Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma tells deep about his mom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says this can’t happen. Why would i kill my mom. Roma says you know why you were with tara? You are like her. You killed your mom in your senses. You were using girls. Your man was tired of your behavior. She asked you to use your path and one day you picked your gun and shot your mom. Deep hits his head on wall. He says no this can’t happen. arohi looks for deep. Inspector stops Virat. Virat hits him and runs.
Roma says I was there. You were upset and you tried killing yourself. I was there and saved you but couldn’t save your memory. I told you all those lies so you can stay sane. But you wanna kill the woman who saved you for that arohi. deep says you are lying. Aroi comes there. she says inspector roma is here. roma runs. Arohi says deep what happened?

He hits his head on the wall. arohi says you didn’t do anything. She lied. Deep’s head bleeds and he faints.

Arohi brings deep home. He says deep is under a lot of stress. Try to keep him asleep. Arohi wonders who was deep talking about. Arohi says I promise you deep i wont let anything happen to you. dany comes. CHawani says where did you go? Arohi says you are behind all this. You told tara what was happening in this account. DAnys says I saved your life. I went out to find about deep’s past. i got some info. Arohi says what is it? He says I found about a police officer. He told me that Deep’s mom was murdered and deep murdered her. Arohi is dazed. She says this can’t be true. Arohi says deep can never murder anyone.

Arohi and dany come to a place. A man says no one lives here for ages. This house is of Rustom and he is in Australia. Dany says I met the inspector her two hours ago. Arohi says this house has been closed for six years. Aroi says in heart is deep safe? She calls chawani and says check deep. He says I am i n Deep’s room. He is sleeping.
Dany says I doubted that deep was with roma and tara. I met that inspctor. Arohi says I will decide what is right. I wont forgive you if anything happens to deep.

Scene 2
Arohi comes home. She says inspector I want to know about the criminal case against. This is very important. I need that file. Inspector says that is from another state. It will take time. Inspector says yes. The murder happened and deep was hidden. But police doubted why deep ran. Arohi says this was done to make deep their slave. She made him listen fake stories. My deep didn’t kill anyone. i will tell him everything. Arohi runs to deep’s room.

Tara twists Roma’s arm and says why did you lie me about deep’s past. Roma says have you gone crazy. He would have killed us. Tara says if anything happens to deep I will kill you. i decide if deep lives or dies not you.

Deep recalls what roma said and wakes up.
Arohi comes to deep’s room and sees that he isn’t there. Deep comes to store and puts gun on his head. Arohi says deep where are you. Roma recalls roma’s words and is about to shoot himself.
Precap-Deep is about to shoot. Arohi stops him. She says have you gone mad. He says promise me there wont be anyone in your life but me. SHe says i promise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. total boring

  2. I dont understand how deep so easily believed whatever roma said. Deep is so bad that he killed his mother but he is also good that he couldnt tolerate the trauma and lost his memory. I am sure it was tara. Tara wanted deep even back then, deep’s mom said no psycho for my son and tara killed her… But i guess deep is too mentally unstable right now to think straigjt. Dilip has just no role. Before he used to sit and stare. Now he is the only one caught by police because the writers have no idea what to do with him…. And i wonder how many shots of arohi were there in the last few epusodes where she is running around screaming deep deep deep!

  3. Btw roma mentioned that deep killed his mom and also his brother… And chawanni keeps mentioning that his and deep’s mom name is same. So maybe they will turn out to be brothers after all. Dont know why the lady police did not mention the brother… And if deep’s mom’s body was nvr found and deep also disappeared then how the hell did the police established that deep’s mom is dead. Kuch bhi…

  4. Hello friends.
    Arjun and Alisha act is awesome.
    Can anyone explain arohi and inspector conversation part at raichand house.
    Am not trust danny

    1. Hi rhivanya
      Inspector: deep’s mom was murdered but there is not much info on that case. Her body was nvr found. Deep was the sole witness but after the murder he disappeared. Police had doubts that y deep would run if he did not have any hands in the murder? But the police could not file a case against deep bcoz there was no body and so they had to close the case
      Arohi: yes deep disappeared but that was not to hide his criminalities but tge raichands. They took advantage of his memory loss and told him fake stories. Tara used to manipulate him. My deep is innocent. He gas not murderef anybody. I must go tell this to him immediately
      Then she runs to deep’s room. Frankly i dont knw hoe arohi reached this conclusion that deep is innocent. She just assumed that it is roma’s plan but acted like it follows ligically from inspector’s information. Bad writting…

      1. Hi r u?
        Thank you dear.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Deep is so stupid that he believed all what roma said… Show is becoming dull day by day… Tooo much to bear, it is losing its charm..

  6. One thing i dnt understand in the preview episode
    When roma told virat kill deep .
    Why dilip told arohi to save deep .
    This one im so confused

  7. One thing i dnt understand
    Y dilip told arohi to save deep when roma was going to kill him

  8. @dhara… deep didn’t kill his mom in reality…. roma has twisted the story n told deep so that he is traumatised… i m sure his mom will come alive soon n will be murdered by raichands like niku n bhabhi…

    from todays episode its very sure dany is with tara… thats y he is showing proof to fool them abt deeps past….

    by the way y did dilip keep his collage id card on his wheelchair??

    1. Hey saras… How r u?
      I am sure u r right. Deep’s mother will resurface to join the long list of people the raichands murder. She will have interesting backstory and mysteries that the writers will nvr mention again after her death. RIP vedika and kalyani…. As for dilip, lets just agree he does stupid things lol. He sits and acts like dumb for more than four years bcoz y not? He hides deep’s id card bcoz reasons. And he saves deep and helps arohi because more reasons. And then one day he stands up and is roma supporter number one because why not again…

      1. lol dhara…..
        nice to see ur comments…

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