the hand Deep and Prithvi were shocked. Dia says we should find their secret and then blackmail them for money.
Prithvi takes Sanaya’s body somewhere. He puts it in a car.

Deep tries to make Arohi sleep. She falls asleep. deep goes out. He calls Prithvi. Prithvi says I can’t hear you. He says I have put the dead body in car. Deep says be careful this time. Arohi’s phone rings. Its a call from private number. Sanaya’s voice says please save me. Arohi says sanaya.. Are you okay? A man says on call come to save her on temple. If you inform police or anyone or we will kill her. Arohi says we will give you as much money as you want. He says we don’t want money. Come here. Arohi takes that car and leaves. Prithvi says Arohi is taking that car but it has dead body?

Scene 2
Deep caresses Tara’s face and says I am here for you always. Prithvi calls Deep. He says Arohi took the car that has dead body. Deep runs out. Arohi is going towards the temple. She says I hope sanaya is fine. deep says to Prithvi how can you be so careless? Where did she go? What if she saw the dead body and is taking it to police? He goes out to look for her.
Arohi says I have to be there. There is no fuel in the car. She looks for petrol pump. Deep is coming as well. Laksh sees her car. he goes after her as well. He says where is she going so late alone?
deep calls Arohi. She cuts it. She says sorry deep this is about Sanaya’s life.
Maya and Dia are keeping an eye on Prithvi. dia says go and ask him what is going on. Maya says I was scared in room. We can be friends right? You look so worried. Why didn’t you sleep? prithvi says do what your job is. Don’t cross your limit. he leaves. Maya says he didn’t say anything.

Arohi comes to filling station. Laksh comes there. he says do you need any help? You look worried.
Deep comes to police station thinking that she might come there? he says where is Laksh? Constable says can’t tell you.
Arohi wonders should she tell him or not. Laksh says police is always here to help people.

Precap-Arohi comes home with Sanaya’s dupatta. She says I want to know the truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It looks like deep really loves Tara (but u never know what planning is going on in writer’s head) but if deep did not call arohi prithvi did not call arohi then who the hell did call her???

    I have two names right now either Tara or sushant because only he was missing from the house looks like someone is double crossing deep

    I really just did not understand what the precap was can anyone plz explain

  2. I liked the way laksh was standing and saying Tuje kya lagta hai police soti rehti hai
    It was looking like he was doing time pass with that man n when he saw arohi he was like where the hell is she going… Haha

    I just hope they don’t show that this entire plot from beginning was done by laksh because I really just started to like him

  3. Again laksh said arohi ji not Mrs raichand like tara asked him to call this time I am sure he is jealous and likes arohi… Good if they starts to date on the back of deep

    Just kidding

    1. Hey Anu..agree with you.. started liking Laksh.. hoping for Aroksh love story..hope Laksh finds out the truth and help Arohi..

  4. Aare writers not affair then at least give a small romantic scene between laksh-arohi like they both are lost in jungle tired seeing mystery after mystery
    Mujhe neend nahi aati
    Mujhe chain nahi aati

    Bar bar tara ki murder karne ka style dekh dekh ke
    Deep ki planning sun sun ke

    Har waqt yehi sochti rehti hoon ki kab meri bholi bhali arohi ko yeh San pata chalegaaa
    Kab lakshya aur arohi ke beech mujhe romantic scene dekhne ko milegaa

    Hi think which song tune it is both are of different song

  5. When deep was caressing arohis face he was like what the hell how long do I have to sit like this with her and when she was caressing Tara’s face he was like oh Tara u are so cute I can sit the entire night with u caressing ur face… Haha

  6. Nice episode I think sushanth call arohi wt happened in precap am confused but very interesting

  7. Sushant calls arohi.becoz he love sanaya.

  8. well is it only me or u guys also feel that laksh and arohi makes a really good couple or should I say hot couple?
    cuz laksh alias vineet I like him from pmhmd and so am happy he is back in immj I like to see him with arohi they make a very nice couple anyways who knows what’s going on in CVS mind?

  9. Hi Everyone 🙂

    I don’t understand the precap. That’s the clothing Arohi was wearing but she’s now wearing a different dress. Tara is still wearing that pink dress. I wonder if it’s Tara in the precap? It doesnt really make any sense. I hope tomorrows episode will start to unravel some of this.

    I also think Sushant called Arohi. He’s been missing for a long time. Maybe him and Laksh are working together and devised this plan.

    Laksh and Arohi make a good couple, and I hope the writers wake up start to create some romance between them!

  10. In the story two girls have same face… One is Tara murderer psycho…and arohi sweet nice girl…both characters are very well played by Alisha…I must appreciate…but deep is also playing two characters in one role..i like the way deep shows love to Tara & in the same story he has 2nd face of nice gentleman in front of arohi…so basically is playing two characters very well…really fan of his acting…but I like arohi’s deep more than Tara’s deep…this is really interesting to see how aarohi will come out of deeps trape…and I like luksh also he is dashing…supercool inspector ever

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